Prosperous And Happy Christmas Wishes To All

Festivals are the biggest treasure that breaks the chain of regular routine. Send this Christmas wishes to your dear ones

Christmas Wishes

'Tis Christmas Season Yo' - The Season to be Jolly

When one hears the word 'Christmas', all that comes rushing in our mind is the typical Christmas set up. Yup!

A Santa carrying a gift bag which usually is as big as his tummy, colorful lights and stars hanging through the streets, Cribs and Christmas trees decorated, greeting cards having Christmas wishes for friends and family

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

A long time ago in Bethlehem, the Holy Bible says...

Oh yeah! That's an age-old Christmas song that tells us why we celebrate Christmas. For all those who have missed the lyrics, here is a short story of why we celebrate Christmas.

Years ago, one day Mary, the mother of God delivered a boy child in a manger. The cattle were his company at his time of birth. That day is Christmas day. Yeah, that's the day when the king of the world, Jesus Christ was born.

The Christmas Impression

When one hears the word 'Christmas', all that comes rushing in our mind is the typical Christmas set up. Yup! A Santa carrying a gift bag which usually is as big as his tummy. 

Colorful lights and stars hanging through the streets, Cribs and Christmas trees decorated. greeting cards having Christmas wishes for friends and family.

A group of singers in an open decorated truck singing carol songs and Christmas wishes. Friends playing Christmas games like 'The Angel and The Mortal' are all the time busy exchanging Christmas Quotes.

Beyond all that, hearing the word Christmas brings with it - the long vacation, that we count days for.

Christmas is not just about...

Christmas is not just about wearing a new dress, pooling up the social media pages with Christmas status and stories and sending Christmas wishes and quotes to the family who is just a foot away. It is something more.

If not all through the year, at least on Christmas, one can keep others before themselves, especially the helpless and the underprivileged poor destitute.

Presenting a new dress to parents and surprising siblings do make them happy, but we can do that on many occasions in a year.

Visiting an old age home, sponsoring a grand meal and spending some time with them makes them feel blessed. They don't get it all the time and they do deserve to get it, at least once in a while.

Offering a big bar chocolate to a street kid will make her whole day. The Christmas wishes and quotes bring the mood of Christmas, but a few things like this makes Christmas in our hearts. Try it once I'm sure you will never regret!

And remember, it is not how much we give, to how many we give, and how much we spend that matters. All that matters is the heart that gives and the love they receive!

Christmas Wishes

Experience the wonders of receiving all the blessings on this wonderful day of lord jesus. Merry Christmas
christmas wishes 45
May angels be beside you on this special day to surround you with most auspicious way. Merry Christmas filled with ab abundance joy and love
christmas wishes 44
Let all your wishes and dreams turn to be true, may christ hold you in his glory hands always. Merry Christmas to all
christmas wishes 43
Let the magic of love bright our smile, and enlighten our soul. Happiest christmas to my loveliest people around
christmas wishes 42
May the blessings of Christmas bring blissful moments in your life all through the year. Merry Christmas!
christmas wishes 41
When Christmas arrives, all the places will be filled with light, sparks, stars, and cribs which make us feel the presence of Jesus Christ everywhere, Merry Xmas!!
Christmas Wishes40
Vibing for the Carols while decorating the Christmas tree with your family and watching them smile takes you to the Christmas festive mode, Happy Christmas!!
Christmas Wishes39
On this Christmas thank the almighty for blessing you with what you have and going to have in the future, Happy Christmas!!
Christmas Wishes38
The joy of Christmas comes from the heart when Jesus Christ is born, Merry Xmas!!
Christmas Wishes37
Christmas would be incomplete without the surprises from Santa Claus, Merry Xmas!!
Christmas Wishes36
Enjoying the snowfall and hearing Carols wherever you go indicate that it is the period for Christmas, Happy Christmas!!
Christmas Wishes35
Christmas is a season when we play the Christ-mom and Christ-child game which adds more fun, Merry Xmas!!
Christmas Wishes34
May this Christmas bring peace and laughter to you and your family, Happy Christmas!!
Christmas Wishes33
On this Christmas let’s make sure to help the poor and the needy, Merry Xmas!!!
Christmas Wishes32
Exchanging the Gifts, distributing sweets and chocolates, spreading joy and happiness wherever you go gives you the real Christmas vibe, Happy Christmas!!
Christmas Wishes31
It's the day to distribute love and happiness, let's celebrate the day with love, Merry Christmas.
christmas wishes 30
This is the day of prosperity, May God send a Santa that brings lots of chocolates for you.
christmas wishes 29
Wishing you a full of happiness Merry Christmas, may you celebrate the day with exaltation.
christmas wishes 28
Happy Christmas, may the love of your family and friends create memories that last forever.
christmas wishes 27
May the lights of Christmas tree illuminate your life with graceful success. Happy Christmas
christmas wishes 26
Merry Christmas, may this day be memorable for you, May you bless with magical joy that never ends.
christmas wishes 25
Christmas is not only a festival, It's a feeling that brings people close to each other.Merry Christmas.
christmas wishes 24
On this Christmas, may you win the hearts of people, even your enemies and enjoy. Happy Christmas.
christmas wishes 23
May Santa give you wonderful presents, that delights you. Merry Christmas.
christmas wishes 22
Happy Christmas, may the Christmas tree always decorate your life with happiness and joy.
christmas wishes 21
This Christams may the miracle be blessed, may the unwell and weeken be given strength, may the heavy burdens have their load lightened, may your Christmas be filled with kindness and esctasy.
christmas wishes 20
Prosperity plus and an abundance of love is my Christmas wish to you. Merry Christmas
christmas wishes 19