Prosperous And Happy Bakrid Wishes To All

Festivals are the biggest treasure that break the chain of regular routine. Send this bakrid wishes to your dear ones

Bakrid wishes

What is bakrid ?

Bakrid is one of the most important festivals for Islamic followers. As it marks the supreme sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham. 

As legend has it, the Prophet was challenged by God to prove his faith in Him and to do that, the Prophet had to sacrifice something that he held very dear to him.

The Prophet's steadfast faith in God had prompted him to offer his 13-year-old son, Ismail for sacrifice.

Moved by this willingness of the Prophet to prove his devotion to Him, God sent the angel Jibra'il or Gabriel to place a goat in the place of Ibrahim's son.

From that day onwards, followers of Islam celebrate Eid al-Adha by sacrificing male goats, which are typically divided into three separate portions.

These three portions are meant for separate purposes . one part goes to the poor and the needy, the other part goes to the friends and relatives, and the third part is reserved by a family for its own members.

When is bakrid celebrated ?

Bakrid or Eid al Adha or Eid ul Zuha  is one of the most important festivals in the Muslim lunar calendar, known as the Hijri calendar.

This holy day is celebrated by the Muslim community throughout the world on the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijjah and its vibrant festivities last for around four days.

If one try to look at the festival dates in correspondence with Gregorian calendar an interesting pattern emerges, each year as per the Western calendar the date of Bakrid, advances by around 11 days.

On this occasion, great significance is given to performing the sacrifice of a goat.

Foods cooked on the day of bakrid :

Bakrid  or Eid-ul-Adha is being celebrated across India.

The day is dedicated to the great sacrifice made to the Prophet by his devotee signifying his great faith and devotion to the almighty.

Delicious delicacies are prepared to commemorate this day and celebrate Prophet Mohammed's sacrifice for God.

So,preparing a grand meal for bakrid has become a tradition. Mutton biriyani, Chapli Kebab, Mutton paya, Ghosht haleem, Yakhni ghosht, Mutton chops.

The final day has come to fullfill all our prays.In this beautiful day lets celebrate together.Wishing all a happy ramdan


On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, may Allah bless you the most brightest happiness, bring you the utmost in peace and prosperity. May the lights bring triumph over darkness. May Allah showers his blessings and grant you forgiveness in this holy month of Ramadan. May all your wishes come true. Wishing you and your family a Happy Ramadan.


Ramzan is a month in which holy book of Muslims (Quran)has been revealed on our prophet Muhammad. It is a month of blessings upon us. do fasting and prayers for the whole month which will cover your sins... Have a blessed Ramzan to all..


May each new day may bring a feeling of excitement, joy, smile and wonderful sense of expectation. Expect the best and you will get it.On this auspicious eve of Ramzan Ed, may Allah give you abundance of health, wealth and happiness throughout the year and keep your family united with golden threads of love. The blessings of Allah be always with you. So on this note, let us break our fast, feed the hungry and celebrate Ramzan with lots of enthusiasm. Happy Ramzan Ed.


Ramzan is the celebration of the muzlim castes .But in India also other countries to celebrate the ramzan .So all school in holiday to celebrate the ramzan very wonderfilly So We can celebrate the Ramzan wonderfully So to create complimentation of castes to avoid the war and other problems in between the castes .In child mind the competetion between the castes so this is the main problem in our world .To avoid the situation So to celebrate the all caste the Ramzan .Happy Ramzan all of you


Ramzan is one of the important festival for Muslims. So we wish you all a very happy and prosperous Ramzan.


Ramzan is the celebration of the muslim castes.but in india also other countries to celebrate the all school in holiday to celebrate the ramzan very wonderfully so we can celebrate the ramzan wonderfully so to create complementation of castes to avoid the war and other problems in between the castes so this is the main problem in our world .to avoid the situation so to celebrate the all caste the ramzan.Happy ramzan all of you


May Allah bless you with all the happiness that you are waiting from long. May there always be love, luck, prosperity and light in your life. Happy Ramzan.


Bakrid is a eid which we sacrifice the animals and give lots of charity , wishing you and all your family ,Happy Bakrid . Bakrid is celebrating by Muslims all over the world in the remembrance of prophet Ibrahim ,he is the one who is ready to sacrifice his lovable son to God , but God change the goat in the place of his son . That's the best sacrifice ever . Happy Idul Adha dear .


Bakrid festival is the festival for sacrifice and devotion which Allah accept our life for sacrifice and give us the reward for better life ahead.have a happy bakrid festival.


Festivals comes only once in a year , Bakrid is the most special festival celebrated by Muslims . " Festival which is celebrated in the remembrance of prophet Ibrahim "


You sacrifice because you want peace , don't do it just for yourself share it with others also. Happy Bakrieid.