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We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this selfish quotes

Selfish Quotes

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forget, I only exist when you need something.”

Being selfish is putting yourself at first. It is an act of considering self benefits as the primary thing and uses people only in need. 

Selfishness spoils a relationship

“Never be so selfish and go as far as hurting others just to get what you want.” - Cheryle sally 

Give me something and I’ll give back you something is called selfishness in a relationship. Even if it is love, give it as much as you can, without expecting it in return.

A good relationship is something where people share things with selflessness. Both of them must be loyal to each other and must stay out of being selfish.

If both of them are earning, they should make the expenses by sharing money. What is the point if one of the persons spends money and the other one saves it for his/her personal use? 

When the other person knows that you are acting selfishly, how will he/she feel? It will lead to the ending of the relationship too. So act selflessly to save any beautiful relationship.

How to avoid being selfish?

“Happiness does not come through selfishness, but through selflessness. Everything you do comes back around.”

Always practice to love people more than things. Stop giving priority to yourself and try to understand the feelings of others too.

People will be selfish when they can’t differentiate, what they need and what they want. What you need is the basic thing that you really need for your life. What you want is the act of selfishness to get someone’s basic needs. 

When you get criticism for any of your acts, accept it. Always be thankful to the people who helped you at tough times. 

If you are selfish and really need to avoid it, find more quotes on our website about selfishness and make yourself a better person.

Selfish people always stay alone

“Selfish people tend to only be good to themselves, they are surprised why they are alone.”

Who loves selfish people? None of us wants to stay close to anyone who is selfish. So when you find a selfish people living a sad life alone, it is their fate and karma for what they did to others.

When someone stays good to all people around him/her and thinks about the cause of others, that person will stay happy with lots of people around. 

So if you want to stay happy with many people around, stay selfless. If not, stay selfish and enjoy your own company. 

Selfish Quotes

Without selfishness, we don't even remember God.
Selfish quotes 46
Special identity of a selfish person Sweet tongue when it is meant, Bitter tongue when it is not meant
Selfish quotes 45
Mean people don't have to be identified, they automatically come in front when the time comes.
Selfish quotes 44
Selfish people will not have to find you, they will come looking for you
Selfish quotes 43
Even if you don't lose everything, don't use someone for selfishness.
Selfish quotes 42
May god give enemies but not selfish friends
Selfish quotes 41
The string of trust breaks very quickly, Selfish people leave their loved ones in the middle of the way
Selfish quotes 40
There is only parent in the selfish world who does everything for the children without any selfishness.
Selfish quotes 39
Selfish people spoiled someone else's life to make someone's life.
Selfish quotes 38
Selfish people first see the moon, then they see stains in the moon.
Selfish quotes 37
People have become so blind in selfishness that they have forgotten humanity
Selfish quotes 36
we weren't selfish just circumstances changed us
Selfish quotes 35
When someone betrays himself, the whole world looks selfish
Selfish quotes 34
Some people in life just follow you till their meaning is fulfilled.
Selfish quotes 33
Mean people are not with you but with your status.
Selfish quotes 32
Selfish people always pretend to be good ,they always spoil and mess your mood
Selfish quotes 31
Avoid selfish people from your surroundings because you would never accept their bonding.
Selfish quotes 30
Some mean people made such an impact on the world,Do not meet eyes even after saluting.
Selfish quotes 29
Not every beautiful face is as clear as glass, some are selfish too.
Selfish quotes 28
Selfish person should be tested on time,Doesn't leave even the dumb for no reason
Selfish quotes 27
A selfish person can be a Flourish but can never be cherish.
Selfish quotes 26
Selfishness separates a person from his loved ones.
Selfish quotes 25
I did not know that love is also done for selfishness!
Selfish quotes 24
A person should be selfish, but do not prove your selfishness by doing bad to anyone.
Selfish quotes 23
Life's precious experiences come only from selfish people
Selfish quotes 22
There is a special thing in selfish people, they consider everyone like themselves.
Selfish quotes 21
Selfish people can’t think for others, even their families.
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