Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Betrayal Quotes

We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this betrayal quotes

Betrayal Quotes

Betrayal is the best lesson given by our friends.

What is betrayal means?

Betrayal means something which it hurts us deeply. Treating someone good In front of them and doing ill behind their back is called as betrayal.

Cheating someone behind their back and act too good in front of them is known as betrayal. Doing something very bad against one is also known as betrayal.

Genesis 12:3,

" I will bless you those bless you, whoever Curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you".

From these verses we came to know that God will be with us when no one is with us. If someone betrays you don't worry God will do something good for you.

Betrayal in a friendship?

Often it happens in friendship, because they become so close to us. Later, they believe someone and betray us.

We can accept betrayals but it depends on who betrayed us If it is our friend.

One of the best gifts they could give us. Because they cannot become close as before. This is the best thing in betrayal. 

"I never thought that he/she will be the person whom from the first betrayed me".

Always enemies are better than the one who is ready to betray you at any time. So betrayal from friends are the unexpected one.

We would never have thought that this person will become and that's why she is my best friend.

How to face betrayal?

To face betrayal is not the easiest job but we have to face that. Because at any situation we can be cheated by anyone.

One simple thing is not to trust anyone that much.

Don't give so much space to anyone than your parents. Because parents are the ones who won't betray you at any point.

Face betrayal with smiling face because no one will stay with you after your betrayal. So only your smile can cure you no matter what happens.

To avoid betrayal you shouldn't tell your feelings to anyone than parents.

"Betrayal doesn't hurt me more than you, because I trusted you blindly but the only surprise I received from you is betrayal".

There is also something good in betrayal because they taught us how to handle people like them.

Whatever happens at sometime people will surely betray you. So don't trust anyone and believe those words because betrayals comes from trusting.

Betrayal is the last opportunity to make sure that your selection of a person is wrong.

Betrayal Quotes

When we experience a lot of betrayal in life our heart comes to a point that ‘we don’t want anything more in this life'
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Don’t keep faith in anyone either you will be thrown away or will be betrayed.
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Even if you give your heart a traitor will stab you on your back.
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I don’t want any relationship which gives pain. I am Ok with this loneliness which consoles me.
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Doing betrayal is equal to murder. Don’t ever do it.
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It is not smart to betray a person who trusts you.
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Life gives you the best lesson through betrayal. Learn from it.
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Never betray a person who trusts you more than you trust yourself.
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Waiting, waiting and waiting for my love finally I got a gift known as 'betrayal'.
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When it comes to know that all the love they showed is fake, the days spent together become meaningless.
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