Emotional Quotes - Page 2

Emotions go to the dept when it comes To separation from hope and misconstruction
emotional quotes 20
Your emotion is not your choice to project But it is the soulful expression to show on
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Feeling is not what you project outside It is how you project from inner self
emotional quotes 18
The emotions on love make a soulful feeling When it comes to breakup its soul breaking
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Emotions won’t let you to move on When you deeply affected on it
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Emotions can’t be bargained Because it is a real feeling of soul
emotional quotes 15
Do believe in emotions because it helps You to get rid of probable situations
emotional quotes 14
Emotions might not make you feel heavy But it makes you lose everything with tears
emotional quotes 13
Emotions are the soul for life Sometimes it act pleasant Rarely does it teach
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Today there might your emotions hides everything But surely, one day your emotions will guide you
emotional quotes 11
Thousands cry when dies one When we breathe, comes none It is nothing but life’s pun
emotional quotes 8
I gallop poison with people’s delight Disheartened they were, finding me all right
emotional quotes 10
Relations’ thread I was holding tight Found myself alone in a flash of light Neither am I wrong nor they were right
emotional quotes 9
Those who hear the cry of solitude Always stand with the people in same mood
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She was the one my heart’s core In a quick flash, misfortune’s roar No one cares now, I’m there or no more
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Sometimes, it’s better to convince ourselves Stubbornness isn’t always a choice
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They complain, I carry a stone not a heart Yet, won’t take a while breaking it apart
emotional quotes 4
When tears rolling every time Can’t be avoided, this is the sign One has lost all hopes to climb
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Extending a helping hand, I bend forward Courtesy of me, thought to be a cowa
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It’s not been easy to live our life Smiling opposite people hiding knife
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