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What makes a person happy?

Among all the emotions an average human being possesses, happiness or joy is considered to be the most needed one.

Being happy is not a phase but a feeling which boosts us and encourages us to do things. Many things can make a person happy.

Things like chocolates and dolls can make a kid happy, as for adults they call taking a day off from their busy schedule to relax and enjoy a weekend with friends and family as real happiness.

Use our happy quotes to spread joy and happiness, that you feel like sharing.

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What defines someone is happy?

Happiness is not something that can be defined easily . People have different reasons and situations to be happy.

For every person the reason of  happiness differs. When a person is excited about doing something and is constantly smiling or trying to make and effort to make others laugh , we can say that he or she is happy.

That person's mood is elevated. They try to spread positivity over negativity.

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Which is considered a true happiness?

Like how people have different reasons and situations to be happy, people also have different criteria to declare something as a true happiness.

True happiness quotes is something that is filled with quotes that everybody finds as  a true happiness.

For some, the salary day might be the happiest moment, for students, the declaration of an unexpected holiday or the absence of a teacher might be the true happiness.

It varies from time to time, person to person. Happy quotes help us encourage ourselves and love our life for what it is. 

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