Prosperous And Happy Holi Wishes To All

Festivals are the biggest treasure that breaks the chain of regular routine. Send this Holi wishes to your dear ones

Holi Wishes

What is Holi?

Holi is a popular festival in India, where people celebrate by throwing Colored powders and color sprays. Which it was mostly celebrated by one major religion and sometimes some religions also. This is also known as the festival of love and colors.

This festival also gives us pleasure while we pour colored water and colored balloons. That's why it makes us relaxed, we don't get any other chance to throw something like colored balloons after the festival.

This festival was celebrated in order to forgive people and forget their mistakes. There are so many reasons to become a crowd for celebrating Holi. But that unity in celebration makes lots and lots of sense.

" Let's begin this festival with colors and end this day with lots and lots of memories, happy Holi."

Comparison between Holi and life?

We can compare Holi with life because two are not that much different. Holi is full of colors and life is also with different colors and emotions. Playing with colors makes us feel free and relaxed.

Like this life is also a plain paper where can color it by different colors with emotions. There is another significance is to spread happiness, in both lives and Holi.

By splashing colors on others' faces and body it is good to look like that. Life is a journey of different people, different places and different colors likewise Holi is also given different emotions and experiences.

"By splashing colors on the other person is like adding colors to their life, both their lives and family will attain true love and caring of their favorite people."

Is it Importance to celebrate Holi?

According to One Religion, it is very much important to celebrate Holi. But for some people, it is not that much important.

Where can spread happiness to people like splashing colors on them? According to Religion, they are celebrating Holi in the name of the destruction of a monster.

Our life is also fully filled monsters were can't understand who is the real monster that is waiting for your downfall. But this is important to celebrate where we can see people with smiling faces and happiness in celebrating Holi by splashing colors on the other people.

Holi Wishes

Let’s play Holi, and become jolly, jolly
holi wishes 30
Colors, colors everywhere, laughter, laughter everywhere, happiness, happiness everywhere…this is the magic of Holi.
holi wishes 29
Beautiful faces can catch your eye but beautiful colors can can your heart
holi wishes 28
Let’s splash colors of love and care on all the people around and make our world’s colorful and beautiful.
holi wishes 27
Colors of Holi are the only colors which can make you laugh joyfully even when splashed on your face.
holi wishes 26
Let the beautiful colors of Holi stay in your heart and make you happy forever
holi wishes 25
Apply a little Holi to the face those who don’t like your face and smile…and see them melting.
holi wishes 24
Color your inner-self with the lovely colors of love this Holi.
holi wishes 23
Colors of Holi are so special,that just with their touch they can fill you with joyful energy
holi wishes 22
Lots and lots of sweets, along with that special Holi wali thandai, makes our Holi aur rangili
holi wishes 21
Lets burn all the sadness and depression with holika, and welcome new doors with open arms. Doors of wisdom and happiness. Happy holi
holi wishes 20
Smile like blue, win like red, laugh like yellow, succeed like green, be calm like white, stay fresh like orange. Let all the colors give your entire family peace, harmony and happiness. Happy holi
holi wishes 19
Festival of colors, celebration of joy, sounds of happiness and miles of success are close. Happy holi
holi wishes 18
We wish your health wealth happiness spread like rainbow. Happy holi to you and your family
holi wishes 17
What more can make me happy than applying colors on your face this holi? Happy fun filled holi
holi wishes 16
In this colorful festival its glad to wish you and your family a cheerful holi! Enjoy
holi wishes 15
Sending you wishes in the colors of rainbow, May they shower love happiness and success upon you
holi wishes 14
So here comes the day to celebrate life with colors that brings us enthusiasm and love. Happy holi
holi wishes 13
You get a new color when you mix two colors. You get beautiful life when you get along with good souls. Happy holi
holi wishes 12
Lets take a dip in the water of love, lets apply the colors of happiness and cherish this wonderful day of holi
holi wishes 11
On this holi, let the wind take away all the dullness from your life and throw colors inside. Colors of celebrations, colors of fun, colors filled with love. Happy holi
holi wishes 10
A day full of colors, a month full of excitement, a year full of laughter, time to say happy holi! A day to rejoice love.
holi wishes 9
Happiness is playing with colors. Celebration is enjoying holi. Happy colorful joyful holi to everyone
holi wishes 8
I wish happy holi to all my dear friends and family. Celebrate this day filled with warmth and love in heart
holi wishes 7
Play more, shout loud, laugh wide, enjoy well, have a cheerful holi
holi wishes 6
Let this holi bring you sweet memories and colorful moments. Let this celebration exist in everyday of your life. Happy holi
holi wishes 5
May god shower you with colors of love happiness joy and success all through your life. Here's wishing you happy holi
holi wishes 4