Good Friends Quotes

Good friends quotes

Definition of a friend

The famous dictionary Merriam Webster gives the exact definition of a friend. It says that the person who you like and enjoy being with them. In other words, a person who helps or supports someone or something such as a cause or charity.

Similarly, he/she is a one who helps you in a tough situation and they will consider your problems as their problems.

Those people will help you to get rid of the problem. They are the blessing from God.  

They are the people who your back when things are going wrong in your life and they will keep all your promises safe.

They will help us in the stress and make you feel better.

In like manner, friendship is a relationship you have with people who was once a stranger and turn to a family. It is a mutual affection between the people. It also improves our mental health. 

Trust is the building block of it. If your friend lies to you, he is not fit for you anymore. Cut him off from your life.

Friendship is also present in academics too. Some of them are communication, sociology, social psychology and the like. And the theories of them are as follows,

1. Social Exchange Theory

2.Equity Theory

3.Relational dialect and 

4.Attachment style

Life without a friend is death and is like a life on the desert island. Everyone ought to choose the right and the best friend for them in their life. It is very much essential because life will not be fun without having or being a friend

Who are good friends?

We can know a friend by evaluating the ways they communicate with us

1. We must think of whether they offer support and encouragement. Real friends always make you feel happy.

2.see if they truly listen to you

3.consider whether you communicate openly

4. Decide whether your friend is honest with you

5. Find out if they gossip about you

The points given above will help you to find out the good friends because I chose my best friend with those points. It will really work out.

Scripture says that a man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend sticks closer than a brother. It describes the importance of friends. Choosing a friend who is suitable for you is much more important than having a lot of useless friends.

People who pretend to help come under the category of useless friends. It is a fact that choosing a bad friend will ruin your life. 

A  recent Harvard study concludes that having solid friendships in our life even helps to promote brain health. To repeat, they will help us when face hardships in our life.

Characteristics of a best friend

Here I want to show you what are the prime qualities of a best friend.

1. Honest: It is one of the most important traits of a friend. Your friend must not lie to you, they should tactfully tell the truth. If you find out that they are lying to you, the chances are high that they dishonest with you.

2. Acceptance: Good friends will accept, even when their lives diverge from your own. They will understand that the choices are your own.

3. Low-maintenance: They are the people who will understand that you have a  lot of commitments and should not need your attention for every minute of the day. 

4. Non-Judgmental: This is one of the characteristics of the person more generally and you need friends who make you feel more confident. 

5. Loyalty: Loyalty is undoubtedly one of the most important qualities of a friend. Every friend should have this kind of virtue which will lift up their friendship to the next level.

6. Respectful: Mutual respect is the most powerful trait among the various traits of a friend and a lack of it is a serious warning sign. For example, your friend should keep your secrets, not talk about you behind your back and they should value your time as well.

7. Trustworthy: Be a trustworthy person to your friend. It is because the friendship is like a beautiful house with the bricks of trust

Importance of spending our valuable time with good friends:

It is a social time where we can share our thoughts and opinions and it is the place for showing our love, affection, and care. It boosts our happiness.

Spending time with friends is fun and it will help you to maximize the physical and emotional health benefits. They will keep you happy and ease stress. They will always keep you busy hen you are in a problem in order to make you feel better in the bitter situation

Funny quotes about friends

The most popular and the brainy quote which impresses me a lot is,

"Old wine best to Drink, Old wood best to Burn, Old friends best to Trust”.

It is absolutely true. A person should remain trustworthy and show loyalty to their friends. Apart from this, they should maintain a long-distance relationship with their old friends.

It is because every person in the world has to face new people in their daily life When they are doing so, they should not forget the old ones. The person one who does like this will always show his respect towards their old friends.

William Penn states,” The friendship between you and me: I will not compare to a chain for that rains might rust or the falling tree might breaks”.

Good friends, good books and the sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life states the famous poet Mark Twain.

To sum up, never hurt a friend with the word that stings rather respect them, encourage them, remain trustworthy and show your importance as well.

Best Good Friends quotes

1. Friends always stand next to the family. But a good friend always stands as a family.

Good Friends Quotes 1

2. My dear friend, wherever you go, wherever you live, whatever position you may reach. You are always my good better best friend.

Good Friends Quotes 2

3. A good friend of mine will always help me & support me to lead my life on a good path. They will appreciate our work. At the same time, they are the ones who will scold us in a horrible manner when we had done wrong.

Good Friends Quotes 3

4. A good friend will give their hand to raise us and help us to achieve our dreams. They won’t leave our hand at any cause.

Good Friends Quotes 4
5. If we are having a person apart our family to share & discuss our thoughts and ideas in an open heart manner. Then we are always blessed with a good friend.

Good Friends Quotes 5
6. In our life, at each stage, we may meet & come across many sorts of people. From those sort of people, when we find a person who stand by our side in all our good & bad. That particular person is who cares you and loves you and the person is your good friend. 

Good Friends Quotes 6
7. Some people in an easy way they got connect to us, some people will close to our hearts. Some people’s presence makes us feel cherish, some people will motivate us. Some help to come out from a difficult situation. A good friend will take care of all for you and be an all-rounder.

Good Friends Quotes 7
8. With pride, I am admitting I am having a good friend like you. You made me know who I am, you made me know my ability, and you made me know my capacitance. You are always my best friend for my lifetime.

Good Friends Quotes 8
9. Some fights or misunderstandings between us made me feel anger on you. But after seeing your presence all my anger got evaporated. Our friendship makes our life beautiful.

Good Friends Quotes 9
10. "Always a good friend will have the strength to play many roles in their friend’s life.
They are the one who knows the strength and weakness of their friend.
They are the ones who know the positive side and the negative side of their friend.
They are the ones who know the likes and dislikes of their friend.
They are the ones who know the happiness and sadness of their friend."

Good Friends Quotes 10
11. A friend’s role is not only to take part in their friend’s happiness. A friend’s role is not only to roam and enjoy their life. They are the ones who should know their friend’s worries and commitment. As a good friend their moral support helps their friend to get motivated.

Good Friends Quotes 11
12. A good friend is who stands with us in all our good and bad situations in our life. Their motivation alone helps their friend to come out of their difficulties. Help them to survive the best part of life.

Good Friends Quotes 12
13. A good friend is always like a magical wand for us. They have the power to change our mindset in any kind of hectic or lost situation. They are the one who makes us laugh in serious situations. They are the one who makes us tense for a normal situation.

Good Friends Quotes 13
14. A good friend is always a good tutor for our life. They are the ones who teach their experience as a life lesson for their friend.

Good Friends Quotes 14
15. Friends are always friends. They are the ones who join us to do crazy, cranky and funnier things in our life. Memories with them will be a good relief for our lifetime.

Good Friends Quotes 15
16. A good friend is who scolds us for valid reasons, quarrels with us fights with us. At the same time, they are the ones who shower us with extra love, care, and affection.

Good Friends Quotes 16
17. A good friend will never leave us in any type of situation. Their absence at the place also shows their presence in our life.

Good Friends Quotes 17
18. Having a good friend makes and helps us to think, discuss, and argue with them. For taking better decisions for our life.

Good Friends Quotes 18
19. Having one good friend is like having huge support in our life. There will be many friends in our life but one good friend makes our life to flourish as blossom.

Good Friends Quotes 19
20. Having a good friend is always making us feel blessed. They are the one who available for us in 24/7 round a clock to talk, laugh, gossip, quarrel, and argue.

Good Friends Quotes 20
21. Sometimes we shout at our friend without any particular reason. It may be our mood swings. A good friend is who never lets us for any reason. They stay back with us, fight with us, argue with us and at last shower us with happiness.

Good Friends Quotes 21
22. Knowing about us and taking care of us leads to good friendship. But knowing about ourselves as well knowing about our family and taking care of them. This leads to a good friendship.

Good Friends Quotes 22
23. Saying thank you for being my friend will be in a formal manner. A good friendship doesn’t expect any formalities. Rather ask them to stay in your life as now shows the love and care you have on your friendship.

Good Friends Quotes 23
24. A good friend will not be more fragile. A small misunderstanding, or an ego, or a fight, or an argument cannot break or spoil the relationship.

Good Friends Quotes 24
25. In our life, we may have many friends. A good friend is who always stands close to our hearts. A strong hope between friends makes them stand for their friendship.

Good Friends Quotes 25
26. A good friend is who fights and argues with us in each important life decisions. Sometimes arguments may make us hate them. But they never take care of their image which they are letting down. Their goal will be to stop us to take wrong decisions for our life.

Good Friends Quotes 26
27. Like my friend, I never say thank you, or love you, or a sorry to you. Without saying these and all we both know about us and our friendship.

Good Friends Quotes 27
28. A good friend cannot see in our happiest part of life. They are the one who stands back and see your happiness. At the same time, they are the one who stands in front with you in your bad times.

Good Friends Quotes 28
29. A good friend is who never expects credits for their friendship, rewards for their role. They never expect any extra benefits and a compliment for their friendship. They are the person who never expects anything in return.

Good Friends Quotes 29
30. A good friend never expects them to treat in a proper or formal way. Whatever you fight, scold or argue they will always stick to their friendship by any means.

Good Friends Quotes 30
31. In our friend list, some of them will behave in a more formal way. Some of them we can see their presence in our happiness. A good friend is always our better partner.

Good Friends Quotes 31
32. A friend may turn into a good friend. But a good friend of ours never turns into a normal friend.

Good Friends Quotes 32
33. A good friend never expects anything in return. They never demand anything for their friendship. They stay in our life and make us live our life and cherish their friendship with us till the end.

Good Friends Quotes 33
34. For all the relationships in our life, we are having some commitments to do for them. A good friend expects the presence and moral support from their friend.

Good Friends Quotes 34
35. A good friendship never breaks in any stage of your life.

Good Friends Quotes 35


baby sirisha

2019-11-07 13:43:26

Good persons are rare in this world. If they become friends, don't loose them, they are precious and valuable.


baby sirisha

2019-11-14 20:20:14

Good friends give you good knowledge and teach you the difference between good and bad.. Don't loose them.


Vaishali Mankad

2019-12-05 18:06:50

Good friends are always remain during any good or bad time. Friends who left you when you are in crisis is not a good friend.


baby sirisha

2019-12-13 15:20:53

Good friends are like good books and good thoughts. Always make friendship with them and enjoy.


baby sirisha

2019-12-17 14:31:55

Good friends can understand your thoughts and words don't loose them for silly reasons.


Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari

2020-01-26 23:14:45

Good friends should always be kept within heart because if once they are lost you will not be able to live with your regret.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-04 23:08:55

Whenever we meet our relationship are as fresh as our old relationship. We are very close to each other and never ever broke our relationship.


Vaishali Mankad

2020-02-05 21:30:38

Good friends are always maintain relationship with other friends. And it is so good for everyone to maintain good relationship after years and years.



2020-08-09 16:50:16

Good Friends are always blessed thing in life , they're the one who leave in difficult times . " Who have trustful friends they're blessed , Keep a good company".



2020-12-10 17:24:46

One quality friend gives you more than 100 acquaintances


Axselin Selvaraj

2021-02-09 22:04:41

Godly friends will always remind you to keep focused on God and His faithfulness.


Salma Akhter

2021-02-11 01:37:03

Love makes a meaningless life into a meaningful life, Good friends makes meaningful life into a beautiful life.


Salma Akhter

2021-02-11 01:50:09

Good friends, Even if they may, Disappear in your joy. When the times of sorrow, Definitely will be with you.


T Arulmozhi

2021-02-16 16:48:59

When you rise to the top your friends will know who you are! When you go down you know who are true friends!


T Arulmozhi

2021-02-16 17:51:56

You can fight as much as you want with true friends, But do not let scepticism in, as it is a deadly poison to a good friendship!


T Arulmozhi

2021-02-16 19:14:43

If your friend wins, be proud that he was your friend! But if your friend fails, do not forget to stand with him for support!


T Arulmozhi

2021-02-24 12:27:31

It does not matter how many friends there are, What matters is what kind of friends you have!



2021-03-03 11:55:45

A friend is a person who not only understands us when we express but a person who can identify our hidden feelings and make us feel comfortable in all the way


Azeemuddin Siddique

2021-03-19 17:48:34

There is so much love hidden in a sincere friend like a tree in a seed



2021-04-07 13:22:06

Friendship with a good person can change your life. Good friends are like an umbrella which protects you from doing any mistake.



2021-04-07 20:02:31

I am unable to find a good friend. But in that process I learnt how to be a good 'FRIEND'. It taught me be a good Person first.



2021-04-09 18:24:06

One who experience the pain of the Other friend heart without the help of words is considered good or true friend.



2021-04-17 21:04:02

Only a good friend will stand by your side when everyone is against you



2021-04-25 20:11:24

There is no specific rules for a good friends. A good friend creates specific rules automatically by being a good friend.


Sandhiya A

2021-04-26 19:51:33

A real friend is one who stays with you when others leave you.


Lipika Naskar

2021-04-26 23:58:02

Good friends like good books which always taught you the lessons of friends in needs and friends in deeds.



2021-04-29 18:21:54

One day God asked me how long do you need this 'Cute Freind' with you? I simply dropped one drop of water in the river and told God till u find this.