Best And Unique Heart Wrenching Sad Quotes

Expressing is most important for any kind of emotions - check out the best sad quotes here


EMOTIONS- every human soul is controlled by this comprehensible yet complicated term. Happy or frustrated, anger or agony, every emotion has a strong influence on a person’s  physiology and psychology.

In that way , being sad is one of the intense emotions that would prick a person’s heart out and would gradually weaken his/her body and soul.

When a person who is already sad flip through the  sad quotes, he /she could very well relate to the words in the quotes and use them to express their feelings to others.

What makes you sad in a relationship?

Relationship is a beautiful bond that bridges two souls and provides you with a valid reason to stay alive and move along.

But we have to realise that this very same relationship makes us sad than anything else. 

Why do you get upset with your relationship?

The key word is - expectation. Expectations ruin the relationship.

We expect the other person to be as caring as ourselves.

We expect the other to love us the same way we love them.

We expect the other to be perfect. So when we do not get what we expect , that leads us into a state of being sad. 

But most often people do not get exact words to express why they are sad and what is the intensity of their sadness.

Sad quotes on  relationship and especially on love would help the person to vent out his/her feelings to the other and make them understand what exactly they are going through.

Possessiveness, miscommunication, suspicion add to the list of the reasons for being sad in a relationship.

Does the sad feeling spoil a relationship?

Yes of course, it does! The beauty of a relationship lies in how both the people involved enjoy the pleasure in taking the relationship in the path of happiness.

So when one person is in the state of sadness , it would have a very negative influence on the other.

They would gradually feel that the beautiful bond is losing its strength as the days pass by.

This happens because being sad has various consequences which include being dull all the time,being silent when their words matter the most,

being angry when there is no need to be- all of which would make the relationship a little harder to move on.

Having a glance at the  sad quotes on relationships, people would get to know of how a relationship would be and teach us to accept the other person as what they are.

Why do you lose your confidence while being sad?

Another consequence of being sad is that you lose your confidence.

But why? Because it is a human tendency that when a person is sad ,he/she tends to recollect all the past ,worst memories of his/her entire life.

They would develop the feel that no one cares or loves him/her and that  he/she lives a useless life.

This would make them breathe the air of melancholy again and would create an impact that they are good for nothing, which ultimately leads to loss of confidence.

Sad quotes on relationships make the person realise that he/she is not the only person who is sad at the moment but sadness is a universal emotion that every human would slip into.

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Sad Quotes

Don’t think that my pain will stop me waking up every morning and smiling in your absence.
Sad Quotes 76
Pain is the fuel to drive your future safely.
Sad Quotes 75
Instead of telling me my imaginations are the reason for my suffering, just understand you are the reason for my imagination.
Sad Quotes 74
I know there are far better joys ahead than this sadness. But I can’t enjoy it without you.
Sad Quotes 73
You know that someday my pain will become cured, but that day will be decided by you.
Sad Quotes 72
Nobody understands another’s sorrow, unless they feel it.
Sad Quotes 71
You will never know that pain I feel by the absence of you.
Sad Quotes 70
If you get rejected by anyone, just think that they are unfit to be together.
Sad Quotes 69
When nothing is right,it’s hard to answer the question of what is wrong.
Sad Quotes 68
Life goes on, but don’t try to make it sad to anybody.
Sad Quotes 67
Crying is not a weakness. It is a sign of being strong for too long.
Sad Quotes 66
To come out of your pain, finding yourself is better than finding others.
Sad Quotes 65
Silence is the best word for pain which makes sound.
Sad Quotes 64
This pain is my motivation to succeed in life.
Sad Quotes 63
My existence is only when you need something and I am not available anymore.
Sad Quotes 62
Things change, friends leave but the pain doesn’t stop killing inside.
Sad Quotes 61
People love playing with feelings without remembering that the game too has the end and they can lose.
Sad Quotes 60
Many lessons in life are best learned through pain.
Sad Quotes 59
Listen and respect your pain, so that you can avoid over happiness which will bring the pain again.
Sad Quotes 58
Your pain never goes away unless you grow stronger.
Sad Quotes 57
Pain is temporary when you know the love inside the person who hurt you is permanent and vice versa.
Sad Quotes 56
The kindest heart knows the real meaning of love because it has felt the most pain
Sad Quotes 55
I don’t think of that day when I can be at peace and not feel pain because of you.
Sad Quotes 54
The prettiest eyes know the real meaning of tears because it has cried the most tears.
Sad Quotes 53
We all create fake wallin front of others to hide our pain.
Sad Quotes 52
People who laugh more are just tolerating their pain better.
Sad Quotes 51
I feel like I’m slowly dying inside whenever I Beg you to be together.
Sad Quotes 50