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The world would be incomplete without girls and women as they are all pride - girl quotes


Good qualities of a girl

Self-Worth, Trustworthy, Goodness, Work Ethic, Self-Discipline, Nurturing, Resourceful, Vision, Service, Dignity, Resilience, Fearless, Wisdom, Centered in The True Love, Discerning, Humble, Lead, Temperance, Stands for Justice, Honest, Peaceful, Mentorship, Authentic

How do the world look without the girls ?

Imagine a world without girls ,who will give you birth ,so you can see the world…

Imagine a world without sister ,who will love more than enough ,and take part in all sinister

Imagine a world without girlfriend ,who will hold your hand ,and promise to love you till the end

Imagine a world without wife ,who will take the vow to be honest and to be yours all  her life

Imagine a world without mother  ,who will give you the magical food ,and hide from father all your blotter

The world without girls would be that much horrible ,that there will not be population at all . In other words to say there will not be any  one in this world .As women are the godess of giving birth ,if women are not present ,there won;t be any human being in this world.

Girls - the beautiful of god

A woman is a synonym of sacrifice, woman is a companion to man given by God. She is a partner in life, and a friend. Women are blessed with a kind heart, a sea of love, and a bundle of affection.

They are, undoubtedly, a symbol of love and a pillar of strength. They are always there, like a beacon in the night. 

A woman sacrifices everything but keeps a smile on her beautiful lips. You will never realize how many sacrifices she has done to keep you and the whole family up.

It is very difficult to say when a woman really feels sad. It is because of her sacrificing nature

But I would say that it is not that difficult either.There are not many stairs but only one stepped stair, going through her beautiful eyes to her wonderful heart.

But what makes her complex to understand is our inability to conquer her heart and being blinded by materialistic aspects more and treating her merely as a sex symbol. But she is much more beyond that. 

So basically we lose the right vision to understand her.

A woman’s eyes and expressions can really reveal a lot about her happiness or sadness in life if one is sensitive and wise enough to crack her sacrificing fake smile. So women are the beautiful thing that God  has created.

Girl Quotes

Be a real girl stay loyal to one man and prove your words
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Girls have power to take decisions stop deciding what should she do
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Girls are stronger when they are alone
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Women are not scared of being herself, she is scared of being what she is not.
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The biggest mistake of your life was to underestimate me.
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slavery is not for us ! we should fight for our freedom until we get it!
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Live like a queen in your own kingdom
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Love yourself first because no one will love you like you can do
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Being a girl is special, Always live your shine and positivity wherever you go. That makes you more then star.
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Being a good girl doesn't mean you cannot leave your life and to live your life it is not necessary to be a bad girl
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Girls are the best gems,who make us cheerful,they make all tears go away
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When a girl smiles the nature too smiles.
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Special Respect for girls who never abuse their parents' freedom.
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Your eyes in my favorite book where all my comfort lies..
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GIRLS: We can jump high as spring does, we can fly high as birds does, we can smell sweet as flowers does, we can look beautiful as nature does, we can sound melodies as music does and so on.
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