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Pain Quotes

“The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.”

No one could ever cross the life without pain and suffering. How sweet a person may be, he/she has to experience deep pain because of anyone or anything. Without pain, there is no chance for anyone to understand their mistakes. 

Reasons for pain in life

“Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.”

Undoubtedly, life has two endings, the happy ending, and the sad ending. Without any regret, we must learn to accept everything that happens to us. If there are millions of reasons to be happy and the same numbers of reasons are there to be sad too. 

From a newborn to old people, everyone experiencing pain in life but in different forms. When we get low marks in exams, it’s a kind of pain only.

If we can’t find jobs after graduation, it is also a pain. The love breakup - obviously, it hurts a lot. After marriage, when there is no understanding between couples, it hurts too. 

After parentage, when our kids grow in an improper manner, nothing in the world can be that painful in life. 

Hence, somewhere, somehow, because of anyone or anything, we are facing pains and sufferings badly.

How to overcome pains in life?

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.” - Chesty Puller

Every pain that we experience in life is a good lesson. We have to learn from it and correct our mistakes. We should never try to run out of our pains. Have to face it with strength and courage.

When tears roll out of eyes, cry out loud. Crying is the best way of rebooting our lost energy because of previous pains.

No pain is permanent for anyone. One day life will changes good and we will find the place that we really deserve. 

To come out of deep pain, we need to do meditation and yoga. We have to come out of things that make us sad.

Pain quotes:

“My silence is just another word for my pain.”

When you are in pain, you should keep silent but not all the time. At times you have to shout out to the world that you are in deep pain.

Pain quotes help in expressing our feelings and gives us some relaxation. Most of the pain quotes on our website are about overcoming pain and holding self-confidence. 

Find the one that suits you and forward it to your loved ones, let them understand your pains. 

The pains in the life can be physical and mental both. The failures in the life can be very painful and also we can have certain losses from which we can not recover. There will be mental pains if some one try to cheat or if we are hurt by some one. The physical and mental pains must be cured by proper medical council and treatment.


When are passing through a very difficult time period and there you need a support from near and dear one. Pain either it is by our own people or by others it is physical pain or mental pain it is pain and you have to come over it is very important.


If your are feeling pain, just play with kids, or do lots of work. It will give you tension free.


When someone hurts you you feel pain. And you can come out only after solving it by your mind. It is very important for everyone to face wherever happens.


When you got hurt by physically or mentally it hurts you and you even can't say to anyone. It is very difficult to face that situation.


It is a mental state and one if realised than he or she feels pain in emotions but if you are hurt with some object it gives pain.


When we feel hurt it gives pain and pain reminded you about your failure every time. So forget about your failure and try again and again.


When you got hurt physically or emotionally it gives pain to you. But forget about it and start living smartly. It really very painful when someone hurts us.


It pains when people cheat us but we learn out of it so many things. It is always better to digest all pains and sorrow and enjoy life with great pleasure.


Every one at some stage feel pain in life. So how to reduce mental and physical pain is very important. It is our luck that we can manage anything.


Every bad words gives pain to one or another. It is very good to bare pain in life and teach such to others and enjoy life.


Sometimes when we are not finding any way for our conditions we feel painful situation in life. Where no one help you and you have to bare your pain.