Prosperous And Happy Dussehra Wishes To All

Festivals are the biggest treasure that breaks the chain of regular routine. Send this Dussehra wishes to your dear ones


What is Dussehra?

Dussehra also known as  Vijayadaśamī, is a major Hindu festival celebrated at the end of Navaratri every year.

Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin, or Ashwayuja which falls in September or October of the Western calendar, a few days or weeks before the largest Hindu festival – Diwali.

The first nine days are celebrated as Navami which celebrates Goddess Durga and culminates on the 10th day as Vijaydashmi. Many Hindus observe Vijayadashmi through social gatherings and food offerings to Bhagwan at their home temple or community Hindu temples.

Rituals are done on the day of Dussehra

In Northern India, huge dummies of Ravana are burnt on the occasion of Dussehra as part of the celebrations. The Ram Lila, which are plays and musicals that revolve around the tales of the Ramayana are attended by herds of people in the days preceding Dusshera.

In Kolkata, it is Durga Puja (or Pujo, as Bengalis call it). In Southern India, the nine days of Navratri are celebrated with a display of gods and dolls called Golu. Sweets are prepared on each day of the celebration.

Dussehra celebrations in Mysore are one of the most spectacular in the country. The Mysore Palace is illuminated and performances are organized.

In Maharashtra, families visit friends and offer the dried APTA leaf, a symbol of prosperity. People also invest in gold and other expensive metals; it is believed that this will lead to prosperity all year round.

The main ethos of this festival is that of good triumphing over evil. It is on this day that people pray for prosperity and good health.

Why is Dussehra celebrated?

It marks the end of "Ramlila" and remembers God Raam's victory over the Ravan. On the very same occasion; Arjuna alone decimated 1 lakh+ soldiers & defeated all Kuru warriors including Bhishma, Drona, Ashwatthama, Karna, Kripa. Thereby significantly quoting the natural example of the victory of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma).

Alternatively, it marks a reverence for one of the aspects of goddess Devi such as Durga or Saraswati. Vijayadashami celebrations include processions to a river or ocean front that carry clay statues of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha and Kartikeya, accompanied by music and chants, after which the images are immersed into the water for dissolution and a goodbye.

Elsewhere, on Dasara, the towering effigies of Ravan symbolizing the evil are burnt with fireworks marking evil's destruction. The festival also starts the preparation for one of the most important and widely celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, which is celebrated twenty days after the Vijayadashami or Dussehra. 

The dussehra festival is a Hindu festival of victory of good over the bad and evil. The dussehra is celebrated in the memory of lord ram victory over ravana. The dussehra is celebrated at the end of Navratri or ramlila. It is also known as vijayadashami. The festival is celebrated with lots of ritual and prayers and also by taking sweets and delicious food.


This Dussehra brings you, lots of happiness joy, lords blessings and smiles. Happy Dusshera.


May Lord Durga Maa Gives you strength and power to defeat all the problems. Happy Dussehra to all.


May Durga Maa ji, gives you happiness, strength and eliminates all your sorrows. Happy Dusshera.


May this 9 days of Dussehra gives you lots of joy and goddess DURGA gives you strength and success in life.


Dussehra is a festival of merriment. During this 10 days festival, the city is lit up with lights and pandals are erected where Lord Durga is worshipped. Garba and Dandiya are played every night during these 10 days. In South India Golu is kept and people are called to houses for haldi/kumkum. People wear clothes during these days according to the colors given during every Dussehra. On the Dussehra day the effigy of Ravana is burnt. In Kolkatta, Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp and show. The Kolkatta people spent money lavishly during this festival.


May you behave like lord rama in your life always by killing the clouds of darkness and bringing back the fireworks in life.


On this dussehra may you light up the house of any poor person because they are the ones who need your support the most.


Dussehra will be always special for me because it's the fest of celebrations of Good over bad. Let's celebrate the festival of Good spirit with cheer and joy. I wish you heartily, the beautiful Dusshera


On this special occasion of Dussehra, I wish you with warmest greetings that lord rama burns all your sorrows and bless you with good health, wealth and prosperity..Happy Dussehra ❤️