Smile Quotes - Page 2

Start your day with a smile even after a rough night.
Smile quotes 77
Someone saw me smiling in a crowd didn't knew they were the reason.
Smile quotes 76
Waiting for you a bit longer, Smiling in that fear makes me stronger.
Smile quotes 75
Smiles that communicate with positive intentions, spreads the sense of belongingness between people.
Smile quotes 74
Eyes are overrated, a smile says way more words.
Smile quotes 73
The best reward could be money but all we need is a smile.
Smile quotes 72
Bridges can be made over obstacles with a simple smile.
Smile quotes 71
I think most dangerous physiological expression is a smile as it is highly contagious.
Smile quotes 70
There are 19 types of smiles in world but my favorite is the flirtatious one.
Smile quotes 69
A fake smile can trick your brain into happiness.
Smile quotes 68
Release the endorphins with a smile, stress will go like a fly.
Smile quotes 67
A smile inducer is who's presence can make you smile, for me it's my dog.
Smile quotes 66
Social media face is what people say, you just have to combine your smile with a pout.
Smile quotes 65
"Cheese" is overrated, "money" is what makes people really smile.
Smile quotes 64
Sometimes I fake a smile to hide my tears, and soon forget that it was fake.
Smile quotes 63
Smiles intended to convey disgust or superiority breaks a person the most.
Smile quotes 62
It only takes a smile to overcome all your fear.
Smile quotes 61
People who know how to smile in times of difficulty and pain should never be underestimated.
Smile Quotes 60
Whatever situation you may be in, always remember to cover you sorrows with a smile.
Smile Quotes 59
When you love someone make sure that you be the reason, they smile every day.
Smile Quotes 58
Smile is like a rainbow when it rains, it gives warmth to the heart even if it is gloomy outside.
Smile Quotes 57
You win in life when you learn to smile through all the pain.
Smile Quotes 56
Getting over something or someone is easier when you learn to smile and be happy.
Smile Quotes 55
Life is too short to cry over what happened, instead you should smile and move on.
Smile Quotes 54
Never cry because it happened, smile because it is over.
Smile Quotes 53
When you learn to smile you attract positive things in life.
Smile Quotes 52
People with fake smiles are more dangerous than people with guns.
Smile Quotes 51