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Understanding is a psychological process related to an abstract or physical object, such as a person, situation, or message wherever by one able to think about it and use concepts to deal adequately with that object.

In addition, understanding is the relationship between the knower and an object of understanding. Moreover, it implies abilities and dispositions with respect to an object of knowledge that is sufficient for intelligence behavior.

Understanding can overcome any situation, however mysterious or insurmountable it may appear to be.

What is called understanding?

Understanding is knowledge of the knower and an object. To repeat, it is often, though not always, related to learning concepts and sometimes also the theory of theories associated with those concepts.

However, a person may have a good ability to predict the behavior of an object, animal or system in their culture. They may have developed their own distinct concepts and theories, which may be equivalent, better or worse than the recognized standard concepts and theories of their culture.

Thus, understanding is correlated with the ability to make inferences. For example, one understands the weather if one is able to predict, one understands a language to the extent that one can reproduce the information in that language.

Why understanding is more important in relationships?

Understanding is important in a relationship because it is one of the top qualities of good relationships while understanding.

In addition, ten things that hold more importance in a relationship trust, honesty, respect, communication, loyalty, happiness, compromise, safety.

The key ingredients for any successful relationship are a willingness to trust in each other to communicate effectively, be able to apologize when we make mistakes and take responsibility for our own behavior to maintain a sense of humor and humility and above all to give each other and the relationship.

Similarly, communication with your partner is essential in an understanding relationship.

What happens if someone doesn't understand us?

Truth is many people will never understand you because there is so much diversity between people.

However, you can clarify your thoughts and feelings as succinctly as you can, there can be some unity of understanding.

In addition, the better way to express in clear terms, without any ambiguity, state what is the end results expected, ask the feedback from them, ask what they understood and confirm whether it matches your expected results are a way to explain the misunderstood people.

If people don't understand you, it means that your life and actions are far beyond their comprehension in this manner and you are better than them. It is very crucial to have positive thoughts that give you solace.

Finally, choose your company wisely. Be with people who understand you, and accept for you who you are. To conclude, if you cannot find such a company better stay alone, because that will provide you an opportunity to introspect, and will perform better.



2019-10-12 17:23:41

A good understanding of life is a higher attitude and it is helpful in living a prosperous life. A good understanding increases our mental strength and it makes us very intelligent. The good understanding is also useful in bringing peace and happiness in life. The better understanding makes us a highly knowledgeable person in life.


baby sirisha

2019-11-06 17:41:11

We are lucky who can understand our sorrow and silence in any situation. They are stars don't miss them..


baby sirisha

2019-11-25 14:43:45

Not always you understand every thing in life, be patients and be confident.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-26 11:36:11

Always live with understanding and enjoy life with great pleasure. If you live with understanding then it is very easy to live.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-28 07:47:57

With lots of understanding we can live better life. Have confidence in yourself and enjoy life with great understanding. Automatically you will get what you want.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-12-02 22:49:13

In life understanding of each other is very important. If you understand the situation and act accordingly. It's a very important living life with understanding.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-02 22:14:43

There must be a good understanding between two people. It is a basic requirements of the person. If you want that people understand you you have to also understand others.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-03 10:55:19

Understanding in family, in society is very important that way you can solve so many things. To understand issues which arise in family or in life if you understand than it will be good for everyone.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-12 19:37:41

To understand a person is very difficult and have faith in yourself and understand people and live life is much more difficult.



2020-05-02 00:24:58

Every path which gives instant hope, joy, laughter and love will definitely have an end.A dead end.


kaushal pande

2020-05-22 17:16:57

The understanding is the greater aspect of the life and it is helpful in living a comfortable life. The life understanding brings lots of clearance of doubts and it is helpful in continuation of life. The life some times looses understanding and we must be aware about it.



2020-08-23 11:58:44

Understanding is most important thing in life , misunderstanding leads to many conflicts . "Having clear thoughts makes to live with understanding".


Nisha Goyal

2020-12-29 20:18:14

Money can solve problems but there are side effects.


Shivani Rai

2021-02-06 11:28:03

I understand you for what you did but you never understand me that what i want from you


Khaja Imran mohiuddin

2021-02-11 14:56:39

understanding the feelings of others can always shower your knowledge, and mind of sense in the deeper way. understanding can make a relationship strong.


T Arulmozhi

2021-02-12 06:41:38

There may be a thousand people to call a relationship; But there must be someone to understand our feelings; Then only, the life we lived have a meaning.


Shivani Rai

2021-02-26 20:30:52

Make equal understanding between each other whether relationship works or not but make it understandable


Shivani Rai

2021-02-27 23:38:57

There should be no misunderstanding when two people have understanding between them


Shreesha Karanth

2021-03-16 23:26:08

Understanding is different from people to people. Understanding is different from mentality to mentality. Understanding is different from perspective to perspective.



2021-05-01 12:33:22

A device can send the message but not the feelings



2021-05-07 11:50:04

Whenever you feel inferior in meditation, then look at your loved ones, for the world you are nothing but for the loved ones you are everything.


Biplab kumar Gayen

2021-05-12 01:10:00

'Rebels are inhuman/superhuman & civilized are dependent.'


Biplab kumar Gayen

2021-05-12 02:02:54

"Game addicts role their life as a character of a serious drama. Instead, successful person play their life as a 5 sense involving game."


Aakriti Misra

2021-05-17 17:01:43

Understanding is like salt in relationships, without it relationships are tasteless or meaningless. Make sure you understand each other or else things will be difficult.


Madhumitha S

2021-05-18 20:31:40

A decent comprehension of life is a higher mentality and it is useful in carrying on with a prosperous life. A decent arrangement expands our psychological strength and it makes us extremely clever. A decent agreement is likewise valuable in rejuvenating harmony and joy. Superior management makes us profoundly learned individuals throughout everyday life.


Om Patel

2021-05-22 12:03:31

Every night its just me alone with those worst thoughts and memories.


Aarti Sharma

2021-05-23 11:34:19

God created you because he thinks you are enough for the world and your own survival , You just keep yourself going buddy.