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We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this revenge quotes

Revenge quotes

"Not taking to imitate or irritate I just make you feel how I felt" -Revenge

What is meant by Revenge?

Sometimes taking revenge moves on with silence and with a smile.

Revenge is nothing but the worst feeling that we faced by our own kith and kin. When someone unexpectedly got hurt by us and they react as that we done intentionally. It hurts us but some people are doing things intentionally so they react in a bad way that is called as revenge.  

Some people took revenge for showing that they are the best in front of family and friends.

People mostly took revenge because those words that were uttered by those trespassers which hurts them.

So they took revenge on them to prove that they are wrong  about that person.

R- Revenging one's

E- Evil thoughts

V- of vengeance

E- Either or

N- Never unforgettable experience

G- of Good thoughts

E- that Ends intentionally.

Is revenge ever justified ?

Revenge on someone gives a wonderful feeling of achieving something.

Yes, everyone justify their own thoughts on others and unexpected things of known person are justified as a crime for hurting them. So they used to take revenge on them and they say that they feel more relaxed.

Taking Revenge on someone gives something pleasure and happiness of something.

Revenge is always gives excuses and apologize to others but only a few accept their mistake and apologize but most of them take revenge.

While we take revenge it gives us feeling of achieving something in life.

Because often people dominate us and insult us for being what we are .

Sometimes they play with our own dreams and passion because they couldn't have dreams like that so we wish to take revenge on them.

Revenge is not a solution for any problem

Revenge is always cruel as blood but relief as painkiller.

Some say that revenge is not the solution for everything. But at times revenge was lighted by insult of someone in front of our family or friends.

Not everyone is taking revenge but taking revenge is some what helps to maintain self respect.

When self respect plays a role when it comes to revenge. But revenge is not the solution because when we took revenge it affects our own character or own traits.

So at some point taking revenge is good because taking revenge might help you to grow higher and higher.

Sometimes it is which affects our own space and true feelings.

There are so many solutions for taking revenge but inner feelings and thoughts won't accept until we hurt them in return because people always play in the feelings of the person.

Sometimes inner vengeance plays a role in between friends also.

Revenge Quotes

There is no such thing as justice, The very best one can expect is retribution
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Retaliation and revenge demand A long investment and it is the standard
revenge quotes 21
To get payback for yourself or your companions isn't Just a right, it's a flat out obligation
revenge quotes 20
One should take revenge not to hurt the enemy But to console the heart to heal it
revenge quotes 19
At the point when you start an excursion of vengeance, Begin by making two solutions for you and your for
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More stranded than darling's adoration is sweetheart's despise But in serious, in each, the injuries they make
revenge quotes 17
Everyone ought to excuse the opponent However not before the people got hurt but before
revenge quotes 16
Not excusing resembles intake rodent toxin And afterward trusting that the rodent will kick the bucket
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The best vengeance isn't to resemble the foe But it resemble how heart get hurt by it
revenge quotes 14
Vengeance is being the best piece to the mouth That at any point was fit to be eaten in damnation
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Stupid people try to revenge but wise people try to reach at ultimate.
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I will introduce my strength only when the matter is sky high.
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There is no joy of revenge but yes there is a joy of change ourself silently.
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Revenge is the only reason which keeps me alive every day.
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Make people shocked by your success not by revenge.
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It is not always good to revenge but it is not always good to forgive also.
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Smart people know when to play stupid.
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The best revenge is just forgetting that person with whom you want to take revenge.
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The day when you learn to live alone after that you don’t need to take revenge.
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Revenge is not the solution, always just let the karma do their work sometimes.
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Don’t react to others when they try to, behave according to what you wish is the best revenge.
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Keep silent when you are nothing but when you are in power make them all fire the way they treat you before.
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