Diwali Quotes

Prosperous And Happy Diwali Quotes Of All Time

Festivals are the biggest treasure that break the chain of regular routine. Send this diwali quotes to your dear ones

Diwali Quotes

Arrival of Diwali in our lives:

Diwali, the Festival of Lights is celebrated to honor the seventh avatar , Rama Chandra (incarnation of the god Vishnu). Moreover on this auspicious day we believe that Rama infact returned to his people after 14 years of exile.

Eventually, in this period of time he fights a battle against the demons namely the king of demons Ravana and as a result wins it too.

Therefore, we lite our houses to celebrate the victory of good over evil .

In Southern India this festival eventually commemorates the conquering of the Asura Naraka, a powerful king of Assam, who imprisons thousands of inhabitants.

It is Krishna, a deity worshipped in Hinduism, who is finally able to subdue Naraka amid of lot of struggles and hence free the prisoners. In general diwali brings brightness to our soul.

Mood of Celebration:

To begin with, its time for gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals. People, generally speaking, buy new clothes and thoroughly clean their houses which is a part of the festival preparations.

People decorate their house exterior with designs using white rice flour and fills in with color to give in the essence of the festival.

Generally speaking, people even illuminate their house with oil-burning lamps called diyas, lights, or with strings of artificial lights. Above all people spend time with their friends and family.

Later in the evening, there are fireworks and people who live near rivers float lighted lamps on tiny rafts. To add to the festival of Diwali, melas (fairs) are held throughout India. We can find melas in many towns and villages till the festival draws to an end.

Can you imagine Diwali without crackers? All the simple rituals of Diwali notably have an importance and a story behind them.

According to one’s belief to put it in other way, firecrackers fill the sky as an expression of respect to the heaven for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, and prosperity.

The sound of firecrackers indicate the joy of the people. Similarly on the scientific basis, the fumes of the firecrackers kill or repel many insects, including mosquitoes.

Wish everyone with diwali love quotes:

It’s the right time to wish and care for all those who play a vital role in our life as long as life moves on. Obviously diwali is never complete without wishing our loved ones.

Infact with your wish you can make this festival a festival of joy, happiness and rejoice. 2 “May the auspicious festival of lights altogether beautifully illuminate your life with joy, success and high spirits.”

“House full of diyas and heart full of love in a word diwali with you is awesome.

Wish you a happy diwali my best buddy.” “To sum up you are the most beautiful diya I have seen. You bring happiness, prosperity and wealth in my life. Wish you a very happy diwali my dear better half.”

“You are as divine and as bright as the diyas of this festival of lights in any event.

Wishing the world’s best mom a very happy diwali.” “Sky full of fireworks, life full of success, let your dream of reaching the sky come true. In a word, Wish you a very happy and a safe diwali.

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Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-17 23:28:05

Diwali is a festival of lights and wearing new clothes. We decorate our house and enjoy life with family members and specially kids.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-21 10:01:50

It takes festival of lighting and we celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and decorate our house with lights and enjoy with family members.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-11-25 10:20:47

Happy Diwali and enjoy this festival of lighting with friends and family members. It is very nice to meet people on this day and wish happy Diwali.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-04 10:41:38

Happy Diwali to everyone and enjoy life with great pleasure and a happy celebration. It is very important for everyone to celebrate such a festival.



2020-12-02 13:40:59

"Keep your life shining, keep your home shimmering, keep a sweet smile on your lips and believe you Diwali every year"


Nisarga Prashanth

2020-12-29 19:26:18

Light a lamp and say bye to darkness ✨❤️


K Sreeya

2021-02-06 20:58:39

On this day of diwali. Lets all take a chance to enlighten the life's of our future to be bright as these diyas. Wishing you all a very happy diwali


Anikesh Oraon

2021-02-26 19:29:57

"Diwali festival of lambs brings joy in the midst of people who remove all the distance."



2021-04-22 15:36:48

Light up the glorious night with happiness 😊



2021-04-29 00:33:19

Candles to enjoy life; Decorations for a simple life; Prizes for sharing success; Firecrackers to ignite evils; Sweets to sweeten success, worship to thank God! Wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali.



2021-04-29 00:34:43

In this holy festival, may the radiance of joy, abundance, and joy illuminate your days The year ahead. Happy Diwali.



2021-04-29 00:35:52

Dias Dias Light is the way of God who tells you that there is always a light to dispel darkness Let the happiness in your life Happy Diwali.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:13:38

Bid farewell to stresses, distresses and welcome light, karma and loads of sweets.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:17:08

Allow this Diwali to consume all your terrible occasions and enter you in fun occasions.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:19:56

The present the 'Celebration of Lights' all more than; An euphoric day for psyches and essences; Laughter and grins for a long time; Let there be win all around.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:24:15

The meaning of Diwali is the expulsion of obscurity and obliviousness from the brain and recording it with goodness.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:34:24

Every one of the lights of the world couldn't measure up even to a beam of the internal light of oneself. Union yourself in this light and appreciate the celebration of lights.


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:44:54

The entirety of the lights and the entirety of the firecrackers will light up each progression forward for you this Diwali!


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 15:46:51

For this propitious celebration of lights, here's to the glow of happiness enlightening your days!


Pradipta Dhar

2021-05-08 19:41:19

Newly cut Christmas trees resembling stars and snow and pine gum—breathe in profoundly and fill your spirit with stormy evening.



2021-05-12 12:04:16

May the festival of lights bring brightness to your family, and joys in your heart. Happy Diwali



2021-05-12 18:11:34

Diwali festival of lights and happiness. This Diwali bring lights in your life.


Indhuja P

2021-05-18 10:21:38

Soundful crackers, Colourful dresses, Tasteful sweets, Lovable relations, Makes happy diwali.


Varun B

2021-05-20 11:50:42

This festival is about lights and not crackers. So stop firing crackers and enhance the beauty around your surroundings by glowing lights. Happy deepavali.


Rama krishna

2021-05-24 14:55:25

May the Goddess Lakshmi fill your home with abundance of wealth. May she Chase away the darkness of sorrow from your heart and bring in light 🕯️🕯️🕯️. Happy Diwali.


Pudari Mahesh

2021-05-26 06:53:32

Diwali is a festival of lights Not a festival of pollution of air and sound



2021-05-26 17:40:00

"As the sun rays lights up our life, diwali lights brings with it cherishing vibes and hopes of wonders into our life"