Best Friend Quotes For My Partner In Crime

Friends are the pillar of my strength, no one is as special as my friends - the best friend quotes

                              Best friend quotes

Birthday quotes for a best friend

I'm fortunate enough to have a beautiful friend like you.Hope your birthday is as special as you are. I'm looking for many more years of friendship and birthdays with you.You deserves to get all the love and happiness in your life. 

I'm grateful that you're part of my life. Every step of the way you were there for me.

Finding perfect words for you is a big challenge for me, let's be together forever and now this is your day to be enjoyed well.Happy happy birthday to my beloved best friend ,you deserves all the cakes,hugs, love today and forever.

Quotes for the funniest friend

It's hard to find the funniest weird characteristic friend like you. This privilege of friendship to talk nonsense and have your nonsense respected is something beautiful about you my craziest friend

We've been friends for such a long time and I don't remember which one of bad things made us friends.

You did the same thing what i've done but the way of your doing were even much more dirtier than me. Just remember one thing whenever we caught, your deaf and I'm dumb.

I think you'll be the one and only who picks me up when i fall but after laughing even though I feel fortunate to have you in my life. 

You laugh,I laugh...You cry, YOU CRY..I'LL MAKE YOU EVEN MORE CRY.

I know you'll be always by my side and you know how to respect my feelings even though you're funniest among us. Hope we'll be friends till our funniness goes off.

Short friend quote

When I count my blessings, I count you twice though you're that much shorter. Side by side or miles apart your shortest cute face always be close to my heart.

I took a step to be a friend of you, but you took two steps to be a friend of mine, grow taller and let's take selfies together with your capture. 

You and I are more than friends as a small gang and gang means me, small denotes you. Be forever mine and I'll be sometimes your's in return. Short Friend quotes make you smile with tears and laughter with memories.

Best Friend Quotes

Every beautiful person may not be a best friend, It is your best friend who is your beautiful person.
best friend quotes 25
Best friend is like a lamp in the dark, It can illuminate your life with happiness.
best friend quotes 24
My best friend delighted my life with love, Happiness and joy is everywhere in his presence.
best friend quotes 23
When you feel alone, Just connect to your best friend, it can heal you.
best friend quotes 22
A friend can listen your words, But a best friend can understand your Words.
best friend quotes 21
A good friend is always a good tutor for our life. They are the ones who teach their experience as a life lesson for their friend.
best friend quotes 20
Friends are always friends. They are the ones who join us to do crazy, cranky and funnier things in our life. Memories with them will be a good relief for our lifetime.
best friend quotes 19
A good friend is who scolds us for valid reasons, quarrels with us fight with us. At the same time, they are the ones who shower us with extra love, care, and affection.
best friend quotes 18
A good friend will never leave us in any type of situation. Their absence at the place also shows their presence in our life.
best friend quotes 17
Having a good friend makes and helps us to think, discuss, and argue with them. For taking better decisions for our life.
best friend quotes 16
Saying thank you for being my friend will be in a formal manner. A good friendship doesn’t expect any formalities.
best friend quotes 15
Having a good friend is always making us feel blessed. They are the one who available for us in 24/7 round a clock to talk, laugh, gossip, quarrel, and argue.
best friend quotes 14
They are the ones who should know their friend’s worries and commitment. As a good friend their moral support helps their friend to get motivated.
best friend quotes 13
A friend’s role is not only to take part in their friend’s happiness. A friend’s role is not only to roam and enjoy their life.
best friend quotes 12
Having one good friend is like having huge support in our life. There will be many friends in our life but one good friend makes our life flourish as blossom.
best friend quotes 11
Some fights or misunderstandings between us made me feel anger on you. But after seeing your presence all my anger got evaporated. Our friendship makes our life beautiful.
best friend quotes 10
A good friend will give their hand to raise us and help us to achieve our dreams. They won’t leave our hand at any cause.
best friend quotes 9
With pride, I am admitting I am having a good friend like you. You made me know who I am, you made me know my ability, and you made me know my capacitance. You are always my best friend for my lifetime.
best friend quotes 8
Some people in an easy way they got connect to us, some people will close to our hearts. Some people’s presence makes us feel cherish, some people will motivate us. Some help to come out from a difficult situation. A good friend will take care of all for you and be an all-rounder.
best friend quotes 7
In our life, at each stage, we may meet & come across many sorts of people. From those sorts of people, when we find a person who stands by our side in all our good & bad. That particular person is who cares you and loves you and the person is your good friend.
best friend quotes 6
If we are having a person apart our family to share & discuss our thoughts and ideas in an open heart manner. Then we are always blessed with a good friend.
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At the same time, they are the ones who will scold us in a horrible manner when we had done wrong.
best friend quotes 4
A good friend of mine will always help me & support me to lead my life on a good path. They will appreciate our work.
best friend quotes 3
My dear friend, wherever you go, wherever you live, whatever position you may reach. You are always my good better best friend.
best friend quotes 2
Friends always stand next to the family. But a good friend always stands as a family.
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