Best And Unique Heart Wrenching Feeling Sad Quotes

We should be thankful to god for the life that we have now, check out this best feeling sad quotes

Feeling sad quotes

"Feeling sad for someone who doesn't care about me is very bad.''

When do we feel bad?

We feel sad when things happens opposite to our expectations. Often we feel sad because our heart won't stop expecting.

By expecting love and care from others makes us feel very sad. Because no one loves you and cares for you as you do to them.

 No matter what the problem is the only solution we will see at the end the is feeling sad.

They don't even care about our hurtings and pain.

Loving someone truly will definitely makes you to feel sad. Because too much of love for the other person is also makes you feel very sad.

When you get avoided from the one whom you love will also makes you to feel bad.

"Loving truly is not my mistake but loving you is the mistake, till now I feel bad".

How to move on from the sad feeling?

To move on from sad feelings, you have to change your mindset first.

You should not trust everyone you see because some stay in touch. But some leaves you in the middle of the sea, no matter how much you love them.

It is all about their own perspective of a person. So loving someone lesser amount will help you to move away from sadness.

Not everyone is needed to be good to you, some will play a game with you.

And some will play with your feelings. So feelings don't have a regular basis and place.

So whatever happens you have to move on from sad feeling. Because no one is going to live your life so moving from sad feeling is the best way for you success.

Sad feelings makes us sick.

Surely feeling sad will make you to fall sick. Because when you feel very sad you won't have your food correctly. You keep on thinking about it for a long time.

Surely feeling sad will make you cry, all your energy will be drowned. Later, you get a headache which it becomes a migraine. This causes you to feel lonely and fever catches you. And at last you fall sick.

Whatever happens to you, you won't feel bad after your first pain. So don't feel bad because it causes you to fall sick often.

Feeling Sad Quotes

I never thought that the love can break me down so deeply that I will forget to smile.
Feeling Sad quotes 40
It's very difficult when your heart cries from inside yet you have to put a smile on your lips
Feeling Sad quotes 39
I don't know I am the lamp of which court, Everyone come to lit me and go away.
Feeling Sad quotes 38
The tears that cannot fall down from eyes, give pain very much
Feeling Sad quotes 37
If faces may change that's no matter but If tone is change then it hurts a lot.
Feeling Sad quotes 36
I feel like I am waiting for something, That is not going to be happen.
Feeling Sad quotes 35
I have not nature of being quiet, Just my pain has made me silent.
Feeling Sad quotes 34
How can live alone, some people just come to teach us this, make us alone and go.
Feeling Sad quotes 33
Her upset face make me more sad than any other pain in the world
Feeling Sad quotes 32
All time a strange punishment is get to me, How I ask "what's my fault"?
Feeling Sad quotes 31
The time a relationship leaves, challenging to give up Not fail to remember the commitment
Feeling Sad quotes 30
At least realize the tragedies around you or elseYou can’t even realize the sadness in your heart
Feeling Sad quotes 29
The bitterness flies and the tears run away The distress of heart can’t be known by anybody
Feeling Sad quotes 28
I can’t take my heart’s commitment from sadness That engages my heart when all left me lonely
Feeling Sad quotes 27
I am not negative and feeling sad because of sadness But I am capable to lift the sadness on me
Feeling Sad quotes 26
Hey pity sadness, why can’t you leave me alone When all others relationships let me alone with you
Feeling Sad quotes 25
Life is the only extreme where I feel my love for sadness So life is unbreakable to the point that you can scarcely relax
Feeling Sad quotes 24
There won’t be any vacancy in my heart You know my heart is fully employed with sadness
Feeling Sad quotes 23
Sadness never leaves me because sadness is The only thing that loves me more than anybody
Feeling Sad quotes 22
Sadness makes it miserable to feel that so cheerful in adoration But so despondent when my love is far
Feeling Sad quotes 21
Those people become very strong, who have nothing left to lose..
feeling sad quotes 20
When a person breaks from inside, he becomes silent from outside..
feeling sad quotes 19
No one belongs to anyone in the world, when the heart is full, people stop remembering..
feeling sad quotes 18
If the relationship is deepened by bowing, then bow down, but every time you have to bow down, then stop.
feeling sad quotes 17
Achieving whatever you want in life, just take care that the way to your destination should never pass by breaking people's hearts.
feeling sad quotes 16
When a man learns to walk alone, then he has understood the world.
feeling sad quotes 15
People are settled with great love in the heart But they leave by breaking hearts.
feeling sad quotes 14