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Appreciate your family for their sacrifices to make you feel proud and happy - here are some wife quotes

Wife quotes 

Who is called a wife?

A wife is a man's life partner, bounded through a marriage. Everything in life was given by the great almighty, family and relatives, we only got to choose our friends and life partners.

A wife is sometimes a wife, sometimes a best friend, sometimes your parents. She plays every role of support in a man's life. She cares and loves the man with all her heart.

She is always there to support and encourage you. She is always with you even when you are descending in your life or career. She tries her best to stay with you, even if she has to give everything up for you.

She is no less than a human support system either. Check out our amazing Love my wife quotes to express your love to your wife. 

Responsibilities of a wife

A wife is not only a wife but a human who can play every role to support and love you. The responsibilities of the wife are huge.

From taking care of you and your family it extends to giving birth to your child and taking care of the house even if she is working. Anniversary quotes about wife can actually make your wife happy.

Husband usually tends to forget their anniversaries due to work pressure and stress. Using such quotes is an easy method to impress your wife. Wife quotes for birthday can be used on her birthday along with a cute present for her. It will definitely win her heart. 

Wife - Second mother

Like said, a wife is everything a man needs. She is also no less than being a second mother. She takes care of you like your mother and lives for you.

A mother is the one person every man loves. And your wife becomes the next person for the same reason. It's because, they can not be replaced, ever. No other human can support you like they do.

Nobody would even care to love you like them. Those two humans are the real-life goddesses of a man. 

Also, check out our other quotes on Wife quotes for husband. It would be of even more help to impress and show your support in her life.


baby sirisha

2019-11-06 17:38:23

In your life, only one girl who changes his name, her parents, her world and comes to light your life.. So don't make her sad and hurt... They are real angles in your life...


baby sirisha

2019-12-04 17:35:44

Wife is the second mother for every husband, you great her good, she will treat you like a god,


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-05 21:34:18

Wife always take care of family not only husband but whole family. It is very important to have such type of wife who take care of everyone.


Khaja Osman mohiuddin

2020-02-29 23:39:44

Wife are the precious aspect of life they leave their own dad palace and come to another palace to live the life always respect your wife.



2020-03-17 15:56:11

Wife is always a special person they leave their family only to comfort their husband's family , they sacrifice a lot . " As a wife, a mother, a daughter in law in all this form she excels".



2020-05-20 16:49:24

Wife is the one who sacrifice all the things to their family , even her freedom and happiness everything. " without wife life will be meaningless they create meaning to life ".



2021-02-06 19:19:21

Wives are the major reason for the success story of every men out there.


Abdul wasi siddique

2021-02-17 14:18:42

When she is with you, you don't need anyone else, when when she is not with you no one else can take her place, she is "WIFE".


Abdul wasi siddique

2021-02-17 14:20:22

Love her respect her provide her all the things which she need, because she is the most special girl in your life, she is the women who can fight with the whole world only for you, she gives you comfort and take all the pain, she is "WIFE".



2021-04-10 18:07:02

Wife is someone who enter in your life and makes your life meaningful


Pradipta Dhar

2021-04-29 21:44:17

For my entire life I have consistently done what my heart advised me to. I wouldn't have it some other way since it drove me to you.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-04-29 22:05:24

Glad is the one who tracks down a genuine companion, and far more joyful is he who tracks down that genuine companion in his better half.



2021-05-01 22:45:28

Wife is the person who will bring joy to your life & be there through thick & thin. Cherish her !


Aakriti Misra

2021-05-07 16:51:47

A wife not only looks after her husband and children, she is like a thread between two families. She is someone who holds everyone together with her love and care.



2021-05-11 19:49:49

My wife is second mother to me ! Only a man gives someone the opportunity to my wife . Respect his wife when he tells everyone that she is my wife, And I will not tolerate any abuse on her, and my wife, As such, it is everyone's duty to do so.. If he is honored, no one will have the opportunity to be his wife, Could insult, The man himself will respect his wife Have gone...


Deekshitha Reddy

2021-05-13 11:53:43

You may not beautiful with your looks to the world but your an angel of my life and a magic box for all my happiness and hard times.



2021-05-17 22:37:18

When a girl turns into a wife, she gives the man many relationships in a single form. That is the speciality of a wife.



2021-05-20 20:16:10

The next womb of a man will only be his wife's heart. She takes care of him more than her womb. Love your wife.



2021-05-31 23:10:14

I don't need your past what happened with out Me. Now You came near Me and For Me That's what i want. so Don't Think About your Past Because I am There For Your happiness. I love you means I love your past as well.



2021-06-08 17:31:39

Dear wife happy to have you in my life.your presence is a gift to lift my happiness and success of my journey. I wish you know that I just love you dear.



2021-06-12 09:04:27

She has to be the one to show the way I will travel despite the desert. She must be the one who dreams of sleeping peacefully under mosquito bites. I will work hard and wait for her to be paid. I will live even in poverty if she is the "life partner". My wife !!



2021-06-18 23:48:31

Husband and relationship is a precious one. A perfect match of both pair the life is a heaven



2021-06-21 19:07:30

You are my wife and better half. I love you dear as you are my soulmate.i start my day with your smile and it goes so well lead to success.



2021-06-23 19:28:59

Your wife should be like that, she should look like a thousand people, but she should not be in the mood for it...! When I say that your wife should have a permanent job with a good salary, then I should see her at home. Even your wife should be a tiger for her brave work. In front of me, she should be a poor cow...! Your wife should be clever, wise, proud, humble, but her neck should be below me...! Your wife should be happy and always smiling, but she shouldn't be angry with me...! Your wife should be calm and serious, but she should not react to my childishness...! Your wife should be so frugal, but she should never criticize my extravagance...! Your wife should be an ideal housewife, but she should not complain about my weakness...! Your wife should be a cultured mother, but my abandoned behavior should not cast a shadow over the children...! She should be your wife, she shouldn't look beyond me, but she should never mind looking out of the window....!