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No matter how many times you are honest and right, the world waits for your one mistake.
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should be sent to correct the mistake and… the heart is needed to admit the mistake.
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Forget the mistake you made. But never forget the experiences gained from mistakes and blunders! that.
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The one who imposes the harshest punishment on the people is in the eyes of the people.
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When we see our own mistakes in others, we get very jealous.
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A person is not as sad by making mistakes in life as he does by thinking about those mistakes again and again.
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Always remember, keep your distance from those people who will never admit their fault, who will never apologize for their mistakes, who never understand that they are wrong and who always try to feel you like it's your fault. Stay away from such people who always try to put their mistakes on others.
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My biggest MISTAKE'S of my life was that I believe on someone who does not deserves it.
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One stupid MISTAKE can make you the biggest enemy of your life.
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