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Sorry Quotes

Sometimes loving someone is a kind of apologizing ( sorry) someone.

What is the meaning of sorry?

Sorry means feeling sad for something or for someone. Sometimes we feel sorry for our own self because we might hurt ourselves for someone's fault. We really feel sorry for someone's misfortune also. Sorry is also a token of love which we apologize for our relationship. 

"I used to shout at her but she never turned her back to me, she is my mother"

We used to have an argument with our mother but she is the one who always accepts all our sorry. Asking sorry is a good habit where we learn to lead a healthy life because asking sorry without ego is a good thing not everyone has this quality.

"When my mother carried me her womb you still carry me in your heart and shoulders father"

We often lose our temper and fight with our father because he never shows off his love towards us. For many, fathers are our first hero and he is our guardian angel till he lives with us.

Even though we fight with him when we ask sorry to him for our mistake he used to forget about it and he loves us more than before.

How to express the feeling of sorry?

We can express by words and through our feelings. When we regret something everyone can understand by our expressions at that time we can express our sorry. When we fail to ask sorry it will become a wound and it never cures. So it is always better to express the feeling of sorry.

"I look very nasty when I cry and I know you don't like it, please forgive me, my dear brother, I'm sorry".

I used to hurt my brother and at last, I used to cry and seek his forgiveness. By crying, I used to express my feeling of sorry.

"Every time I apply it perfectly but it never long lasts because of my sister, my spoiler".

My sister is the one whom she annoys me and irritates me but at last, I'm the one who caught my mother and got beaten up.

Feeling sorry is a sign of weakness?

Feeling sorry is not a sign of weakness at some point. But there are reasons why we should seek to apologize. Asking Sorry may save so many relationships like friendship, love because people won't ask sorry so often without ego. From this point of view asking sorry is not a weakness.

Sometimes we ask sorry even though we didn't do anything wrong but we may ask sorry to save that relationship. Sorry is also known as a magical word. Even though we didn't do anything wrong but asking sorry is the sign of boldness. Only a few people can handle this magical word called "sorry". 

No man is perfect only a few have weakness of asking sorry. Sorry is a sign of strength and sign of good people.

S- when Someone's fault is up 

O- On and 

R- Relaxing them as well as

R- Respecting them as 

Y- You respect yourself.

We used to lower our dignity in order to save their relationship but they don't value it that's the reason for us which it becomes a weakness.

Famous sorry Quotes

1. Right now I am admitting my sorry for you. For trusted you, for having hope on you, and for standing with you at your good and bad. I had done all this by knowing well, that you are fooling and cheating me.

Sorry Quotes 1

2. I am sorry about this world. For not thinking and doing anything for this world. Thinking alone for myself and living my life makes me live in a circle.

Sorry Quotes 2

3. A Sorry accepted in a whole heart manner and uttered by a person. Makes him more majestic in his looks as well as in his thoughts.

Sorry Quotes 3

4. Saying sorry in an unnecessary manner makes to lose the worth of the word. Always apologize when you felt bad about your actions.

Sorry Quotes 4

5. As a human, some of the people keep their word and promises. Some of them fail to maintain their promises. Sorry is the word which gives new hope and instant relief to come out from the hectic situation.

Sorry Quotes 5

6. Sorry is always a reconnecting word to reconnect with our broken relationship. It helps us to build new hope, make new promises for our relationship.

Sorry Quotes 6

7. Some particular words have power and strength. To change the boiling situation to a gaseous state within a second.Sorry is always a game-changer word to admit ourselves and to avoid hurting others.

Sorry Quotes 7

8. "A sorry cannot get back the word we uttered,

A sorry cannot get back the action we made,

A sorry cannot vanish the worst memories we caused,

But a sorry will smoother the situation and holds back the situation by not getting worse."

9. Sorry is a word used by any sort of person for many sorts of reasons. Some in a real manner mean it by heart and some others use it and say it for a formality.

Sorry Quotes 9

10. Some words bring and give us a good impression. Asking sorry always shows us as a down to earth personality. Let us all cherish our life by not hurting others.

Sorry Quotes 10

11. Sorry is not a word. It is always the deepest emotion or a feeling for asking an excuse in a situation.

Sorry Quotes 11

12. Asking and admitting our sorry. Always reconnects us, re-correct us, restructure us, and reframe us.

Sorry Quotes 12

13. Admitting Sorry is all about to get another chance to keep our word and promises.

Sorry Quotes 13

14. A Mother feels sorry for her child when she fails to provide basic needs. For the child’s sustainability and survival in this world.

Sorry Quotes 14

15. It might be a son or a daughter; they should feel sorry and ashamed of themselves. When they failed to take care of their parents. When they failed to give relief and happiness to their parents in their older age.

Sorry Quotes 15

16. Some persons have a different mindset while saying sorry. They feel as shy or awkward for that moment. This makes some people to re-correct themselves. But most of the peoples get more stressed for this situation.

Sorry Quotes 16

17. Sorry always has the strength or the power to stop any kind of situation. It might be a world war or a small fight or misunderstanding between two. Sorry always calms down the situation.

Sorry Quotes 17

18. They might be our family, friends or colleagues. A small misunderstanding between us may spoil our relationship. So to avoid breaking the frame, let us apologize for our unity and happiness. Let us cherish our life by full of positive thoughts.

19.  A Sorry will always let a new chance, new hope, and new commitment.

20. Asking sorry and accepting a sorry from others always. Shows our tendency towards kindness and our maturity.

Sorry Quotes 2021. An ego will not let a person admit sorry for the situation caused. Breaking the ego and admitting sorry makes the situation and the person travel in an easier way.

Sorry Quotes 21

22. Sorry has the power to change any kind of state. Accepting our fault and admitting our sorry shows who we are.

Sorry Quotes 22

23.  I feel being sorry for myself. For being staying lonely, for not connecting to others, and for not trusting others.

Sorry Quotes 23

24. I felt being sorry for myself. When I am not in the position to help others and my presence also not benefited them. That is the situation I felt helpless.

Sorry Quotes 24

25. I hate myself while asking for an excuse. But as a human I may also commit some mistakes, I am also dependent on other decisions. Sometimes I may fail to keep my promises. Sorry alone makes me correct my mistake.

26. Sorry always helps us to overcome and calm down the hectic situation. Sticking with our mistakes and arguing for it hurts us back. Rather accepting and relinquishing makes us reach the heights in our life.

27. Always admit you’re sorry to the situation to your loved one. When you are not done anything wrong in that situation. That makes your bond closer and shows your love for them.



2019-04-30 16:02:57

The sorry in the life will bring you back in the form. It will provide you relief from the sudden crisis and it will end the troubles of your life. The sorry will reduce the exaggerated situations in the life and you will be saved from the shameful situations. It will make your morale higher.



2020-01-17 16:36:36

After a big mistake sorry means nothing , but forgiveness is a awesome thing ever." The man who asks forgiveness is a man But the man who forgives is a great man " .



2020-01-30 11:49:05

I'm very sorry that I hurt you ,but you are a great person , every time i hurt you but you forgiving me again and again . " If we forgive others , God will Forgive us , forgiveness is a Attribute of Strong ".


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-01 22:38:41

I spoke with you badly sorry for that. Actually I was not in mood to face such situation in life. It is very difficult to digest such situation in life.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-03 23:11:45

Sorry for not able to attain your function. It is very important for you that I should attain such functions but I can't attain this function since excuse for this.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-05 19:09:33

If you tease or cheat someone and after that say sorry it has no meaning. So don't do like this with anyone. It is very good to see sorry for our mistake but for another person to face this is very difficult.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-12 21:27:20

After doing everything if you say sorry has no meaning. So don't do anything where you have to say sorry. While keeping a relationship I have to be very alert.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-12 23:18:47

After hurting someone if you say sorry that has no meaning. So while speaking one should remain very conscious and never say foul words.


scarlet samantha

2020-12-01 18:39:01

sorry does not make everything okay, but it can make you feel better


Shivani Rai

2021-02-11 13:04:14

Sorry that i misunderstood, sorry that i broke your trust, sorry for that i disrespect you, sorry for everything what i did with you hope you accept my apology


Shreesha Karanth

2021-02-22 08:55:48

When I ask sorry do not think that I am guilt or I have made mistake. It is nothing but give a respect to the relationship other than loosing it.


Shivani Rai

2021-02-27 23:32:07

Sorry for that where i was wrong, sorry for that where i misbehaved, sorry for that where i was judge mental


Shreesha Karanth

2021-02-27 23:51:42

Sorry will respect the relationship, Sorry will build a relationship, Sorry will carry a relationship, Sorry will protect the relationship.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-08 12:13:20

Every time I used to say sorry that does not mean that I am always wrong. I need relationship rather than breakup.


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-08 12:15:23

I don't want to say sorry face to face, If I say sorry I actually mean it.


Abhishek Avinash Budhawale

2021-04-19 14:33:33

Sorry has the meaning only when it is said by heart. And if you don't feel it from heart then it is much better not to say sorry.


Natasha Rokade

2021-05-17 12:16:20

I know I have been acting crazy.. But it's only because I'm scared and lost. I won't ever hurt you again. I am so so sorry


G Kavita

2021-05-25 18:48:44

"Sorry" vs" I'm sorry" are two different things .one should understand whether the person is guilty for the first type of sorry or second one because when "I'm" added to it, it all together changes the meaning of sorry


Navneet Kaur

2021-05-28 20:51:13

Forgive me for irritating you. Don't be angry for pointing out you. I am always yours and will be yours forever. I irritate you because I think I have rights on you. I extremely sorry if anyhow I hurt you.


surya venkata shekar

2021-06-02 21:05:18

A five letter word which has the capability to connect and make a strong relation between two persons.A five letter word which always better than attitude.That word is "sorry",don't feel to say sorry to anyone in this world.


G Kavita

2021-06-05 19:12:46

The word sorry carries a lot emotions in itself.value it when it is said because it is not always that a person keeps aside his or her egoistic pride and the humans are kept above


Lipika Naskar

2021-06-06 23:38:34

"One sorry can makes everything correct, as before as it is."


Lipika Naskar

2021-06-06 23:40:57

"Sorry was the biggest example for any learner to learn from any mistakes."


G Kavita

2021-06-09 19:41:22

Sorry is an emotion which is felt deeply if this shit comes straight from heart.if said just for the sake then you yourself is a big loser



2021-06-10 20:05:55

I am sorry not because I am only wrong but because I value the relationship of ours and I am apolozing for that


Lipika Naskar

2021-06-11 23:49:18

"My apology tells you the story of my SORRY."


Lipika Naskar

2021-06-11 23:51:42

"SORRY: I hate those people who use me at every time of interval."