Best Old Friends Quotes For Friends From Childhood

Friends are the pillar of my strength, no one is as special as my friends - the old friends quotes 

Old friends quotes

An old but faithful friend

“They talked in the shorthand of old friends and shared memories.”― Dee Henderson, Before I Wake 

Who are called old friends?

An old friend is the one who has been a friend for a long period of time. He would have shared the saddest and happiest days with us. He is the one who knows our deepest secret. Old friends are key activators of fascinating and valuable parts of the self that we need but are always at risk of forgetting we need, in the blinkered present. 

An old friend is always connected emotionally to us. They are the ones with whom we feel more comfortable. They fulfill the deepest emotional needs and wishes. They know how to make us feel good. They are the ones who accept the real us. They find perfections in our flaws. 

“Some people seem to fade away but then when they are truly gone, it's like they didn't fade away at all.”― Bob Dylan, Chronicles: Volume One 

How a friendship lasts for long years?

As per a study, if a friendship lasts for seven years, it will last for a lifetime and forever. Forever friends are rarest pieces of gems. They are priceless. Trust is the most essential element in all sorts of relationships but in friendship, it plays an even more vital role.

A friendship lasts for long years because of the loyalty they have between them. In a long span of time, the friends will definitely know the worst and most appreciable part of you. But they won't ask to change it rather they would accept it.

The bond is more important for them than the flaws. You don't need a regular conversation to make the bond strong. Your mental connection will be stronger than the internet connections. 

“It's the worst part of seeing old friends: when your rose-colored memories become undone by reality.”― Brad Meltzer, The Inner Circle 

Old is gold

New friends are to be made but the old ones are never to be forgotten. Because new is silver but old is gold. There is a deep meaning to the phrase. Old is important as gold.

Old is more valuable than the new one. In the same way, an old friend is a gold who does not shine in the skin but always shine in our hearts. 

The memories of an old friend is always like a glitter. It sparkles our thoughts every time we are dull. Most of the memories are passed. So, the memories are always with an old friend. He is as important as gold. The proverb, “Old is gold” satisfies with the old friend. 

“We must learn who is gold, and who is gold plated.”

After some years we are busy with our life and family. One day we think of old days and old friends all drops of tears are there in our eyes. That moment is sad but memorable..


Nowadays people meet old friends by keeping in touch with them through Facebook or internet. They decide to meet once in a year and come to know what they are doing where they are.


Old friends are very true friends and never apart after so many years they meet after some time intervals it is our pleasure to have such friends in life.


Old friends are the one who has remembered friendship fir longer period and never ever forget friends. They are best of the lot. It is nice to have such friends in life.


Old friends are like genie in a bottles. Whenever you wish something, they will always try to fulfil it and never disappoint you.


Old friends never forget friends in life anytime. It is very good to have such a nice friends in life. One has to maintain such relationship with friends.


Friends are very important and old friends are very important for everyone. We meet after so many years but still we feel like freshness in relationship.


Old friends are keeping good relationship and talk and meet at regular time interval. So it is good to have such relationship in life.


I am here to say about old friends friendship. Old is gold. It means that old friends and their memories are so precious like gold. How the gold is costly likewise old friends are precious. Having a old friends in contact is really good.