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Mistake Quotes

What is called a mistake ?

A mistake is an error, a goof, a slip-up. When you make a mistake, you've done something .

Mistake has a lot of uses, but they all have done with doing the wrong thing.

A mistake in math class will result in the wrong answer, but a mistake with a gun could get someone killed. If you mix up two people, you're mistaking one for the other.

When you make a mistake, the best thing to do is to admit it and try to make up for it; not apologizing for a mistake is another mistake.

Trial and error :

Trial and error is a fundamental method of problem solving.It is repeated, varied attempts which  continued until success, or until the practicer stops trying.

The trial and error approach , used most with simple problems and in games, and it is often a last resort when no plain rule applies.

This does not mean that the approach is careless, for an individual can be methodical in manipulating the variables in an attempt to sort through possibilities which could result in success.

Nevertheless, this method is often used by people who have little knowledge in the problem area. The trial-and-error approach has  studied from its natural computational point of view .

Inspiration to correct our mistakes :

 “A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” -John C. Maxwell

It’s hard to learn from your mistakes. It’s embarrassing and shameful and tiring. But learning from your mistakes is an essential part of life.

Admit your mistakes. It feels good to admit your wrongs! Profit from your mistakes by thinking of it as a class you had to pay for  . And finally, be strong and fierce. Correct those mistakes! You can do it.

Identify your mistake: You must first understand what you did wrong in order to change it.

Remember your past mistakes: Look at your patterns of behavior and how you have had similar issues in the past

Take responsibility: Understand that your mistake is your own.

Take the responsibility that is yours and avoid blaming it on someone else If you play the blame-game then you cannot learn from your mistakes, and you may continue making the same mistakes over and over again.

Give yourself a break: Understand that it is okay to make mistakes. You may feel guilty but it is important to accept yourself in spite of your weaknesses.

Mistake Quotes

Even the whole world started from a mistake…
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Yes, we are humans, Yes, we make mistakes, Yes, it's normal, No need to be felt ashamed
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You can hide your mistake from others but can't from God and own…
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The person who can accept his own mistakes, is the purest one…
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Making a mistake is not a mistake, Letting it unrectified is a mistake..
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Don't be afraid to make a mistake, Life may offer you a handshake.
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Mistakes bring you criticism surely, Rectification brings you success definitely.
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Life allows your mistake and pain But, not the same to be brought again
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Promoting one's own mistake means Promoting one's own destruction…
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Mistakes are those stones, redirect you towards the correct direction…
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Mistake promotes correction, Correction promotes perfection
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Only when we don't learn from mistakes its called mistakes are else its called lessons.
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In love their is no chance of mistakes, if you did that then you are not the person of trust.
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From a mistake we can learn a lot of things, which will helps us in future.
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Sometimes people make apology for their mistake but they didn't make a change. That is just a manipulation. Remember that someone is really making you to apology or try to make you manipulate. Know the difference and never believe on someone easily. Never let your emotions plays by someone.
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Mistakes are ladder of success, the more you do mistakes, the more chances you will get to learn.
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Those mistakes hurt a lot, whose time for apologizing has passed
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No matter how many times you are honest and right, the world waits for your one mistake.
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should be sent to correct the mistake and… the heart is needed to admit the mistake.
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Forget the mistake you made. But never forget the experiences gained from mistakes and blunders! that.
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The one who imposes the harshest punishment on the people is in the eyes of the people.
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When we see our own mistakes in others, we get very jealous.
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A person is not as sad by making mistakes in life as he does by thinking about those mistakes again and again.
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Always remember, keep your distance from those people who will never admit their fault, who will never apologize for their mistakes, who never understand that they are wrong and who always try to feel you like it's your fault. Stay away from such people who always try to put their mistakes on others.
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My biggest MISTAKE'S of my life was that I believe on someone who does not deserves it.
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One stupid MISTAKE can make you the biggest enemy of your life.
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