What happens when someone feels sad?

A person with depression may not enjoy things they once loved and may feel like nothing can make them happy.

Concentration or focus becomes harder. Making any kind of decisions, reading, or watching television can seem taxing with depression because people can't think clearly or follow what's happening.

Everything feels hopeless, and there's no way to feel better. Depression may make a person feel that there's no way to ever feel good again.

Self-esteem is often absent. People with depression may feel like they are worthless or a failure at everything. They may dwell on negative events and experiences and be unable to see positive qualities in themselves.

Energy levels are low to nonexistent. Some people feel like they can't get out of bed, or feel exhausted all the time even when getting enough sleep. They may feel that they are too tired to do simple daily tasks.

Food may not seem appetizing. Some people with depression feel like they don't want to eat anything, and have to force themselves to eat. This can result in weight loss.

Food may be used as a comfort or coping tool. Although some people with depression don't want to eat, others overeat and crave unhealthy or comfort foods. This can lead to weight gain.

Many people mistakenly believe that depression is a choice, or that they need to have a positive attitude. Friends and loved ones often get frustrated or don't understand why a person can't "snap out of it." They may even say that the person has nothing to be depressed about.

Depression is a real mental illness. Those who have depression cannot simply decide to stop feeling depressed. Unlike typical sadness or worry, depression feels all-consuming and hopeless.

How to express the feelings of sadness?

Sharing feelings effectively often begins with two simple words: “I feel…” The mistake that people often make when they are trying to share a feeling is to say, "I feel that... "  The word that indicates that what will follow is going to be a thought, not a feeling. 

Thoughts are fine to share. At the same time, thoughts convey dry information, not the juice of what you are experiencing within. Feelings have a stronger impact on bonding.

So while sharing thoughts does build a sense of connection, the connection is less intense than when you look inside yourself and share the feelings that you discover there: hopeful, discouraged, pleased, wary, frustrated, delighted, etc. 

How to avoid being sad?

Learn how to stop ruminating

Ruminating is when you repeatedly think about a negative thought. You might replay a conversation or think about a bad memory to the point of obsession.

Ruminating causes more negative thoughts and emotions to arise, so the more you do it, the worse you'll feel. Ruminating too much can eventually lead to depression. Try the following to stop ruminating:

Work to solve the problems you're ruminating over. For example, if you can't stop thinking about how much you need a job, make a job search to-do list and start tackling the items one by one. Practice positive self-reflection. If you spend a lot of time thinking about your negative traits, interrupt your thoughts with self-praise.

Tell yourself, "I did a great job on that project," or "I tried my best during that conversation

Many people report bouts of sadness at some point in their lives. Sadness, which can be everything from feeling “blue” to having clinical depression, can affect how you feel, think and behave.ving some sadness is normal, but being constantly sad may cause other emotional and physical problems.

It can be managed by altering your thought processes, trying lifestyle changes or seeking help from a mental health professional. Practice positive self-reflection.

If you spend a lot of time thinking about your negative traits, interrupt your thoughts with self-praise. Tell yourself, "I did a great job on that project," or "I tried my best during that conversation."

Learn to forgive

Holding grudges and thinking about yourself in a negative light can exacerbate feelings of sadness. Being able to forgive and let go may allow you to begin to feel happy.

The act of forgiveness will remove negative attitudes and create space for positive attitudes. It will also decrease stress, which can make feelings of sadness worse, and increase peace and calm in your life.

Scientists are currently studying ways in which a person can learn forgiveness, but have suggested that therapy and accepting restitution or apologies can help a person forgive others

Manage your stress level

Stress can contribute significantly to sadness. Avoiding stressful situations whenever possible may help you begin to overcome feelings of sadness.

Organizing your day and allowing time to relax will help you relieve and avoid unnecessary stress

Step back from any stressful situation if you can. If you cannot, try taking a deep breath and not reacting immediately to avoid having your feelings and tension rise unnecessarily.

Sad Quotes About Life

Don’t let sadness to occupy your life. Sadness might stays and get vanish at a certain stage. But the wound caused by it haunts us as with memories.
sad quotes about life 18
After overcoming sadness a person will get clarity in their thoughts, ideas & decisions. Always sadness hurts. But overcoming it gives us new life, new hope, and a new beginning.
sad quotes about life 30
Once we failed to keep our promise, we failed to keep our word. Our lives give back sadness as a compliment.
sad quotes about life 29
Sadness may visit us in all stages of our life. Treating it as a guest makes us avoid sadness to be a permanent resident.
sad quotes about life 28
Sadness may occur in our life. Let sadness be part of our life. But never let sadness to rule and ruin our precious life.
sad quotes about life 27
A separation gives sadness, a failure gives sadness, and a loss gives sadness. Expectation gives sadness. At last, sadness gives us new hope to recreate ourselves.
sad quotes about life 26
Being with family, sharing our thoughts and ideas with our friends and family. Getting moral support makes a person to avoid getting into sadness.
sad quotes about life 25
Best medicine or treatment to overcome sadness is happiness. Happiness alone makes a person survive and run the rest part of life.
sad quotes about life 24
Sadness is the most contiguous disease. It makes others also feel sad for us. Making others sad hurts and causes all.
sad quotes about life 23
If we start to worry about our own stuff & commitments. Our sadness might also cause our loved ones to get sad. They start to feel about our situation. This makes the situation worse.
sad quotes about life 22
Women are a sensitive person who got attacked by the sadness in an easy manner. But the same woman has the power to console them and rise back by crossing all hurdles with full of positivity.
sad quotes about life 21
As a Man, they are having more responsibilities in this society as well as in their family. Raising their family in a good way makes them and their surroundings to run their life in a peaceful manner.
sad quotes about life 20
As a Woman, she always starts her life with more challenges in her each stage. But getting scared about her life makes her fail in her life. When she starts to face each difficulty as a challenge. There she starts to enjoy and lead a successful life.
sad quotes about life 19
As always sadness has the power to demolish a person. Recreate the same person with better thoughts and ideas.
sad quotes about life 17
Sadness alone makes a person know what is life, how to lead a life, how to overcome hurdles. Whom to believe, whom to not believe, and teaches how to survive the rest part of life.
sad quotes about life 16
When a person starts to show or shower love towards a particular person. There the person starts to be more dependent on them. Their absence for some time or a long time makes the person feel lost and it hurts to the core.
sad quotes about life 15
Sadness always brings a void space and makes us feel empty or blank. Overcoming sadness makes us think about the next stage or part of our life.
sad quotes about life 14
Sadness always hurts. Giving some time for worries to settle down gives a proper solution for that situation.
sad quotes about life 13
"Sadness differs from person to person A Mother’s sadness is to raise their child in a proper way by giving good kind of stuff, A Father’s sadness is to get a standard income to run their life in a smoother way, A Kid’s sadness is to get their own wish list things and stuffs for their happiness, Student’s sadness is to overcome their exams with a good score, Living for one another and their happiness helps us to overcome all sorts of sadness."
sad quotes about life 12
Every person is not fulfilled with their life. Each person has many sorts of commitments to fall into worries. Overcoming from the saddest part of life brings & gives back happiness on the next stage of their life.
sad quotes about life 11
Sadness differs from person to person. It hurts the person, makes them feel stressed, and tears their heart with a rusted knife. It makes the person occupy with loneliness and loss their happiness.
sad quotes about life 10
A child raised without parent love and care fails to know about the meaning of real love and affection.
sad quotes about life 9
The saddest part of a person’s life is when he fails to have a good place to live, good food to eat. Good people to share and a good family to cherish with more love and care. But the person having all fails to get satisfied by it and to lead a successful life.
sad quotes about life 8
"If a person with more wealth fails to have happiness, If a person with more happiness fails to have good health, If a person with good health fails to have good people & family with them, If the person is having all the above listed, she fails to succeed in their life. Nothing is permanent, change alone has the power to show the changes in our life."
sad quotes about life 7
When a person who lives and shows his family a luxurious life. In a sudden manner loses all and falls with more debts. It makes the person and their family face the saddest part of life.
sad quotes about life 6
In our human life death is the thing that cannot accept in any means. A loss is a loss that cannot regain by any means. Overcoming from the situation may help to survive the best part of life.
sad quotes about life 5
When our mind knows that hereafter we are not going to receive any calls or messages from our most loved ones. But waiting for a single call or a message from them makes the person feel lost. Expectations always hurt that may lead to sadness.
sad quotes about life 4