Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes

Prosperous And Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes To All

Festivals are the biggest treasure that breaks the chain of regular routine. Send this Ganesh Chaturthi wishes to your dear ones

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes

What does Ganesh Chaturthi mean and how it is being celebrated?

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as Ganeshotsav or Vinayak Chaturthi and is one of the most important Indian festivals that unites people together. It's celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are also marked by bringing a clay idol of Ganesha to our home and worshipping the almighty with special aartis, bhajans, and mantras. It is believed that one shouldn't sight the moon on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Sighting moon on Ganesh Chaturthi creates Mithya dosham or Mithya kalank which means false accusation of stealing something. Currently, Ganesh Chaturthi day falls in the month of August or September in the English calendar

The Ganeshotsav, the festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi ends after 10 days on Anant Chaturdashi which is also known as Ganesh visarjan day. On Anant Chaturdashi, devotees immerse the idols of Lord Ganesh in the water body after a gala street procession.


Lord Ganesh is our mentor and protector. May he enrich your life by giving you a great beginning and removing obstacles from your life.

May he gives you a rainbow for every storm, a smile for every tear, a promise for every care and answer for every prayer. May the destroyer of evil grace you with peace and love and blessings be showered upon you from heaven up above. May you find all the delights of life and may all your dreams come true.

Ganesh fills your home full of love, prosperity, and fortune!. May Lord Ganesh shower his finest blessings on you today and forever. HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI.



2019-03-22 14:21:19

On this auspicious day of Ganesh chathurthi,Let the grace of lord Ganesh fulfill all your desires and wishes and remove all your pains and suffering.With great pump and enthusiasm ,Let us all welcome Ganesha to our home .Hoping this Ganesh Chathurthi will be the start of year that brings happiness for you. Best wishes on Shri Ganesh Chathurthi.


Kavya m

2019-03-22 14:21:24

Hi all indians wishing you all a happy chaturathi may this day be will filled with happiness fun and lots of sweets and blessings of ganesha may lord give you prosperity and wealth forever



2019-03-22 14:22:30

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and your whole family. May our Gannu spread beautiful breeze of love and peace in your life on this beautiful festival of togetherness,devotion,love and peace. Stay Happy.Be Loveable. Om Jay Shree Ganesheshay Namah!!



2019-03-22 14:22:33

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great pomp and shown all over India and even by the Indians leaving abroad. Maharashtra brings the delight of this festival well in advance . Before a month for this festival to advance Pandals are erected and decorated to bring in Lord Ganesha on that auspicious day. It is a eleven day festival and Maharashtra brightens up this festival in a variety of colours and crackers.


Shree Dharshini

2019-03-22 14:22:56

Wishing each and every one a very happy Ganesh chaturthi, may this day Lord Ganesh will give you all the happiness, love, joy, and also very good health and wealth. Really very happy to wish you all. On this day we prepare so many special dishes and keep for Lord Ganesha. And pray for us. Wishing again a happy Ganesh chaturthi.


Gurunath Rothe

2019-03-22 14:22:58

Ganesha caming on 25Aug for our help. kindly ask you for our happy life . also send wonderful wish for you . wish you happy Ganesh Chaturthi.


Vishnu gopan

2019-03-22 14:23:13

Lord ganesha is comming to all home soon.He will full-fill all your wishes and will go by sea back to his home.



2019-03-22 14:23:20

give us always new energy special happiness for everyone. listening for big ears, concentration of small eyes. around to learn more of long nose. talking less for small mouth. good ideas for big head. criticism for big tummy. lord ganapathi blessed with all your wishes be granted, may you enjoy success and prosperity. today happy ganesh chaturthi. give to joy and happiness for your life.



2019-03-22 14:23:39

Wish you happy ganesh chaturthi, may god bless you and your family



2019-03-22 14:24:27

Ganpati bappa morya mangal murti morya. Morya was the devotee of lord ganesha. In the same way let us all join hands and pray and seek lord ganeshas blessings. Let us all join hands and help the poor and needy, the helping hand which we provide will surely come back one day with the blessing gift. Also, let us share one more message please use echo friendly idols and save aquatic life.


sachin joshi

2019-03-22 14:33:52

Day is starts with you and the day ends with you, You are the creator of this world and you only have the power to destroy it, My lord Ganesh on this Ganesh chaturti you are coming to our home for some days and our home will becomes heaven for us, This year we have new hope and new challenges and we all want your blessings. Ganapati bappa moriya.


Venu Gopal

2019-03-22 14:34:45

happy ganesh chaturthi to all the family members and relatives and friends and may god fill your house with happiness and good luck . in this day in house people put lord ganesh idol or statue for 9 days or less days and do puja and they decorate the lord with flowers and leaves and some I heard that with gold also they do.



2019-03-22 14:37:36

This festival brings u happy and prosperous. good luck and enjoy this festival with lots of love. best of luck and all ur dreams come true


Twinkle Mathew

2019-03-22 14:45:41

In this special day, I am wishing you all your trouble and obstructions remove the Lord Vinayaka. He will give all the prosperity and good life through out the year... Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all....


Twinkle Mathew

2019-03-22 14:45:56

Lord Ganesha is our protector. May he will give you a great beginning and remove all obstacles from your life. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi....


Milind Damodar Sane

2019-03-22 14:46:48

Many many happy wishes of the day Hanu. you was born on Ganesh Chaturthi day . We all are proud of you. i wee you as like Ganesh.


Bhawna Shrivastava

2019-03-22 14:49:36

May Shree Ganesha bless you with laddoos of name, fame, joy and everything you wish to have on this cutest occasion of Ganesha Chaturthi.


Shree Dharshini

2019-03-22 14:52:28

I am here to wish you all a very happy ganesh chathurthi. This is specifically done for god ganesha. Where this day is celebrated regarding birthday of Lord ganesha. We all have to pray for our health and wealth. He gives us lots of happiness when we pray him. We want to be devotees of Lord ganesha, happy ganesh chathurthi to all my friends.



2019-03-22 15:14:49

Water just does not fall from above! Angels just don't come down from heaven! God just does not come down for prayer! SMS from me just is not sent to you! Lord Ganesh comes down every year to bless you! Because He is first God to have come down to India to bless Indians only.Let us pray and tell our wishes to Him!



2019-03-22 15:46:02

Ganesh Chaturthi which is one of the most welcomed festival that is celebrated by the Hindu culture in all states of India. The Northern state and southern state are well known for celebrating such an auspicious and great event or festival in the most festive manner which involves in chanting all the ganesha stotram and also the mantrams which manifests or exhibits the worshiping of lord ganesha to remove all the obstacles and hindrances that one face and bring happiness


veena m

2019-03-22 15:48:25

happy ganesha chatruthi to all family members and friends Let this ganesha chartruthi bring you peace and prosperous in your life


Lakshmi Priya.T

2019-03-22 15:50:37

Happy ganesh will pray to god for every one.You will give a donation or any other help to temple.


Vrushali Karnik

2019-03-22 16:31:21

It is the time to bid farewell to Lord Ganesha and to hope that he soon comes backs next year on Ganesh Chaturthi 2017.Lets hope that Ganapati Bappa takes along with him all our troubles when he goes home on this Anant Chaturdashi. May Lord Ganesha bless you and your family. Happy Anant Chaturthi 2017!!! Wish you all blessed Ganesh Chaturthi.


Puja ajit jain

2019-03-22 16:32:01

Hoping that this Ganesh chatuti will be the start Of a year that brings the happiness that Lord Ganesh fills your home with property & fortune Best wishes for Ganesh chatuti My the Lord Ganesh remove


Vaishali Mankad

2019-04-03 18:28:17

Happy Ganesh chaturthi comes in the month of September and we celebrate this festivals with great pleasure and wish everyone good health,wealth and happiness for you and your family and enjoy this with your friend.


Mohan Raj

2019-04-06 18:11:25

All Indians wishing you all a happy chaturthi may this day be will filled with happiness fun and lots of sweets and blessings of ganesha may lord give you prosperity and wealth forever given by GOD!!!


Vaishali Mankad

2019-04-08 22:17:38

Happy Ganesh chaturthi to everyone and like every year this year also we celebrate this festival with lots of enthusiasm and celebrate this festivals like anything.