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We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this memories quotes


Holding on to memories is important because it gives us nostalgic feeling, it reminds us of the good times spent with our dear and near ones lovely memories are school memories and college days the lovely times spend with our love.

And we would never like to erase them from our minds because it gives the feeling of being loved, cared for our being valued.  Memories are feeling that never change even the people change! We should always love with revile moments.

What is Memories?

Memories are the faculty of the brain by which data or information is encoded, stored, and retrieved when needed. 

Memories often understood the information processing system with explicit and implicit functioning that is made by a sensory processor, short-term memory and long-term memory.

And it is not a perfect processor and affected by many factors.  The ways by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved can all be corrupted.

The amount of attention given new stimuli can diminish the amount of information encoded for storage. Finally, the retrieval of information from long-term memory can be distributed because of decay within long-term memory.

How to create Good Memories?

The human brain has an astonishing ability to adapt and change even into the golden days.  You can harness the natural power of neuroplasticity to increase congestive abilities, to learn new information and also improve your memory of any age. 

While mental exercise is important for brain health, that doesn’t mean you never need to break a sweat. Physical exercise helps your brain stay sharp.  Humans are highly social animals.

We’re not mean to survive, let alone thrive in isolation. The relationship our simulate our brain—in fact, interacting with others may provide the best kind of brain exercise.

How memories help in getting happiness?

In one study, simply recalling a memory made people feel more certain support of their friends.  In short, nostalgia can make us feel happier, increase our self-confidence, and make us feel closer to the people around us. 

Happiness is human emotion which is not so prevalent in modern society. In my opinion, true happiness is from the bottom of one’s own heart can improve memory.

Memories Quotes

And everything can be taken away, but memories cannot be taken away from anyone.
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Memories are the cure for loneliness, Memories are laughable, When there is nothing to say, then only special memories are near.
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If this place was made of memories, then the house of the most beautiful memories would be mine.
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Learn to steal some beautiful moments from life. That moment will become a memory and force you to move on in life..
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When you make even negative memories your strength, then nothing is impossible for you.
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Memories sometimes bring tears to our eyes, sometimes they bring happiness to our faces.
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The one who has found his love has a treasure trove of good memories.
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When bad memories start bothering you, associate yourself with a good memory. After a few days the effect of bad memories will subside..
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Without memories there will be no taste in life..
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The one who has found his love has a treasure trove of good memories..
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It takes a long time to forget bad memories, while good memories are rarely remembered.
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Some bad memories are essential To make you more Realistic.
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The most lovely memory is created in childhood, It is full of naughtiness.
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Sometimes, I wish I could be in the past and enjoy live memories.
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The most tremendous treasure we have is "Memory". No one can steal it.
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In difficult times remember your sweet memories, It can heal your soul.
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Memories cannot be changed, But it can change your mood.
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Memories are like Best Friends, They never go away from you.
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The sweetest memory is that which brings a lovely smile on your face.
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Sometimes when we feel alone, Then memories becomes our partner.
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Memories are the lovely things in life, When we remember them we lost.
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