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Lonely Quotes

When everyone leaves me 

alone it will never leave me alone that is loneliness.

We feel lonely when we left alone by our closed ones. We used to feel lonely when a person leaves us.

On the other hand, we can say that when we lost something that loss makes you think about it and thinking of it makes you too sir alone.

Sometimes sitting alone is also the beginning of loneliness. Even though he/she has somebody in their life but when they need someone there will be no one to console them at that time they used to feel lonely.

When someone left us without any reason we will loneliness. These types of loneliness are unforgettable and uncompromisable ever. When we love someone deeply and we can't express the feeling to them it makes us feel lonely.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness means a state of being alone. Loneliness has different types of loneliness there are,

We feel alone when our friends left us.

We feel alone when our beloved one left us.

We feel lonely when we get avoided by someone.

We always mingle with Friends whomsoever it maybe we used to laugh with them, dance with them and we do all nasty things with them. But later we don't know the problem whether it is within us or the other problem they may maintain a distance from us.

This makes us feel lonely it happens in friendships also.

In this world we have someone with whom we can share everything, want to live in the upcoming years with them. Suddenly everything may change up and down. At that time we have to be ready to accept everything but loneliness last longs.

Rarely people get attached to us but often they avoid us without any reason. We don't know why they are behaving like this but we got hurt. Later we used to sit alone and think about the past with that person which makes us feel lonely.

Side effects on feeling lonely

Loneliness leads to unhappiness when we aren't happy we do nothing. We used to feel low no matter what happens around us we don't mind it. The only thought is to become sad again and again.

This loneliness gives us to think a lot about people whom we miss the most. It also gives us pain and longing for someone who never cared for us.

It gives heartache often and it wound us more terribly. Where we can't find anything or anyone to console us. 

Sometimes we feel that our heart is getting hurt by the people whom we love the most some say that is not real pain it just an illusion but the truth is it pains.

Pain can be cured but those words used make us lead a life in the loneliness that is the difference between alone and loneliness.

Lonely Quotes

Friends are the treasure of happiness That never makes you feel alone.
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Anybody do or not to do the regret of my death but Loneliness will cry that 'my partner has gone
Lonely Quotes 29
Don't ever lose hope when you are lonely,You can't know what tomorrow brings for you
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Family is the strongest support that protects you from feeling alone
Lonely Quotes 27
Sometimes it's better to be alone Than being hurt by someone.
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Don't expect anything from anyone because Expectation gives pain and loneliness
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Don't consider my loneliness to be my hobby, Someone lovely has gifted it to me delicately.
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Often the man who take right decision it passes through loneliness
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I have not habit of forgetting that's why I am living lonely with your memories
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Don't worry about being lonely, Loneliness gives more comfort than fake relationships
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In a certain age or a period of our lives, humans are in need to survive life in a lonely way. That loneliness teaches them and moulds the person in a finer way. If a person with a stabilized state directs their life and utilizes the loneliness. Others destroy their life in a lonely state.
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Always a person must be in a balanced state. Too much emotion may hurt him back. Too much of anything, at last, make the person left alone and leave alone with loneliness.
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When a person reaches his heights and desires he will not be never attacked by loneliness. If the same person falls from the height he reached. That person starts to lose his hope and desires and he is letting a chance for loneliness to attack him. Always being in a stable state make the person to avoid attacking by loneliness.
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A Poet gets more lines to write when he is in a lonely state, A Scientist gets more ideas for his experiments when he is in a lonely state, An Author gets a better scene to include in his story when he is in a lonely state A Student gets more concentration power when he is in a lonely state. Depends on the person or their profession loneliness gives them back. But when a person faces a loss gets more depressed by his thoughts when he is in a lonely state. Loneliness hurts them back with their worst memories.
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Sometimes some people feel lonely and can't even express it. So when feel lonely keep yourself busy in doing good constructive things.
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If a person tends their way in search of loneliness. Loneliness gives a lot of good & in an equal way of bad experience for that person. It lets the person know what life is.
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The purpose of all our existence in this world is making a family for us and living life for the family. But if a person in a family starts to separate him and start to survive life in a lonely way. It makes the family lose their bond and happiness. So let us all live for others and make our family happy too.
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For a certain period or age loneliness may comfort a person. But if a person starts to survive life alone with loneliness. The loneliness may start to demolish and destroy a person’s life.
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Loneliness is always a deadly syndrome. If a person fails to take care of him and their relationships. There are a lot of possibilities to get attacked by loneliness. If loneliness conquers a person. It starts the person to make more depressed, it starts to hurt and finally, it kills the person.
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Loneliness lets a man to differentiate the good one and bad one. Each decision they step may make the person think as in a vast manner.
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When we get hurt by others or if we feel that we are depressed. Loneliness makes us analyze the situation. Loneliness makes us think about the situation. Loneliness makes us get the perfect solution. Loneliness makes & helps to exit from the situation.
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Coming out from loneliness is a little bit hard. But once we step out of the loneliness. A Beautiful World and varieties of peoples are there to explore and interact.
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Loneliness always haunts the people. With memories, past worries, past struggles, and past troubles we face or met. Some sort of people overcomes the situation with their loneliness. Some sort of people got stuck in their life with their loneliness.
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Once a person is making him lonely. As a friend or a family help the person to come out from the loneliness. Keeping the person engaged with works or peoples. It makes the person to overcome his loneliness.
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A person in a difficult situation will always have the all set of solutions to come out from the crisis. Loneliness helps the person to sort out the correct solution. Finally, it makes the person think and be wise.
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Being lonely makes some sort of people to think about themselves. It stabilizes them, it energizes them, it motivates them, and it strengthens them.
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Some people are afraid of being lonely state and they hate loneliness. The person who knows to balance the loneliness in their life is the person who is in a safer state.
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