Unique And All Best Heart Warming Cousin Quotes

Appreciate your family for their sacrifices to make you feel proud and happy - here are some cousin quotes

Cousin Quotes

"The one who does nasty things after my shadow is my cousin".

Who are cousins?

Cousins are tortures who born in our family and giving us a headache every time. We used to visit them during our summer vacation or family functions.

When we are small we used to play and fight with them. But after the vacation is over we used to long for the next vacation that is the power of cousins.

Relations are the ones who kept talking about us, our uncle and Aunt used to wait for our arrival in their place. Whereat first we used to think that they are strangers but later we used to get attached to them.

And after some days we used to have a talk with our cousins. Later we used to play with them, again we fight with them and we don't play with them at all. Again we apologize and used to play with.

We attached to them and we share our personal thoughts and making the pinky promise and etc. This would happen only with our cousins because we don't meet them often so it is the best thing.

Cousins are the ones who used to take us to adventurous places and allow us to do some nasty things because our parents won't leave us. Cousins will help us with fulfilling the wishes of us. 

"When dangerous things became so easy because cousins are the ones who are more dangerous".

Recalling memories will only happen with our cousins only. Cousins are also creators because they are the ones who create memories for us. 

Why cousins are best friends?

Cousins are best friends because they won't leave us in any situation. Because they are not only best friends they are family. In this world, the family is the only constant thing, likewise, cousins are always constant.

We don't grow up together, We don't have education together, We don't live with each other, But we are together, We slept together, We learned life together, That's why we are still together, Cousins.

Best friends are those who connected by hearts even though the distance is more number, the heart always holds the memories.

Apart from school friends cousins are the ones who created wonderful memories in just two months. Cousins are the ones who show the taste of childhood days to be remembered till now.

Cousins are the first teachers who teach us how to steal sweets and snacks from home. They are the ones who teach us to share our snacks with friends. They give us more adventurous memories for us. They are the ones who help us when we are caught by our parents. 

No friends will help you better than your own cousins. They are the ones who console us when we get scoldings from our parents. 

Cousins are best friends because they are the ones who believe all our nonsense.

Traveling with cousins

Traveling is always the favorite part of everyone but it is awesome when it comes to cousins. Sharing the illogical things about something and making them believe it.

While traveling telling them those false stories in order to make them fool. Traveling with cousins is always the best part of life, where we don't need any mobile phones, computers, video games only we need is our cousins to accompany us.

Laughing for silly reasons and irritating the parents and relatives all these wills happens only with cousins.

And we used to wear new dresses and we used to give a stupid reason for the new dress but what the wonder is our cousins used to believe it. That is a specialty of our cousins some will believe that and some cousins won't listen to us.

After some time we were busy with our exams and we rarely call them or visit them but they still have that naughtiness in them.

After growing up we used to travel but this time we used to travel alone with our cousins. While traveling recalling those old memories and Fightings and laughter. And enjoying this moment only cousins can make this a memorable one.

Sharing love with them and hugging them slipping while traveling and pulling and pushing them in traveling is always the best part of our life. That's why everyone needs cousins in their life.

Always cousins play a vital part in our life from childhood till now.

Cousin will always be your best friend and competitor too.


Cousins also like a family, they are best friends like a sister , everyone shares many secrets with cousins they guide us in many ways. "Love your cousins they are best friend, teacher, and helping Hand ".


Cousins are the best part of life, cousins marriage is the only thing we enjoy a lot with loads of funs and enjoyment. "Cousins make memories and They are the best siblings ever ".


my dear cousin you are the best cousin in the world you are also my best friend and i couldn't live without you in my life.


Cousin is always making us happy when we are sad and when we are in distress they show the way to live with happiness. "Cousins are always the supporter's and make us to feel best ".


Only with cousins we can share everything and we can celebrate as our wish, they're the one who understands us better. " Cousins always makes special place in heart, tours with cousins are always memorable and enjoyable".


Cousins are the most notorious and funny people on the earth.


Cousin are like real brother and sister. Even if they stay far away they are always connected to us.


Cousins are unique gift given by family. We stay far but together always.


Cousin are the brother or sister not from blood relation.They stay away but still they are together.


Cousin are like true friend. They are far but always near to us. Not a blood relation but best relation.


From birth to adulthood, from school to college, many things are changed, the thing which remain the same is the cousin's squad whose fun is always remain same.


Cousin are the brother and sister from relation. They are not having blood relation but they are the best in all ways.


Cousins are born from different mother but they are the true relators. I love my cousin and we make a great family.


As now we are grown up but I do remember every little thing of us. I remember how we used to fight and bit each other, I remember how we eat those kaccha ( raw) mango by stealing it, I remember how we always played hide and seek and you make me fool, I remember you have always bullied me but also protected me. "As now we are grown up but I do remember all little things"


The cousin hood is a group which is one of the best group you have joined. The company of every person is enjoyable there and the bond is unbreakable


We different kinds of cousin some are very sweet some are so rude some are back bitchers type some are so supportive and some always demotivate us but they are important in our life they plays a major role in our life. Without cousins all festivals and weddings feels so colourless. There is no enjoyment without them. They are little annoying and irritating gems of our life.


Cousins are brother from the relators. They are the best friend. They share and stay together.