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Dream Quotes 

What is a dream ?

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, although they have been a topic of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history.

How dreams come true ?

Basically dreams doesn't happen , It usually goes like this. You have a dream.

You may dismiss it but a day or week pass by, and you find the exact dream happening before your eyes in real life.

You may dismiss some of these dreams as mere coincidences, but some are so accurate and improbable that you cannot help but wonder if the true nature of time and your mind are closely coupled.

While often confused the concept of seeing or feeling something that you previously experienced in a dream is a phenomena called already dreamed .

How to pursue our dreams ?

1. Some people throttle their potential by refusing to think "what if?" and ignoring what's truly important to them in life. You have to start dreaming before you can achieve anything.

2. Fear is a limiting factor, and it's present in all of us, but moving past that fear is essential for success.

3. The moment you believe you can't do it, everything else begins to crumble. Never stop believing.

4. Any people convince themselves they'll have time for their dreams in the future--but there's never a better time than now. Make time for your dreams.

5. If your dreams are big, people will mock you for them. Forget those people; they will not help you succeed.

6. Our dreams are often at odds with our realities, demanding freedoms and resources we may not have. But this doesn't make them impossible to achieve.

7. Persistence is much of what separates the successful from the pure wishful thinkers. Distinguish yourself by staying motivated even in the toughest of circumstances.

8. This is the realization that fuels most people to follow their dreams relentlessly. Staying complacent never led anybody to greatness.

9. You can't follow your dreams at a leisurely pace. You need to give them 100 percent of your effort if you want to achieve them.

10. Following your dreams is an exhausting, draining effort--but the rewards are well worth it all.

11. Ignore everybody who tries to tell you what to do or think. Follow your own instincts and goals.

12. It's easy to get lost in thinking only about the challenges and obstacles before you. Instead, think only about your ultimate destination.

13. This quote may be a bit extreme, but it carries a great point; your dreams define you. If you abandon them, what else could possibly motivate you?

14. Every milestone is a miniature victory in the road to achieving your goals. Don't neglect or underestimate them.

15. In some cases, failure is inevitable. Don't let that stop you from starting something new.Be sure to consult this list the next time you feel challenged or disillusioned in the pursuit of your dreams.

By adopting the perspectives of people who have already achieved their dreams, you can wrap your mind around the challenges you face in your own life, and remain resolved in accomplishing your goals.

Dream Quotes

Dreams are not just to enjoy at night but make your nights sleepless to make it true.
Dream Quotes 30
Fulfilling your career dreams take time because a ripen mango is tastier than raw mango
Dream Quotes 29
Don’t stick to one dream if not achieving it, make a new dream and start working on it because it’s never too late
Dream Quotes 28
Successful people are able to fill the gap between dreams and reality, only because of positive thinking, hardwork and determination.
Dream Quotes 27
You are dreaming daily how to get gold and destiny has chosen a diamond for you, so never miss any opportunity.
Dream Quotes 26
Some dreams comes to give us lesson, if we understand its meaning, they will help in making our life like heaven
Dream Quotes 25
Dreams of success gives you temporary pleasure, then why not to achieve that also in reality to have permanent pleasure.
Dream Quotes 24
If you dream big, you will find ways to make it possible, but if you dream small, you will end up getting that much only.
Dream Quotes 23
Day dreaming is habbit of lazy and unemployed, because hardworking people don’t have time for that
Dream Quotes 22
Planning and its execution, both are necessary to make your dream comes true.
Dream Quotes 21
If you are not working hard for your dream, sure it remains as a dream in your life.
Dream Quotes 20
I never want to face some situations in life. I don't even want to face them in my dreams too.
Dream Quotes 19
Do not halt your dreaming. Because any one of the dreams will give the right path to reach your success
Dream Quotes 18
If your dream comes true in your life, then what next? Again start dreaming for your next achievement
Dream Quotes 17
Don't say I have no dreams and goals. Even a blind person can have dreams and faces a lot of struggles to achieve his dreams.
Dream Quotes 16
Chase your dreams everyday . One day success will follow you by breaking all the hindrances you faced.
Dream Quotes 15
If your dream wants to make successful sounds in your life, then you should work hard with determination.
Dream Quotes 14
If the present situation is not good, go to sleep and start dreaming. If you dream about the happiest moment, it makes you feel relaxed.
Dream Quotes 13
We can't remember night dreams that much. If we can try to make them real, we always remember.
Dream Quotes 12
Always dream big. One day your dream comes real and you celebrate the dream as a big day.
Dream Quotes 11
Dear besties, live your life with dreams Not with deadly sins Have a love for dreams and Let the dreams to beauty your world
dream quotes 10
You can lose your age, time, wealth, health And whatever you have in life But the dreams are the one That lasts in you till the end
dream quotes 9
If you are able to find your dream Then you are the lucky person My dear friends, keep on searching Your dream to escape from loneliness
dream quotes 8
The Dream is the only magic In everyone’s life to deal with An only dream can give many surprises Like an artist of a masterpiece
dream quotes 7
Don’t take fear as your weakness Because fear makes you lose Take dream as your weakness Dream leads you to the goal
dream quotes 6
You can make your life It to be interesting when You formulate your dreams To come true as a destination
dream quotes 5
Dream is the only source That can bring you to the sky With the wings of imagination
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