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Funny And Crazy Friendship Quotes For My Besties

Friends are the pillar of my strength, no one is as special as my friends - the friendship quotes for friends

Friendship Quotes

Friendship is the most important relationship you will have in life. Many of your favorite memories probably include times you have spent with friends .

Part of becoming an adult is realizing what true friends really are. A friend is someone special to you , not just because you have known them for a long time or because you share mutual interests ,but because you love each other.

We do not need friends to make us feel good about ourselves , although that can be added benefit.

The sole purpose of friendship is faithfulness,sacrifice and holiness . The great foundations of friendship are loyalty ,honesty ,empathy ,acceptance and love.

A true worthwhile friendship is one where both parties look at the bond in the same sight.

A person who is always there for you in your difficulties and in your happy moment still last breath without any blood relationship is only your best friend.

A person who can understand every problem behind your tears is your best friend. A person who points out your faults and make them right in a good path is your best friend .

A person who searches happiness in your success is your best friend.

Friendship is a blessing that can make you the happiest and most successful person in the world,no matter what your status. Good friends are like stars, you do not always see them ,but you know they are always there.

Friendship is genuine when two friends can enjoy each others company without speaking a word to one another. Friendship may ,and often does , grow into love,but love never subsides into friendship.

True friend

Friendships are born in a million different ways, and all good friends strive to achieve the same goal: to be a source of love and support.

Finding a true friend feels like a gift that keeps on giving, even when they are thousands of miles away.

Through stressful classes, figuring out a career, and inevitable breakups, your best friends have been there. And yes, when you got those bangs you shouldn’t have tried in the first place, they consoled you.

 Whether you’re celebrating life or happen to experience an unexpected bump, you can always rely on your friends to be there for you.

A listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or finding the silver lining in a less than ideal situation — all of it means the world to you simply knowing you have your friends supporting you every step of the way.

Let yours know you love them with one of these sweet friendship quotes that perfectly describe your unique bond.

Beautiful Friendship Quotes For friends 

1. Friends come and go like ocean but the true ones stay like an octopus on your face. Value them

Friendship Quotes 1

2. Getting a good friend for lifetime is the best gift from god

Friendship Quotes 2

3. Friends can be like sunshine in the day and give moonlight in the night. They will never leave you at hard times.

Friendship Quotes 3

4. A friendship resists time, distance and understands silence.

Friendship Quotes 4

5. A true friend will accept the bad in you, change the bad to good, and will find reasons to stay with you

Friendship Quotes 5

6. Life was meant to be lived with good friends and adventures

Friendship Quotes 6

7. Friendship can give the comfort of knowing you aren't alone.

Friendship Quotes 7

8. Its the friends we meet along the journey who makes it better and happier.

Friendship Quotes 8

9. Friends will fill your life with joy, heart with smiles and soul with love. They are worth being in your life forever

Friendship Quotes 9

10. A best friend will slap you without any reason and love you without any condition

Friendship Quotes 10

11. When you get friends like family and family like friends you are the most luckiest person.

Friendship Quotes 11

12. Friends will fill your life with joy, heart with smiles and soul with love. They are worth being in your life forever

Friendship Quotes 12

13. Love may hurt, but friendship doesn't. Love may have expectations, in friendship its never.

Friendship Quotes 13

14. True friends will hold your hands when facing problems. Strive to keep them

Friendship Quotes 14

15. Good times and crazy friends are the best memories

Friendship Quotes 15

16. With friends being aside nothing can make you feel impossible, you gain strength, you gain support, you gain love. 

Friendship Quotes 16

17. To fill your life with fun and laughter, to wipe your worries with love and care: friends will always be there

Friendship Quotes 17

18. Family isn't always blood, its the people in your life who wants to stay in all your thicks and thins.

Friendship Quotes 18

19. With friends we experience fun, with them we hold memories, its them who has made your life this beautiful

Friendship Quotes 19

20. A true friend will stay in your life for no reason, simply to see you happy

Friendship Quotes 20

21. Friends are the important ingredient in the recipe of life. Cook them well with care and affection

22. Friendship is not about getting what you gave, but about giving without expectations.

23. Friendship is a feeling that cannot be expressed by words, rather its connected by hearts

24. When your heart breaks, when your eyes shed tears, the one person to stand beside you will be the true friend of yours

25. Friends can change your life. Its about how well you choose them, how good you treat them, how you stay strong in having them for a lifetime.


Avinash G

2019-03-22 13:42:57

There is a person very rich and loyal in their country. Every one gives him a wonderful respect, while he comes out of the home. After returning back to home also there servants also gives him the same respect. The person may be rich in money, with that he can purchase expensive things but he can not purchase the happiness and friendship. By his friendly nature he became the good friend to all in the class.



2019-03-22 13:53:06

Friends are sunshine of the life of each one. Friendship is the most beautiful relation in the whole eid. There will not be any person in the world without friends.All the persons will have atleast one friends.friends will always push you up and also will be around as in any situation.friends are the main strength of each one in the always an good friend to all


Kishore Kumar

2019-03-22 13:54:49

We never know how we became friends with each other. But when it comes to our knowledge that we are friends, then several questions arise in our mind, like how will you react if I say this or that. But then, oh you are my friend, no formality is required. And we forget everything. Ultimately we come to the reality and say that friendship only requires the vibrations of heart.


Jasmine rupavathi

2019-03-22 13:55:05

Friendship is the special kind of love and it is very hard to find a true friend. A friend is one of the biggest gift ever given by God is the only person whom we can share all kind of feelings which we can share to any one in the whole world. Good friends are hard to find harder to leave and impossible to forget.


Daud Kawa

2019-03-22 13:57:12

Love your friend not his behaviour, Show your anger to his words not him, Forget his mistakes not him, because there is nothing greater than a true friend...


Renu Singh

2019-03-22 13:58:14

Friendship is one of the best thing to get in this world , And the true friendship is the very rare thing that is gained by only some luckiest person . A true friend is that which not only shares the happy moments but also shares the bad moments too . It gets completed with some argument , some fight , some love but lots of happy adventures . Keep Smile and be happy .


Anjusha A

2019-03-22 13:59:47

The world will only show your negative but your a real friend search for your best and clear your negatives. They will never get you back, hold your hands and show you a good way to clear your negative from others.



2019-03-22 14:03:24

Friendship is a lubricant which eases the struggles in the engine of life. We cannot imagine a life without friends. They make life richer with their love for each other.


Prapti Panigrahi

2019-03-22 14:13:19

A friend in a need is a friend indeed. It is often said because when we need a friend while we are in a problem and they do not respond ,they are not a true friend.



2019-03-22 14:16:16

However rich you may be in life nobody is rich enough to through away friendship because friendship is the richest gift given by God.


Yasmin Ali

2019-03-22 14:21:31

A friend always holds a shoulder for you whatever the situation is, and thats the reason we classify them to good and best friends were we run to to be free off our feelings.. I love u my friends.... life without you guys are unimaginable..


Arathy Johnson

2019-03-22 14:25:01

Boyfriend :: Where are you going darling ??? Girlfriend :: For suicide Boyfriend :: Hooo.... Really, Then why so much of make-up ? Girlfriend :: You Idiot..... Tomorrow my photo will come in the newspaper.....Friends are one of the best blessings in the entire life. Friends are give very strength and confidence to a crisis may affect us in the life. Good friends are maintain their friendship relation to life long and thus relationships be honest and nice.


Sikesh Kumar Meher

2019-03-22 14:26:30

Every relation is beautiful in its own way. But one of the beautiful relations is Friendship. People are lucky to have good friends whom they can trust in every part of life. Friendship has an essence of love, care and affection towards each other. Friends like family makes you feel special in every point of life and never leave you alone.


geethu k t

2019-03-22 14:28:53

Friendship is the most beautiful word in the world some persons are need that some persons are misuse the good friendships the good friends are the beautiful gift from the god .The good friends are the part of our good life



2019-03-22 14:30:44

Last bench sleeping friends is so super than first bench learning friends .. Think Last bench suffers in Exam .. But first bench shares in paper .. select good friends .. Good thoughts will be automatically fills our mind .. Good friends leads us to success.



2019-03-22 14:31:04

The Friendship is the life of heart & Deep relationship is the close of heart and love and friendship is the both of heart.



2019-03-22 14:31:58

Do not neglect friendship . Friends are like stars They twinkle And shine in night Not in morning or light. So keep friendship safely



2019-03-22 14:32:07

The relation bound with love.. Hope.. Care.. affection.. Trust.. Sympthy.. The relation where we know what the true love is.. Its only FRIENDSHIP



2019-03-22 14:33:35

Friendship is not a degree to start & finish within 3 or 4 years. It is a lifetime course. Not just to study but also to feel, live & love.


Pushpa V

2019-03-22 14:33:54

A Brilliant Quote: No One in this world is rich enough to buy his own childhood & youth back. Only friends help to recreate those moments from time to time at no cost..



2019-03-22 14:34:09

Everyone have friends for their enjoyment, and to use for their personal use, and for passing the time, but the really friends will care you when you are in the time of sadness, and in worries.


Aswathy p.r

2019-03-22 14:34:56

Friendship is the strongest relationship in this world .keep this relationship throughout your life.make your life happy for ever.


Anshu Marwaha

2019-03-22 14:35:14

Hi , Good evening friendship is the biggest relation in world whom we can share every problem and every gud news so friendship is the best thing given by God.


Prashant Keshav Gaiwad

2019-03-22 14:35:19

friends are always kind hearted . friendship is like the unsinking ship in a wild storm. friends are always trust worthy.


Ashwath kumar

2019-03-22 14:40:45

It is not a dream to lost it without reason; It is also not a love to leave me with a reason, because it is true friendship which continuous till my death.


Abdul Mashood T A

2019-03-22 14:41:53

Open to all who are fortunate to be able to say a sympathy It is not just someone Only the one who can understand us..


Ranjith b

2019-03-22 14:43:31

A friendship is that where you don't talk every day. But you still remain as a Best friends forever through out the life.