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Appreciate your family for their sacrifices to make you feel proud and happy - here are some husband wife quotes

Husband Wife Quotes

“No relationship is ever perfect and I know I’m far away from perfect. But as long as you’re willing to try, I’m willing to stay through anything.”

A husband and wife relationship is something that is beyond perfection. It is not about two perfect persons who make a marital relationship, but it’s about two beautiful souls that prepares themselves to live perfectly with all imperfections. 

Husband wife relationship

“Husband and wife relationships are like the relationship between Tom and Jerry. Though they are fighting and teasing but can’t live without each other.”

It is well known that it is very rare to see a husband and wife without fights. They may fight a lot and scolds each other. But they never let any other to talk about his / her life partner.

It is the only relationship where a man or woman can share almost anything both physically and soulfully.

Qualities of a good husband and wife

“You are a warm cup of coffee on a rainy morning, a soft blanket in the cold night, the rainbow following a storm and the sauna at the end of a difficult week. You are all of the love, comfort, and passion of my life.”

The very first quality of a good husband and wife is respecting each other. They give respect for each other’s feelings and make it a priority without any doubt.

They give and take their own space. A good husband will let his woman to follow her dreams. He will never hold her back with stupid reasons and vice versa a good wife will always stay in her husband’s side, whatever it could be.

They will never take each other for granted. They share their works at home and they support each other economically too.

A good wife will always treat her husband’s parents as her own and treats them good and vice versa a good husband will treat her wife’s family as his own.

How to maintain a better relationship?

“When life seems to suffocate with problems and issues, you’re like a gasp of fresh air. Your love revives me and keeps me strong.”

A good husband and wife should always be supportive of one another in all their ups and downs. Life is a roller coaster, without love and patience no one could ever move on happily.

For a healthy relationship, a husband or a wife should not lie to each other. Even though they make any mistakes, they have to share it and explain why it happened.

If a husband or a wife commits a mistake, he or she has to apologize to him/her and should feel guilty and both of them should not overreact for small things.

The thing which could spoil any kind of relationship is angry and ego. If you are anger just keep calm and never spit cruel words. Your anger may disappear in a very short time. But the words that are spoken can never be taken back again. 

We should never let ego to spoil the beautiful relationship of husband and wife.

Husband Wife Quotes

A husband and wife may get issues between them. The issue may make them hate each other. Rather hating them better think about the good memories you have as a couple. That makes your relationship and bond stronger.
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Husband or wife anyone or both may have chances to do mistakes or take wrong decisions in their life. Rather one of them help’s another to realize the situation and explains the situation. Makes another one understands about the situation. If both got tensed and start arguing spoils their relationship.
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A small misunderstanding or issue between a husband and wife may cause their child’s health. For the child’s sake and for the child goodness a good couple never take their issues to their children.
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"Never trust others as in a whole manner. Never trust other’s words in a whole manner. Never ignore other’s words as a whole. Differentiate the good and bad. Better discussion between a husband and wife makes the family-run in a peaceful way."
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Love alone has the power to overcome all difficulties in our life. When a husband and a wife both have strong hope, trust, love, and affection for them. Nobody can do anything between them. As a couple, they always have strong confidence and power to cross their hurdles in their life.
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In a husband and wife relationship when one of them is showing his anger and got tensed in an extreme manner. The other one’s patience alone calms the situation. Patience always wins life and the moment. Better understanding between a husband and wife leads to a better life.
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As a human, we have many kinds of emotions like anger, happiness, and sadness. Controlling and show casting the correct emotion in a place makes us a perfect person. But these emotions cannot control between a husband and wife relationship. That leads to both husband and wife to live without any hides between them.
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"Everyone is not getting married to their expectations, Everyone is not getting married to their dream characters, Everyone is not getting married to their loved ones, Anyhow let it be. Once we got married, we are having someone to shower and cherish love & care for us. We are having someone as our partner to live for us that always makes our life beautiful."
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When a husband and wife start to lead a normal life. By not showing more interest in sophistication and luxury lifestyle. There they start to lead a happy and peaceful life. Extreme expectations and desires on luxury always spoil family peacefulness.
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In a husband and wife relationship when one lost their patience. Another one’s patience alone makes the situation go in a finer way. Otherwise, the other one also starts to shoot up with anger for their partner’s actions. They are as both they start to lose their relationship.
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Who says you are your father's responsibility, you are my life and we are partners dear wife.
Husband wife quotes 50
I forgot the world around me, ever since you became my whole world.
Husband wife quotes 49
At sunrise everyone helps, when the evening falls and I am tired, only you are there to hold my hand.
Husband wife quotes 48
Your attractiveness drew me towards you, as if there's some gravitational force in you
Husband wife quotes 47
My life did not start with you, but it'll end only with you
Husband wife quotes 46
The age of love is not limited to the time, we are companions till the end of our life.
Husband wife quotes 45
I will be the door of the house for life, if you become a pillar and stick to me forever.
Husband wife quotes 44
Waiting for you brought me to this point, till yesterday you were in my heart, but today you are also in my life.
Husband wife quotes 43
Each moment we spend together is worth remembering, it's neither yours nor mine but ours.
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After you came into my life, I came to know that God can also be found on earth and in the life.
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Marriage is the way that you understand and provide love to your partner each day.
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I am expecting the love from you which will never change until death.
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My love for you will never end even if I die
Husband Wife Quotes 38
A man who knows what his girl like and a girl who knows what his man doesn’t like their life will be happy forever
Husband Wife Quotes 37
In a relationship, if the husband never give away his wife and wife never hides anything to her husband then the relationship is a like heaven
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There might be several relationships but for a man it’s his wife and for a girl it’s her husband. There is no relationship equals to this
Husband Wife Quotes 35
I got you without asking boon now I am asking boon that I need you forever to be together.
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