Attitude quotes for girl

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Attitude quotes for girl

“When am good, am the best. When am bad, am the worst.”

Strong girls are getting more appreciation in the society more than beautiful girls. We are living in a society full of monsters, so every girl should be strong enough to handle all situations.

Why attitude is important for a girl?

Every girl spends half of her life in satisfying the needs of others. She tries hard to do everything good to all the people around, even though they do something wrong to her.

What is the point in smiling on every bad thing that happens to her? It means that the girl respects the relationship and keeping calm to hold it long. But the reality is, a man who treats a girl bad, does not deserve the girl in his life at all.

Obviously, she is not a doll, she is a girl, she gets hurt, she cries and at last she understands who she is and starts to act accordingly. That’s the spirit and that is the attitude of a girl.

“I don’t regret the things I did wrong, I regret the good thing I did for the wrong people.”

What if a girl does not have attitude?

A girl should have the guts to walk out of anything which threatens her peace of mind. Undoubtedly many women are being like a slave to her father, boyfriend, husband or someone around her. What makes them to be like that? 

The world will put you down in its feet and squeeze you badly, if you keep on shutting your mouth. Come out of those silly silence and break the wall to find a beautiful space of yours. 

Attitude is not a bad thing at all. It helps a girl in knowing who she is and makes her stronger. 

“A positive attitude can really make dreams come true - it did for me.”

Purpose of girls attitude quotes:

Even a cracker needs fire, to pop out its sound. So yes, that means this attitude quotes on girls helps a girl to bring out the fire in her. In enqyer, we have hundreds of quotes on attitude of girls. Share it with the girl you really care and bring out the best in her.

“If you think that you can play with my emotions, mind it; Playing with my emotions is like playing with fire.”

Some girls they have attitude and they never give up such attitude and staying in their own world. It is very important for everyone to have no such attitude and enjoy life with simplicity.


women are doing many sacrifices in this world but even they are not taken as granted. A girl has the power to tackle every problem without any difficulties. " Women are best they are princess And they struggle a lot in this cruel World ".


Girls are having attitude but it should not be too much. It is not good for anyone that you show your attitude. It is the basic nature of all the girls.


Girls should have positive attitude always because it can't be calculated by the boys


Whatever happened to me its none of your business, Good or Bad I'll take care of my life.


Yes I AM! Who I choose to become and I know it clearly that I'm a Masterpiece and all other stuff that has happened to me were just a road to reach at the level of inbuilt legacy!