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Feelings Quotes

What are feelings?

Pleasure giving things are known as feelings in the world. Not only pleasure but everything that blooms all over your body when your feel something new.

Feeling is the best medicine for every pain that gives a wonderful changes in both heart and mind.

Feeling is something that we can't buy but it can only be felt through our hearts. No one is in this world living without enjoying the feelings of love and care.

Feeling is something which gives a new beginning of things like a first experience of writing, dancing, speaking and drawing etc. We can't buy these things in stores but feeling gives us everything without our knowledge.

We used to feel for something that we really care. But we don't know what is there to feel.

And it cannot be decided that it is a true feeling and that is wrong each and every second we used to feel something and excited about something but that those things made in everything feelings can be felt by heart feeling is the only thing in this world which it cannot be sold and which it cannot be understood by the person whom we love the most.

How to express feelings?

There are so many ways to express our feelings. It is always dependent upon how we express it.

Speaking sugar quoted words are literally easy but express in what way we feel is one of the toughest jobs.

Happy feeling quotes is nothing but it comes from us.

Spreading happiness is always in our hands we should the one other as we love ourself.

Feelings is the only reason still every lovers and their relationship is strong , If there is no feelings they won't be the last long .

But love feelings is different from the other relationship because whenever it comes to love relationship it has so many complicated things.

No other relationship has these types of complications. That's why not every love is ending in marriage.

Sometimes without our knowledge we feel very sad those feelings are very critical to analyze it.

Sad feelings plays a role in our life because good and bad things happen in life likewise happiness and sadness plays both the role. But those sad feelings makes the best version of us.

Another worst feeling is missing someone. This feeling can't express how we miss someone is our life. Because we don't know the value of one person until they gone from us.

When they were with us we never got attached with them but after they left us it hurts us very much.

Way to control feelings

We can control ourselves from falling for someone. We always love the one whom they avoid us but we don't Value the person who is ready to take care of us.

There is nothing that losing our control but everything is for a reason.

Controlling doesn't mean that it is something that we are not ready to accept but it is something that can change it for our convenience.

Controlling feelings might be able to stop unwanted thoughts and depressions. By controlling our feelings we used to become uh strong person in a short time.

We used to grow by controlling our worst feelings within ourselves. No matter what happens we know the pain and everything that happens against our feelings .

Controlling our tears , sorrows, happiness of being happy for something and our heartbreaking feelings we grow up.

Feeling Quotes

Do whatever you want with your feelings and make good memories.
Feeling Quotes 31
Sometimes you just need to be alone and let your tears out, because you can’t be strong all the time.
Feeling Quotes 30
Feelings and emotions are a unique part of our life.
Feeling Quotes 29
Achieving what you love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
Feeling Quotes 28
Real feelings just don’t go away, it stays till the end.
Feeling Quotes 27
No one can understand your own pain better than yourself.
Feeling Quotes 26
Getting love from the family is a lovely feeling. Giving the same love to them is the most loveable feeling in the world.
Feeling Quotes 25
The feeling which makes us down or makes us think negatively,spend the time with the person who motivates you forever.
Feeling Quotes 24
Without talking or seeing you is the day I feel alone in my life.
Feeling Quotes 23
The moment when your loved ones break your heart or talk unwanted words against your love is the most painful feeling we cannot express.
Feeling Quotes 22
Sometimes I feel that we are not worthy of anything. But the real fact is that we are also worthy of something.
Feeling Quotes 21
A person who looks happy outside always but they feel alone inside, that’s what frustration and stress do to them.
Feeling Quotes 20
Living alone and staying happy is better than the relationships who feel you as a burden.
Feeling Quotes 19
I never feel alone because loneliness always travels with me.
Feeling Quotes 18
Showing love and spreading happiness are also one type of feelings that everyone should feel.
Feeling Quotes 17
The person who is waiting with love, especially for me” is the most beautiful feeling I ever felt
Feeling Quotes 16
Feeling too much doesn't mean you are sensitive, it's okay to feel and your feelings are valid. Don't let them ruin the most beautiful things in you.
feeling quotes 15
The best tings about books that they have seen every phase and emotion of mine, and yet they won't tell it to anybody ever.
feeling quotes 14
Nature never need anything to look perfect
feeling quotes 13
Tell what you feel. If you tell two thing will be possible, One your feeling will be accepted and appreciated, Or else your feeling will be rejected and that person will be depreciated in your life.
feeling quotes 12
Feelings depend on personalities that we are surrounded with.
feeling quotes 11
Some feelings are temporary do not get too much attached with it
feeling quotes 10
Feelings for you is quite beautiful may be i won't express it in words but i love you full of my heart
feeling quotes 9
Come near me and feel me baby, feel the magic of love, feel that smell of love, feel our togetherness, i am totally yours and you are mine.
feeling quotes 8
Feeling you inside me all the time hope you are there and look at me what is my condition without you my love
feeling quotes 7
Feelings for you in my heart is quite pure and full of loyalty i only feel for you totally, physically, mentally
feeling quotes 6
You can't suppress your feelings and it not good also so have always good feeling for everyone. Enjoy life with great pleasure.
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