Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Hurt Quotes

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Hurt Quotes

"Life hurts me because I love you."

What is meant by hurt?

One of the worst feelings is given by our loved one which is also called as hurt. Something which wound us both physically and mentally. All those wounds are forgotten after some time but it is hard to believe that we got hurt by the one whom we love the most.

Hurt always gives us heartbreak which comes under uncontrollable emotions. Always feelings hold everything in our life.

You got hurt when they avoid you saying silly reasons.

Because only we can love them not to control them that is why we got hurt.

Hurting is two types one is conscious and another one is unconscious. 

Hurting like sunlight and caring like cactus.

Why shouldn't we hurt others?

We shouldn't hurt others because we know the feeling of how we felt after getting hurt. After we got hurt we feel that we shouldn't hurt others because hurting a person may affect both physically and emotionally.

Some people are more emotional than others if we hurt them we don't feel that much but the person got hurt seems to be dull and broken inside.

Many people are hurting others just through their eyes. Some people hurt them by words but we shouldn't hurt them. Hurting is the worst pain which it can't be replaced by any other happiness. 

How did it feel when we get hurt from someone?

When we get hurt from others it feels like we shouldn't trust them. Because we trusted them that's why we got hurt. Sometimes people often hurt us by words where every pain has its replacement but those words which are uttered won't be taken in count.

After getting hurt we feel like we should not talk to anyone and we should separate us from them. But later the same person will begin to be so cheesy to us. By pleading us and apologize that it was their own mistake after hurting us they began to be so good. But those feelings won't find any word to express our hurt.

When I give my fullest love to someone I expect the same from him/ her. But it won't happen like that we think again we got hurt from them and we can't able to express to them.

We think that we should not hurt others. That's why we easily get hurt from others those feelings are unexplainable. It is more painful than break up because we get hurt by our loved ones.

Whenever we get hurt we used to think that we should end our life but it won't happen. We used to kill our happiness by giving others the chance. Every time I get hurt I used to feel a war Inside my brain and heart.

Where my heart aches and my brain sucks every single happiness I have in my life. At that time we have pain inside and act as nothing happened. Because we don't have someone to express our feelings and hurt.  All our hurtings kept us away from everything till the end of our life.

Hurt Quotes

When love hurts, nothing in this world works.
Hurt quotes 55
My sins make me cry even today, they remind me of you everyday.
Hurt quotes 54
I would have answered his every question but when he didn't understood my love, how would he understand my words.
Hurt quotes 53
Situations made the smile from my face go, otherwise I use to brighten up the place wherever I go.
Hurt quotes 52
We cry for those who don't care for us, we make them cry who cares for us.
Hurt quotes 51
Whenever someone's sympathy I got, I didn't get happiness but always got hurt.
Hurt quotes 50
It was my fault that I gave him my heart, it was a game for him, how could he have been loyal
Hurt quotes 49
Please be strong my little heart, one day we will forget her together.
Hurt quotes 48
If you had called me once, I would have been yours in every situation.
Hurt quotes 47
You turned your face to me and I smiled knowing you still recognise my face.
Hurt quotes 46
In search of peace I went to sell my heart but the buyer gave me the pain and took away my heart.
Hurt quotes 45
Sometimes I wish no one should see the wounds of my heart, sometimes I wish there should be someone to take care of this heart.
Hurt quotes 44
You have hurt me in such a way, still my heart will not forget you any way.
Hurt quotes 43
Life kicks you sometimes in such a way, that you fell into prostation straight.
Hurt quotes 42
I miss you even before I open my eyes, then you leave me in tears for whole day and night.
Hurt quotes 41
Not just my heart, he shattered my hope, my dreams and my everything.
Hurt quotes 40
It's always good to be alone, people often hurt by making their own.
Hurt quotes 39
Get ready for new wound, some people have started talking in loving tone
Hurt quotes 38
He kept speaking, I kept listening, the answer was in my eyes but he kept inquiring.
Hurt quotes 37
The pain of the hearts would have reduced if me and you were not so confused.
Hurt quotes 36
He asked me to see him with full eyes, now my eyes are full but I can't see him.
Hurt quotes 35
Lord please make such a mirror that shows the character of a person not just his face
Hurt quotes 34
The wound through which blood doesn't come out is the one given by someone very close to you.
Hurt quotes 33
This is so strange O Lord, people trust the one who hurts their love the most.
Hurt quotes 32
Make yourself so strong that no one can hurt you any long.
Hurt quotes 31
You came back again to my pain again, if I had known I had arranged for the medicine before hand.
Hurt quotes 30
Pain of love hurts such a way that wound remain fresh but the scar goes away.
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