Unique, Positive And Best Waiting Quotes

We all have one life to live and we should live it fully with clean thoughts - check out this waiting quotes

Waiting Quotes

Loving you is the easiest job ever I found but waiting for you is like waiting for my salary.

Waiting for someone in a relationship

Waiting for someone is a wonderful feel, in a relationship because we don't meet them often. So we don't have anything to fight with them, it is good to wait.

Whatever it may be but waiting for them matters a lot in life. Waiting makes their bond stronger than before not everyone could wait for their love. Relationships always need to learn that waiting and trusting plays a vital part in life.

Loving someone is really an awesome feeling that no worldly pleasure can give you.

Waiting those hours will remind us more and more to love them. Waiting has its own expectations and all. Waiting makes you to feel proud because someone is still waiting for you somewhere in this world.

Loving someone truly doesn't matter but waiting for someone whom we love is matters a lot .

Is waiting is painful?

Yes, waiting for someone is more painful than break up. Because we want to stay with them closely and want to spend each and every second with that person.

So loving them is easy but waiting for them is a painful one. Remembering those happy days with them and chat with them will make you cry because you're waiting for the person.

Loving someone and getting is a painful one likewise waiting is also a painful one ever. Those waiting time is also a precious time to utilize the value of that person in our life.

We don't get hurt simply but waiting is the thing which it makes us to taste the feeling of loneliness, sadness and heartbreaking pain.

Loving them is the only medicine that cures the pain of waiting for that person.

Patience while waiting

Patience is the most important thing in a relationship because relationship has its own loving and waiting period of time.

By staying calm for the person is good and it will be the best feeling.

We should learn to be patient because we might be able to live with that person now but waiting for him will lead you to the future with him.

While waiting we can do things to impress your love and you have the chance to make your love stronger than before.

Through patience only we can gain anything and everything.

Waiting plays a vital part in a relationship because loving is so simple but learning to wait for that person will show the fullest love him/her.

The long waiting in the life can be very boring and we will mentally disturbed. The waiting must be properly over come by doing quick services. The waiting slowly makes us nervous and irritating. The waiting time should be very less as waiting brings lots of burden in the life.


Waiting for your better time is a art. When you are passing bad time you can always never loss hopes and can wait good time to come.


Waiting for anything is horrible and when you are waiting for someone for relationship and he or she turns negative it hurts you too much.


I will wait for you, to realize your mistake and come back for me. But don't take too long. My heart will broke.


Waiting for good time is a quality of person and waiting unnecessarily for some stupid thing is a worst part of human personality.


I can wait for you for along time, please come back soon I m feeling alone.


Sometimes waiting is very important and you get positive results out of it. It is very nice to wait for our chance and enjoy life.


Waiting for your turn is very important. People are not able to wait for their turn and making mistake in life with doing certain things early.


I really wait for you, until you realize your mistake and come back from me.


Waiting for better chance, better living is very hard people get depressed during such period. Waiting for better living fir better life that everyone wants.


Waiting for someone or something is very painful and it is very difficult period also. To wait for better living or your chance to come.


Waiting for anything us very difficult but one has to wait for their turn. Everyone is not that capable of getting everything.


waiting does not need patience it needs love....


waiting is better than leaving....


Yesterday's done! Today's going to be finished..! Tomorrow no expectations! But still here I'm waiting.


Waiting is another definition of true love. Waiting is another definition of true care. Wait for someone you will experience the most precious feeling in life.