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Missing Quotes

“The mood where everything irritates you indicates that you’re actually missing someone.”

Obviously, when we miss someone, we can’t think about anything else. The deep feel can make us feel that we are alone and the whole world is filled with unknown people. 

What gives us feeling of missing?

“My mind wanders and I get lost in your thoughts.”

We miss someone when they are not around us. Especially, if we share many beautiful moments with someone and that person disappears from our life suddenly, it will give us a lonely feel which in term called missing.

Love breakups can give him or her the feeling of missing. Many couples even after their wedding, are far away because of their job and family commitments. The distance makes them feel missing and trust me, it is the worst thing ever.

Some parents miss their kids if they let them in, hostel for studies. And the kids of abroad working fathers will badly miss their dads. 

More than the above reasons, one of the worst things ever is the feeling of missing someone because of their death. In case, the person is close to our heart, the feeling is not expressive at all. Undoubtedly it will slowly kill us. 

How to overcome the feeling of missing someone?

“All I can do every time I miss you is to stare at your pictures and smile.”

We have to understand the reality and should be capable of moving on in life. Nothing or no one is permanent in this world other than our own soul. It is well that even our shadow will leave us in our darkness.

We should always love our own company. If we miss someone, because they rejected us, then the person who rejected is definitely not worthy to feel about. 

The earth is not enough in size, if the people who, born here won’t die at all. It is a life cycle and we have to accept it without any regrets. 

The thing which leaves us because of death is just the body, the soul which we mingled, shared love and all beautiful moments is just revolving around with us. We have to believe on it. 

Everything is just in our hands. Whatever the feeling may be, we should never let it, to rule us. 

Missing quotes:

“Sometimes it’s just not about missing someone, it’s wondering if they’re missing too.”

If we miss someone, generally we have to show them. Otherwise, how could they understand what is inside us? May be because of sharing our feelings, the person whom we miss may come close to us and give a warm feeling.

No guts to tell it directly? No worries, we are here to help you. We have collection of missing quotes to express your feelings to your dear ones. Find the best in it and share it with them. 

But remember, we should rule it whatever the feelings may be! Good luck for meeting them very soon!!

Missing Quotes

Even if you are not reading this universe will let you know that how hardly I am missing you.
missing quotes 10
I can’t sneak out the way you looked at me, I can’t slip away from missing you every time I close my eyesJ
missing quotes 9
Our love is like an evergreen forest and so as is missing you! Cause no matter which season it is, it will stay forever
missing quotes 8
I can’t give upon missing you L the only way I have found is meeting you in my dreams.
missing quotes 7
My heart is like a bird and every morning it only chirps ,” I miss you”.
missing quotes 6
I miss you only two times a day J when the sun shines and the stars twinkle.
missing quotes 5
The road which ends up with your heart is overloaded with milestones labelled “miss you”.
missing quotes 4
I always miss the days when I had no idea that how hard it could be to miss you.
missing quotes 3
Even the sky full of stars falls down the instance I think of distance between you and me.
missing quotes 2
The most beautiful & worst feeling is “missing you” cause you are near to my heart but not me.
missing quotes 1