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Pain Quotes

“The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.”

No one could ever cross the life without pain and suffering. How sweet a person may be, he/she has to experience deep pain because of anyone or anything. Without pain, there is no chance for anyone to understand their mistakes. 

Reasons for pain in life

“Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.”

Undoubtedly, life has two endings, the happy ending, and the sad ending. Without any regret, we must learn to accept everything that happens to us. If there are millions of reasons to be happy and the same numbers of reasons are there to be sad too. 

From a newborn to old people, everyone experiencing pain in life but in different forms. When we get low marks in exams, it’s a kind of pain only.

If we can’t find jobs after graduation, it is also a pain. The love breakup - obviously, it hurts a lot. After marriage, when there is no understanding between couples, it hurts too. 

After parentage, when our kids grow in an improper manner, nothing in the world can be that painful in life. 

Hence, somewhere, somehow, because of anyone or anything, we are facing pains and sufferings badly.

How to overcome pains in life?

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” - Chesty Puller

Every pain that we experience in life is a good lesson. We have to learn from it and correct our mistakes. We should never try to run out of our pains. Have to face it with strength and courage.

When tears roll out of eyes, cry out loud. Crying is the best way of rebooting our lost energy because of previous pains.

No pain is permanent for anyone. One day life will changes good and we will find the place that we really deserve. 

To come out of deep pain, we need to do meditation and yoga. We have to come out of things that make us sad.

Pain quotes:

“My silence is just another word for my pain.”

When you are in pain, you should keep silent but not all the time. At times you have to shout out to the world that you are in deep pain.

Pain quotes help in expressing our feelings and gives us some relaxation. Most of the pain quotes on our website are about overcoming pain and holding self-confidence. 

Find the one that suits you and forward it to your loved ones, let them understand your pains. 

Pain Quotes

Losing your dreams is a different kind of pain, It’s your dream you have to chase it.
pain quotes 35
Your temporary pain can’t decide your future, Only you have to change the situation.
pain quotes 34
Hey, are you in pain? Stand up and deal with it Because it’s your own priority nobody is going to push you.
pain quotes 33
If you ever think you are in pain and become discouraged, Remember that the sun burns first to shine.
pain quotes 32
The root of suffering is attachment, Once you learn to control it Congratulations you are mature enough.
pain quotes 31
Throw out your mental sickness, accept your past Focus on your future and you’ll become unstoppable.
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Control your mind to deal with all your odds and pains, Don’t let your mind control you.
pain quotes 29
Instead of avoiding your pain, learn from it, Because there is no growth without pain.
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Train your mind to adapt to every situation calmly, Because your worst feelings can destroy your whole life.
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Body may give you temporary pain, But mind can make you weak permanently
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Pain is the only option for every result Accept the pain and get rid of it with success
pain quotes 25
The aggravation and fatigue we experience in the underlying Phase of mastering an expertise hardens our brains
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The wrecked heart that figure you will bite the dust, Yet you continue to live, many days after horrendous day
pain quotes 23
Regardless of how far life pushes you down, regardless of The amount you hurt, you can constantly return
pain quotes 22
You might have had uncalled for things happen to you, The profundity of aggravation means the level of your future
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Your aggravation is the breaking of the shell that encases your comprehension
pain quotes 20
Torment is resistant to sympathy like love, Agony and Delight like light and murkiness, succeed one another
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In the event that you can sit with your aggravation, pay attention to your aggravation And regard your aggravation in time you will travel through your agony
pain quotes 18
Agony sustains mental fortitude that can't be daring Assuming that you've just had brilliant things happen
pain quotes 17
Suffering has its own respectable euphoria, when it begins areas of Strength of life, from a stale one
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Sometimes it better to take a pain for feel a pain.
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Time never heals the wounds, rather it teaches them to live with the pain of these wounds.
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People who laugh more are better able to tolerate pain, both physically and emotionally. But when they smile, they hide their pain.
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I will let you go, it pains not because you have moved on but you didn't make any efforts to stay.
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The most painful thing will be the worst words of your most lovable one.
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Going through pain doesn't mean you are weak, every pain teaches you to be strong and patient. Learn from it.
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If you are not converted your pain in to your gain, then you will get a more pain like a rain.
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