Unique And All Best Heart Warming Family Quotes

Appreciate your family for their sacrifices to make you feel proud and happy - here are some family quotes


What is a family?

A family is a group of people related either by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence or some combination of these. The purpose of families is to maintain the well-being of its members and the society.

Ideally, families would offer predictability, structure, and safety as members mature and participate in the community. 

In most societies, it is within families children acquire socialization for life outside the family.

Additionally, as the basic unit for meeting the basic needs of its members, it provides a sense of boundaries for performing tasks in a heterosexual environment, ideally builds a person into a functional adult, transmits culture, and ensures continuity of humankind with precedents of knowledge.

What is the role of the family in society?

 It has been said that the family is the bedrock of society and can be proven by the fact that all over the world every society is structured by the same pattern. 

A man and woman marry and form a family. This process is repeated multiple times making multiple families which form villages, regions, and eventually countries.

When several countries come together they form a continent and all of the continents make up the world. The foundation of this entire process is the family. 

The family has a crucial role in society by being a model of love in three different aspects; love for the children, love between husband and wife, and finally love in promoting moral values.

As people, we are created to be visual with a need to see illustrated models of things that are important to our lives, especially the love relationship between children and their parents.

 As children, we learn everything by watching the examples or models of others such as eating and walking. The family functions the same way. For example, sons who have seen their parent's abuse alcohol or show extreme violence towards one another, practice these same activities. 

The role of the family is to give a good model so that others within the society can imitate resulting in the edification of the society. Patient, kind, loving, and always willing to spend time in an intimate, personal relationship with family members form a good family.

The family has a decisive role in having the capacity and responsibility to impact the entire society by its positive example. 

The parents must show love towards their children by spending time with them and building intimate, personal relationships.

In order to fulfill its role in society, the family will educate children in moral values so that they will mature and pass on these values to future generations making society a safe and happy place for all people to live and enjoy.

Life of a person is incomplete without family 

Life is incomplete without family. when we are happy, we need someone to express our feelings. When we are sad, we need someone to express our pain. 

When we have achieved something, we want that praising hand. Money can’t understand our happiness, sadness, achievements and many more. So value your family, value yourself. Life is incomplete without family and friends. our family is a circle of love and strength. 

Our family with every birth and every union the family grows. our family is a circle of strength, every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.

Family Quotes

If your family supports you, you have nothing to fear even if the whole world is against you
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If you get to eat food with your family, you are luckier and more blessed than you think
family quotes 29
Home is not where bed or clothes are there. Home is where there is family
family quotes 28
First And ­Most Important Love You get in life is FAMILY
family quotes 27
Family is one’s first and best friend
family quotes 25
Any four walls with a roof can be a house, it takes a family to make it home
family quotes 24
God gave blessing in disguise to everyone and that blessing is called family
family quotes 23
Family makes this journey of life enjoyable and worthwhile
family quotes 22
Having a loving family is more precious than having all the treasure in the world
family quotes 21
A circle of strength, a bond of love, tressure of happiness, supportive like roots- all in one called "family"
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Love builds a happy home. Father creates a milestone. Mother showers love. Siblings dare to fight. FAMILY isn't a word its a feeling
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The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home.
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Never take familyl for granted, because its the only place only people to support, to standby, to encourage, to accept you at all situations. Family is a blessing
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Two great things to give our children are the roots and wings. Two great things to give our parents is love and respect
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Its to the family members with whom you can take rights upon, nobody else can!
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Having a place to go is home, having someone to love is family, having both is a true blessing
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Home is where love stays, memories are created, laughter never ends. Always cherish family and life will be beautiful
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When the whole world says "you cannot" there will be whispering noise from your faily saying "you can". The unity that holds, the hope they give, the support they extend is priceless. Value your family
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A family can never be separated: beyond distance, beyond time, beyond limits. Its a blessing
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Little fights, lot of sharing, infinte care, tremendous support and a whole lot of love. Yes, its the family
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Home is not a place its a feeling. Family is not a relationship its beyond love
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When family becomes like friends, then you are the most luckiest, most gifted.
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Other things may change but we start and end with a family
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Father's support, mother's sacrifices, siblings sharing can never be replaced. Sweet memories only family can give
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Its not how big the house is, its about how happy the home is
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Life begins with family and ends with love. Family stands when you are left alone. Its the family that lasts forever
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Family is the key to eternal happiness. Its the place where everything begins, its the people who stand beside.
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