Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Failure Quotes

We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this failure quotes

Failure Quotes

I won't mind if they reject me because of my failure.

What is failure?

Failure comes to you when you fail to achieve something.

Failure also a lesson to your life which it comes from pain. When we try to attain success if there is not enough hard work failure will visit you as a temporary one.

Everything is in your hand you have to decide that you want that or you couldn't afford it. Failure will make you stronger than winning. Winning is just for sometime but failing once is forever which it helps you to have desirable results in your life.

Failure is trying something after we don't get that thing.

Failure is the best motivator to become a successful person in life. There is no one achieved every big thing without failing so failure is necessary to live our life.

Unless we don't fail we don't know the value of what we had and what we will have in the upcoming days.

Failure makes you to feel depressed and it will push you to the corner of the bridge but falling is not a problem getting up matters a lot.

 "Love failure is not at all a failure people will reject when you are good looking".

"Failure is like a paying  guest which it comes to you and stay with you for some time and it will repay you for what you have done".

How to face failures in life?

Facing failure is not the toughest thing in the world it is just the will power which encourages you to improve you. Whenever you get failed no problem it is about the will power which it holds you to the success path.

Failures are just cycle test which it tests your determination to get achieved something. Facing Failures is not that hard it is all about two things one is HARD WORK and another one is SMART WORK.

These two things will help you to feel better and pave the way to your dream. Once you failed you will know how to face it in a good and in a better way. So failing in something will teach so many things in your life.

"I tried once and failed once but those things shattered my dreams so again I tried and acquired what u need".

When I lost you I failed in everything and now I became a failure.

Failure is not a temporary one because after so many years I got you back. Nothing is permanent in this world my failures also won't last long. I learnt how to face my failures in my life.

Failure is a lesson

Failure is also a lesson for life because we get bored of victory for some relaxation failure is must. Loving someone whom they won't love you back is also a failure it seems to be.

Lessons are there to guide you in a good way and helps you to fulfill your dreams. When it comes to failure it plays a prominent role because failure and lessons are the best partners of our success.

Learning lessons from failures will sort out every problem in your life.

Failure are considered to be good happenings because when you succeed you don't value it but when you fail you will learn what is this and what is that.

Failing is not a crime it motivates you to gain a successful life.  Failure won't happen until you participate, winning or losing doesn't matter but failure has its own consideration of success. 

Failure is the stepping stone of success so whatever happens don't ever quit and feel about it. Just try again and again to win your life.

Failure Quotes

The deeper you fall, the higher you bounce, if you have strong determination.
Failure Quotes 117
If you don’t give attention to failure, you will never achieve success.
Failure Quotes 116
Winners take failure as a companion, while losers take it as disappointment.
Failure Quotes 115
Failure gives the opportunities to glow through you uniqueness.
Failure Quotes 114
If we compare our darkness of life to failure, remember that the full moon night has its own glory.
Failure Quotes 113
A man can be judged by the times he failed, rather than his success.
Failure Quotes 112
Own the courage; failure can be overtaken by it.
Failure Quotes 111
The reality of life is failure; success is like a beautiful dream. Learn to deal with it.
Failure Quotes 110
When failure hits you, accept the reality. If you run away it will follow you till the end.
Failure Quotes 109
The beauty of the mountains lies on the ups and downs, so as the life.
Failure Quotes 108
Failure is acceptable, but if you don’t try again, it is not acceptable.
Failure Quotes 107
You gave you cent percent, but you failed. Remember warriors don’t give up.
Failure Quotes 106
Failure is the gate, where your capabilities are being checked.
Failure Quotes 105
Though success gives you happiness but failure gives you lessons through which others can also be benefited.
Failure Quotes 104
In the journey of success one has to step down for a while, it’s not failure, it is a preparation.
Failure Quotes 103
The soul is unknown to the word of failure; it is just an appearance in this phenomenal world.
Failure Quotes 102
Our life knows no failure; it does only exist in our mind, which expects.
Failure Quotes 101
Success is like the sweet wrapped by the failure.
Failure Quotes 100
The treasure of failure is not affordable for everyone, only few own it.
Failure Quotes 99
Failure is a powerful weapon which can use only by the peoples who owns strong wisdom.
Failure Quotes 98
Remember that success is a journey and failure is the path.
Failure Quotes 97
Read the book of failure, than the success, if one really wants to succeed.
Failure Quotes 96
Failure can’t be the center of one’s life; it’s just a small dot of vibe.
Failure Quotes 95
Sometimes failure reveals the face of the peoples around you, which is good.
Failure Quotes 94
Only a failure knows what the true meaning of success is.
Failure Quotes 93
Failure is not the end of progress; it is the first step to the path of success.
Failure Quotes 92
Every time you failed, each time you get the treasure of experience.
Failure Quotes 91