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We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this hope quotes

Hope Quotes

The Last Hope To Survive, Hope

"An athlete who wins the medal at the last minute, had Hope.

A student who finished the exam in the last five  inutes, had Hope.

A doctor who saved a dying patient, had Hope. A poet who became notorious during his last days, had hope."

What is a Hope?

Hope is last motivation and encouragement to ourselves. It is the extreme end of all journey.

When a person has no one on his side for a support, he would definitely hunt for a last thing he can do. That hunt is known as Hope.

Hope builds strength into the person. It is a self motivation. When no one else encourages, he himself would hope for the best.

If he finds a shoulder, the Hope will be stuffed into him.

"When you are broken, Weak, Empty And down Do not worry. Gain confidence And walk. That is Hope"

How to get Hope in life?

Hope is like air. It is important for the survival. When you lose everything in your life, you live because of the air you breath. In the same way, Hope will circulate inside you. 

Few people need their loved ones on their side for Hope and few need a lonely walk. It is up to the person.

When a person is completely down, he has to motivate himself and make him realise that nothing has gone wrong, things can be changed every now and then and he must have Hope for changing the things.

"When nothing goes right, Take left. Carve your own destiny. Place your footprint happily.

Hope in a relationship-h3

"Fight and get apart For a while. Have a Hope And join back. Stay together Forever."

A relationship is like a sapling growing.

A relationship does not grow thick and strong in the very beginning. It remains tender and soft. If it feels sorry for its outlook and structure, it will never grow.It has hope on it. That is the reason for its bright and healthy future.

In every situation and circumstance Hope should be deeply rooted within the persons.

No matter what changes and what happens, they must have a hope for rectifying things and solving matters.

"Look at her Have a Hope She would smile at you. Smile at her Have a Hope She would propose you"

The hopes in the life must be very high. We must hope that our life will be happier and peaceful. The hopes keep us intact even in most difficult situations but if we leave hope than our life will will not be able to resist and than it will be difficult to recover. The hopes some times bring miracle in the life.


The hopes in the life must be very higher. We must have higher hopes in the life as hopes provide us a means to fight in the terrible situations in the life. The good hopes are the key to live a peaceful life. The hopes can be some time very dim and we must try to raise our hopes.


The hopes are very useful for getting relief from the daily strained life. The hopes are some times the only resort to face difficult situations in life. The hopes pacify the anger and is helpful in settling the disputes. The lack of hopes is a very bad situation and then we will not be able to recover.


One should never loose hopes for anything, you have to try again and again to fulfill your goal and your goals should not like you can't achieve it. As per your capabilities you can hope and if you hope than try to achieve it.


Have hope for betterment. Never give up for anything. Hope for the best and try again and again for betterment of life.


The best results comes after the hard work. So hope good and good results will get.


Never give up hopes and always try to achieve goals. It is very nice to gain good result of what we are doing. Never misunderstood any matter.


Never give up hopes and always think positive. It is very important to remain calm down and never get irritated about anything.


Never lose hopes in life and work hard for getting what you want. It is very important that you hope for the good result after working on it.


If the situation is bad, just remember only in dark the stars are bright. Always hope well.


Not to lose hope and always be positive it is very good for everyone so enjoy life with good feeling and enjoy life with great pleasure.


Never leave hope and enjoy life with great pleasure. It is very important for everyone to live with some hope in life. Hope built a good personality and you can face anything which comes in life.


Everything based on hope. Never give up for any matter. Enjoy with whatever you are having. It is your hope that help you in getting positive results.


It was not known that it was only a one-sided love and when I came to know it hurt me a lot and at that time I was not able to understand it and felt too much.


Hoping for something is the best policy but you need to pray to get it fast in your life so don't lose hope in you pray and wait for the reward.


The hope and happiness are very essential part of the life. The hopes must be there to pacify our some of the absurd desires and we must manage the hopes in proper manner. The hopes can be fulfilled if we live happily and do lots of hard work.


A little thought about life experiences can put a fence around the next problem!