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Appreciate your family for their sacrifices to make you feel proud and happy - here are some father quotes


Who is a good father 

A good father makes all the difference in a child's life. He's a pillar of strength, support, and discipline. His work is endless and, oftentimes, thankless. But in the end, it shows in the sound, well-adjusted children he raises.

A father is a man who expects his child to be as good as he meant to be.

Fathers don't just love their children every now and then, it's a love without end. A good father will leave his imprints on their children. Being a father is a dedicated and lifelong duty.

Being a father means raising your children into respectable adults by teaching and being actively involved in their lives. A father is a role model and a hero. He is a strong shoulder to cry on and someone to lift you up in your successes.

What Is a father’s love?

Father love means many things to many people. For some, it is the support and encouragement they received before a big game. For others, it could be hours that dad spent helping with math homework.

But overall, one of the most special things about being a father is that feeling of accomplishment when your child, a small person that you nurtured, loved and taught does something great.

Role of a father

For a daughter, a father's love is one of the most important bedrocks of her growing up. A girl will look to her dad as a symbol of what is good and admirable in a man. It is in the way that dads complement their daughters for their intelligence, beauty, and strength that in turn solidifies a young woman's belief in herself.

Being daddy's little girl is a role that many young women relish and this is indeed another one of the very special aspects of being a dad.

While this role definitely comes with a significant amount of pressure there is nothing more satisfying for a father than having his little girl look up to him. A father's love is, of course, an equally important element in a young man's life.

Many boys love to do all the things their dads do. Think about that charming image of a father and son fishing; or a son handing a wrench to his dad under the hood of a car. No matter what daddy is doing you can be certain that the son will want to do it too.

Young men learn what it means to be a man from the example of their fathers.

Again, this is not a role to be taken lightly. Many young men will follow in their father's career paths because they are in awe of the man that raised them to be what they are.

This can be one of the most exciting moments of a father's life: when a son or daughter goes to the same college or takes over a family business.



2019-04-29 15:43:40

There should be lots of sense of respect for father as the father relations is a very sacred relation. The father is a great guide of life and we can live perfectly on the father's advise. We must care and help our father and never disobey him. The father is a person helpful in fulfilling our desires and wishes.


baby sirisha

2019-07-11 15:33:19

Behind every successful daughter, there is a wonderful father who sacrifices anything for her daughter success.



2019-12-16 14:47:54

Father is the one who sacrifices a lot for us, Fathers hid behind every children and family succeed. They are the ones who never get bored with their children 's wrongdoings. They forgive their children in every way, but children didn't care for them when they are in old age. Fathers are always great. Fathers keeps every family's problem on his back. He sacrifices a lot.



2020-01-17 16:19:51

Father are builders of family ,They care their children more than his comfort, children are diamond for them ." Fathers are great , hard workers They dedicate all his things to child " .


Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari

2020-01-23 21:52:49

Has anyone seen a living epitome of the saying work in silence. Yes, he is my father and I am proud of him.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-02 11:59:27

Father is a head of family and he always take care of children. It is very important for everyone to obay him and follow his instructions.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-03 23:43:54

Father plays an important role in life he guide children and settle them in life. He is really very great. Never insult your parents.



2020-05-02 00:56:27

Listen to your father's advice.At some point in you life ,when you are in a big problem,those priceless words will help you the most.



2020-05-17 20:18:59

Every girl remains a cute little princess in her father's heart... One and only in your father's heart...



2020-08-11 13:02:59

Father is the greatest blessing of all family , without them life will be incomplete , they're the best . " Respect your father ,many doesn't have father "


Y Maria Leema

2020-12-05 10:59:00

Respect your FATHER He is the person, Whose silence speaks Thousands of words in your life.


Shivani Rai

2021-02-06 21:41:27

Father is everything of a family when you needed head of family there is only father who stands beside every member of family


Salma Akhter

2021-02-07 02:54:31

A father who has daughter only knows that kissing does not belong to lust


Salma Akhter

2021-02-08 01:05:19

A father forgets himself in the affection of his daughter.


Shivani Rai

2021-02-27 21:40:15

When you need to look out a actual hero just look at your father he is the real hero of a Family


Shivani Rai

2021-02-27 21:41:41

Father who show us the way where to go what to do is the real mentor of our lives


Shivani Rai

2021-02-27 21:45:28

Behind every happy and financially stable family there is a man who is son, husband and father


Axselin Selvaraj

2021-03-04 19:07:02

A good father is there for his children. When they cry out in the middle of the night, he rises from his bed to see about them.


Axselin Selvaraj

2021-03-04 19:07:39

No matter how old we get, our fathers are our heroes.


Axselin Selvaraj

2021-03-04 19:08:06

No request is too big or too small for "Daddy".


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-13 21:32:11

Father is a God bigger and better than all the gods their are.


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-13 22:02:05

A father never expresses his love but their is no one who loves you more than that man.



2021-03-16 08:19:43

The one who makes all my wishes come true...That one is my Genie Yeah...I have Genie in my life My daddy is my Genie



2021-03-26 22:19:04

A father doesn't tell you how much he loves he just show by his action.


P Gagan kumar

2021-03-29 19:46:43

"Father might be farther. But, he will make sure we move further."


Abdul wasi siddique

2021-03-29 21:10:13

He is your friend, he is your teacher, he is your helper, he is the one who always stands with you, he is the one who always take your stand, he is your Father.


Gita Nayak

2021-04-07 16:21:38

Dear Father, I know you were and will be the strong pillar behind me moving me out of my hard times. Love you appa