Best And Unique Heart Touching Happy Quotes

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What makes a person happy?

Among all the emotions an average human being possesses, happiness or joy is considered to be the most needed one.

Being happy is not a phase but a feeling which boosts us and encourages us to do things. Many things can make a person happy.

Things like chocolates and dolls can make a kid happy, as for adults they call taking a day off from their busy schedule to relax and enjoy a weekend with friends and family as real happiness.

Use our happy quotes to spread joy and happiness, that you feel like sharing.

Also check out our Happy quotes on love to send it to your beloved if you want to make that special person smile. 

What defines someone is happy?

Happiness is not something that can be defined easily . People have different reasons and situations to be happy.

For every person the reason of  happiness differs. When a person is excited about doing something and is constantly smiling or trying to make and effort to make others laugh , we can say that he or she is happy.

That person's mood is elevated. They try to spread positivity over negativity.

Use our Happy quotes about life to share the happiness the life provides us with, to your family and friends, to make them happy. 

Which is considered a true happiness?

Like how people have different reasons and situations to be happy, people also have different criteria to declare something as a true happiness.

True happiness quotes is something that is filled with quotes that everybody finds as  a true happiness.

For some, the salary day might be the happiest moment, for students, the declaration of an unexpected holiday or the absence of a teacher might be the true happiness.

It varies from time to time, person to person. Happy quotes help us encourage ourselves and love our life for what it is. 

Happy Quotes

I Focus on what i can control and let go of what i can't.
Happy Quotes 50
Things don't happen for a reason, it happens to teach you something.
Happy Quotes 49
I don't need a reason to b happy, i choose to be happy.
Happy Quotes 48
Be proud of yourself you're doing a great job.
Happy Quotes 47
Giving Happiness to others by any means will make your mind & heart very peacefull and blessed.
Happy quotes 46
Happiness is like sugar, so don’t ruin it with few drops of sourness of using abusive words
Happy quotes 45
Getting gifts on birthday is one of the most Happy feelings in the world, so stop saving money and start giving gifts to others
Happy quotes 44
Everyone finds their Happiness differently, so nothing is boring at all, it all depends on person to person.
Happy quotes 43
Money doesn’t make you Happy but it provides means to achieve Happiness.
Happy quotes 42
Staying Happy in other’s success shows you as a good hearted and kind human being.
Happy quotes 41
Making others Happy with good deeds will give you lot of blessings that are necessary for your growth
Happy quotes 40
Staying Happy in small things will give you much more happiness than anything else
Happy quotes 39
Being Happy in every situation provides you a sense of understanding to overcome that problem easily
Happy quotes 38
Happy soul brights like a sun, always giving light to others for living better life
Happy quotes 37
You should be happy each morning for the gift granted by God called life.
Happy Quotes 36
When we learn to find happiness in small things life becomes happy.
Happy Quotes 35
Happy and Sad are two states of life and it depends on our attitude towards life.
Happy Quotes 34
Life is a happy journey once we learn to enjoy it.
Happy Quotes 33
Happiness is a state of life, which many people fails to enjoy
Happy Quotes 32
Enjoy living the day happily, we end up in a happy life.
Happy Quotes 31
When we learn to accept work as gift of god, we are happy.
Happy Quotes 30
Happiness comes from within and is irrespective of wealth and prosperity.
Happy Quotes 29
We are happy when be bring happiness in others life.
Happy Quotes 28
We all want to be happy.
Happy Quotes 27
When people realize that happiness is the nature of our life, the good things will start happening.
happy quotes 26
Sometimes you are afraid of the thing which ultimately makes you the most happy in your life.
happy quotes 25
Happiness is not a Destination, its just a journey of life, just enjoy it.
happy quotes 24