Unique, Best And Special Love Of Sister Quotes

Appreciate your family for their sacrifices to make you feel proud and happy - here are some sister quotes

Sister quotes

We have heard that ‘two heads are better than one’. How can a person have two heads right? It would mean a second person who will help you with better opinions and views on your ideas.

There is only one in the world who knows you better other than your mother, and that is your sister.

What it means to be a sister?

You are lucky friend! You have a sister. To be or to have a sister would mean to have a little guardian angel. Your sister is the most beautiful person you can ever describe of.

Your sister is the ultimate figure of understanding you.

Is your sister a second mother?

It seems like a funny question. Can anyone love you like your mother!? If so, it is your sister. Your sister alone can understand you like your mother or even better than your mother.

Fighting with your sister, teasing her, and pulling each others collar don’t really mater. What it when it comes to the matter of love? Mother, we would say is the ultimate form of love. Your sister is the absolute copy of this ultimate figure of love.

 The tiny ants we see, never leaves another ant in times of need, rather it joints their hands to eliminate the danger. Your sister could be one such tiny ant in your family.

She comes as a help when you are in difficulties, as solutions when you face problems, as a saviour in your loneliness. She knows you better, because ‘she sees through you’.

Your sister is actually a prodigal lady. Prodigal in loving you and being there for you in times of need. Tell and proclaim! Yes! She, she is my mother who lavishes her unconditional love on me, yes she makes me comfortable. She is my best friend ever.

Feels like sharing? Share it.

Is it so that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? If so, a sister in your life keeps your loneliness away! Why loneliness? You are happy when you are out of problems or bondage of tensing thoughts.

You are under depression and feels lonely when you’ve shared your feelings to non.

Your sister and only your sister is the best person to share your feelings. For she sees through you.

There is nothing like what to share and what not to share with our sister. Be open to her, and she will be the door to your happiness.

Share your funny moments and hard feelings with your sister. Wish her. “side by side or miles apart sister will always to connected by the heart”.

Be present on her birthdays and tell her that you love her. It would be the wonderful gift ever you could give her. You are lucky friend! You have a sister.

“In the cookies of life sisters are chocolate chips”. Be a good brother to your sister. And be the most beautiful sister to your siblings.

Short sister are like daughter to the elder one and also like friend. Through the love from the heart bond each other and share everything in their life. Short sister with brothers are always naughty and do many naughty things. Brothers are often teasing their sisters but they are supportive in all the problems. Inside the brothers are having a lot of affections.


A sister is often called as the second mother.She is just an amazing being that one can have.She will be always there for any help.She cares for you and your needs.No matter how many time you hurt her she will never hate you .She compromises her share only for you .She is the best.Never ever let your sister down.


she who birth after me even follows my voice quarrels for her belongs i lose everything for her she never stressed me calls me anna i freezes like ice shares her food for me lies to save me to my parents admits me to keep my love keeping it secret to my parents calling my lady love anne she likes me than my parents.


Hi Good morning "Sister". Which of this u work happy now and enjoy the work sister my family is fine.


That day is so much fun, let's begin that we lots of happiness, you are the one who always with me at any circumstances. Today let's Mel's it most memorable one with having some one like you are the true angel that makes so much fun wish a very Happy birthday sister with your brother handsome . and make that day is beautiful one


Sister relation is very deferent from other relation we can realise Elder sister is second mother younger sister is first daughter of Elder sister. sisters share there food, share there happy, angry, love there share there life each other. It is holy relation!!!


a best friend of my life a best supporter of my life with you every thing is looks perfect with you you never ever heart me the memories with you are awesome and always zeal and enthusiasm you are doing me who always with me to fight any kind of enemy my life is nothing with you you are the precious stone if my life good day and have a nice life my sister


There should be lots of love and affection for sisters in the family. The advises of the sisters are helpful in clearing the crisis. The sisters can provide us solutions of various problems. The presence of sisters will provide us the complete satisfactions in the life and we can live a happier life. The place of sister is one the highest in the family.


Through the love from the heart bond each other and share everything in their life. Short sister with brothers are always naughty and do many naughty things. Short sister is like a daughter to the elder one and also like a friend.


Sisters are the best people in the world. You can be yourself with them and they will just love you the way you are. Sister is a true friend, guide and philosopher. Cheers to all sisters.


When you are having a sister is great you can share anything with her and enjoy life with great pleasure. It is very much necessary that one should have siblings and enjoy chatting with them.


Siblings are very important. Ask a person who is not having siblings. You can share with your siblings your thoughts and clothes and your views and ideas.


Sisters are best friends ever , everyone must blessed to have sisters.They show us what is life is. " Sisters relationship are best ever They never go far" .


If you don't have any sister to teach you respect, then make one and respect her as your own.


Only person who can take care of a boy after his mother is his sister because they have a golden heart full of love.


Sisters are very important for each other's company. If you are having sister than you can enjoy sibling rivalry and which is good.