Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Lonely Quotes

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Lonely Quotes

When everyone leaves me 

alone it will never leave me alone that is loneliness.

We feel lonely when we left alone by our closed ones. We used to feel lonely when a person leaves us.

On the other hand, we can say that when we lost something that loss makes you think about it and thinking of it makes you too sir alone.

Sometimes sitting alone is also the beginning of loneliness. Even though he/she has somebody in their life but when they need someone there will be no one to console them at that time they used to feel lonely.

When someone left us without any reason we will loneliness. These types of loneliness are unforgettable and uncompromisable ever. When we love someone deeply and we can't express the feeling to them it makes us feel lonely.

What is loneliness?

Loneliness means a state of being alone. Loneliness has different types of loneliness there are,

We feel alone when our friends left us.

We feel alone when our beloved one left us.

We feel lonely when we get avoided by someone.

We always mingle with Friends whomsoever it maybe we used to laugh with them, dance with them and we do all nasty things with them. But later we don't know the problem whether it is within us or the other problem they may maintain a distance from us.

This makes us feel lonely it happens in friendships also.

In this world we have someone with whom we can share everything, want to live in the upcoming years with them. Suddenly everything may change up and down. At that time we have to be ready to accept everything but loneliness last longs.

Rarely people get attached to us but often they avoid us without any reason. We don't know why they are behaving like this but we got hurt. Later we used to sit alone and think about the past with that person which makes us feel lonely.

Side effects on feeling lonely

Loneliness leads to unhappiness when we aren't happy we do nothing. We used to feel low no matter what happens around us we don't mind it. The only thought is to become sad again and again.

This loneliness gives us to think a lot about people whom we miss the most. It also gives us pain and longing for someone who never cared for us.

It gives heartache often and it wound us more terribly. Where we can't find anything or anyone to console us. 

Sometimes we feel that our heart is getting hurt by the people whom we love the most some say that is not real pain it just an illusion but the truth is it pains.

Pain can be cured but those words used make us lead a life in the loneliness that is the difference between alone and loneliness.

Lonely Quotes

Family is very important. It saves us from the negative lonely world.
Lonely quotes 90
Love heals loneliness so love you family and never let them be away.
Lonely quotes 89
Never cry because it makes you feel lonely. Keep smiling.
Lonely quotes 88
Everyone who’s successful is always lonely because there’s no one to pull them down.
Lonely quotes 87
Everyone is born alone so it’s alright if you are alone now. That’s what life is.
Lonely quotes 86
It’s okay if no one cares about you, you must take care of yourself and move on.
Lonely quotes 85
Being Lonely is feeling when no one cares about you.
Lonely quotes 84
It’s scary to be alone but that helps your fight all your fears as well.
Lonely quotes 83
Being alone makes you powerful. You learn to manage everything with or without anyone’s help.
Lonely quotes 82
Being alone makes us strong. It teaches us how to handle everything alone.
Lonely quotes 81
Having true friends is a gift from god that spares us from stay lonely.
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No one realises how lonely they are until it’s the time when they really need someone.
Lonely quotes 79
Talking about your problems washes off the Loneliness.
Lonely quotes 78
Being lonely doesn’t mean you are alone. It’s just that you aren’t able to talk to anyone.
Lonely quotes 77
Dreamers are lonely because they only dream but avoid people in real life.
Lonely quotes 76
Love yourself and love your life. Nothing is going wrong. Stay away from loneliness.
Lonely quotes 75
It’s okay to be alone physically. But being alone mentally is torturing.
Lonely quotes 74
Don’t hide your tears behind your smile otherwise You will end up being lonely.
Lonely quotes 73
Having many people around doesn’t matter. Sometimes you are still alone in between everyone.
Lonely quotes 72
Love people around you and keep spreading happiness. That’s the best way of stay happy and not lonely.
Lonely quotes 71
Being in gatherings is the best way to fight loneliness.
Lonely quotes 70
Loneliness is when you have no friends. But having just one good friend is enough to remove loneliness.
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Having positive and supportive people around is a blessing that saves you from negativity of loneliness.
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Negativity comes while being lonely. So it’s important to have positive people around you.
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Being lonely simply spins your mind in negative direction.
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It’s sad being lonely. It reminds us of everything bad happened in past days.
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Sometimes being lonely is alright. It gives you your personal space.
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