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We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this blessed quotes

Blessed Quotes

When we accept by faith God’s presence in our lives, it is a blessing of happiness. Not only does God delights in blessing us, but He wants to give a blessing that exceeds our expectations.

Indeed, in Christ, "God has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing". Blessing quotes

What is a blessing?

When we are content with what we have in life blessing comes easily. Being rich and having all the material comforts are necessary to lead a comfortable life but it may elude you being at peace with yourself. Rich are those who count the blessings bestowed on them from the God almighty. 

If we count our blessings our sufferings recede into the background. We get strength and peace of mind to think and act rationally. We then can see the door which opens for us to walk ahead to better heights after one door has closed.

When do we feel blessed?

Life has many ups and downs, but in any given situation if we analyze what we possess instead of what we have lost, we will realize that God loves us and despite such hard days HIS blessings are with us.

Having faith in these blessings of God is what attracts more blessings in our life. Quotes for being thankful for blessings

"Count your blessings, not your problems". 

Write your sorrows in the sand but your blessings on stones. Remember, God showered his blessings abundantly and He has also blessed us with peace of mind even when things seem chaotic and unfair.

To be alive, healthy and to be with loved ones surrounded are the greatest blessings of God. Blessing takes the form of parents, friends, and teachers. We should always be happy with what we have and blessing is how we take it.

Every single day is a blessing right from waking up in the morning, having shelter and food. We should also be thankful for the sunlight and for the rain, trees and we must be thankful for every single thing that we own. Quotes on God's Blessings

Science - A blessing

Science is one of the greatest blessings to modern life. Ours is the age of science, Science is making impossible things possible. Is has controlled nature. Science has given us machines.

It has brought a great revolution in agriculture, Railways trains, motor cars, and airplanes take us to all parts of the world. No sphere of human activity touched science. It has affected not only the physical conditions of existence but even the thinking of man.

The mind of a modern man is a scientific mind and refuses to believe anything that is not proved beyond doubt. Electricity is another boon to mankind. It lights our houses, cook our food and clean our houses. 

It has invented cinema, television is also the modern product of science we can hear sweet music and see pictures. Science has lessened human suffering. Science as blessings Quotes.

The role of science, though not as great as it should have been, is satisfactory on the lives of humankind in general. However, it is strongly felt that if the states could assign a greater amount of their revenues on the study and research of science, the world is even converted into a worth seeing and worth living place.

The blessings of science are countless. While praising science we have to remember that it is with the grace of God Almighty that man has been able to discover several benefits of nature through science. Therefore, Science is also one of the biggest blessings to mankind. Short Blessing Quotes.

Blessed Quotes

Your smile is a blessing, it lights up my mood each time I see it.
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Blessed are the minds that’s flexible enough to bend with the change of time.
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Every new day is blessed with new opportunities, new struggles... new happiness.
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Life isn’t easy but to do beyond comprehension is a blessing.
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We are blessed because we’re mortals; wouldn’t it be dreadful to roam in this deranged world for eternity!!
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Every second we live is a blessing because the previous could’ve been our last.
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It was a Sunday of May, and the sun shone brightly upon the lake by the pathway, the maple leaves whistled, and suddenly I felt blessed.
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Blessed are the forgetful in this world filled with sad memories.
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How blessed one is to be who he is among all these people in the world.
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We should work patiently to count the blessings of success.
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