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We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this self respect quotes


Self respect essential for every human being. when a person is born, throughout his life he develops a certain degree of self respect for himself. No one can teach him self-respect.

self-respect comes from within a person. He has to learn it for himself. Alfred Whitney Griswold put it best when he said ,

“Self respect cannot be hunted. It cannot be purchased. It is not for sale. It can never fabricated out of public relations.

It comes to us when we are alone, in quiet moments, in quiet place, we suddenly realize that, knowing the good, we have done it; knowing the beautiful, we have served it; knowing the truth, we have spoken it” . 

What is called self respect?

Self respect is defined as holding yourself in esteem and believing that you are good and worthy of being treated well.

An example of self respect is when you know you treated right and, you do not tolerate others lying to you or treating you unfairly. And to adjust your life and remove people from it if they are treating you properly .

Why self respect is important to us ?

Receiving respect from others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves. being respected by important people in our lives growing up teaches us how to respectful toward others.

Receiving respect from others is important because it helps us to feel safe and to express ourselves .

Places we should not consider about self respect ?

You have no control over what other people think about you. you only have control over how you respond to how they treat you. We all deserve and have a right to be respected.

There are many people in our lives that will attempt to disrespect us. They have their reason. The secret to a happy life is surround yourself with people that respect you .

Self Respect Quotes

Only those relationships are best, which has understanding, not a compromise with your self-respect
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Never put your self-respect on stake, neither to succeed, nor for any relation you make.
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If you depend on others for everything, it will do nothing but lower your self-esteem.
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You should get out from where you don't get respect, whether it's someone's heart or someone's place
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Everyone is a mirror in himself. People will respect you as much as you respect yourself.
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When it comes to your self-respect, you should now bow to any circumstance.
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My personality is beyond any test, I am only for those my value whoever understands.
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If you love your ego, so do I love my self-respect.
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A little strictness is necessary in your attitude, people would have drunk the sea if it was not salty
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There's no harm in bowing down, but don't bow your head so much that you fall down.
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Do protect your self-respect, but never hurt the self-respect of others
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Money can buy anything but not self-respect.
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There is a lack of self-respect in people who keep doing evils to others.
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The true meaning of self-respect is not to surrender in front of any trouble
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Self respect is not a thing which can be bought from shops, it has to be earned.
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Don't drop your status for anything, self-respect is everything.
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Without self-respect, you cannot progress in your life
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Self-respect should be like this, that while helping someone, always be ahead and when seeking help, always behind.
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It always hurts to live life by compromising your self-respect.
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Never give respect to the one who doesn't respect you. This is self-respect not arrogance.
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