Best Heart Wrenching And Sad Quotes For Girls

The world would be incomplete without girls and women as they are all pride - sad quotes for girls

Sad quotes for girls

"I often become sad because sadness loves me more than anyone.''

Why girls become sad?

Girls become sad because they often expect something from their loved ones.

They love the other person so much that's why they got hurt and sad all the time. Not only loves makes them sad even though her friends make her sad. Because when you are true to everyone no matter what happens they will hurt just like that.

So sadness never leaves girls. They do care so much about everyone that's another reason for their sadness. Because when true love is there you often get sad and depressed. Not everyone is like you so don't trust anyone and love anyone that much because loving someone makes you sad.

How girls hide their pain of sadness?

But they got skilled by hiding their pain through their little smile. Which that we couldn't guess a girl whether she is in a good mood or in bad.

Sadness may come to them, they used to sit and cry for a long time. Once they finish their tears to get out they won't feel for that matter that much.

When their lips fail to hide through their attitude they can manage. Because girls are likely good-hearted by nature so they won't feel for anything twice.

So smile is the other way for girls which she can make over everything. They won't show their sadness in their face but once they got keep on asking by anyone they began to bottle up their sadness.

"If they left you don't worry about them because people won't value your love until they find someone like you."

Never make a girl sad

Never hurt a person because you don't know what the situation they face. So before making someone sad by words just think of them.

If you don't mind their feelings just thought yourself if you were in that situation what you will do.

These questions may help you to feel better before hurting someone. Never make a girl sad because she is also a human like you and me. Where girls can't talk their problems out because they don't want others to get disturbed.

These are some qualities of a girl, so before you make a girl sad to think of her feelings. 

Sad Quotes For Girls

What is love, ask it to those who wait even after being heart.
Sad Quotes For Girls 20
Our relation is not finished, this is the different matter that he is holding his heart somewhere else.
Sad Quotes For Girls 19
I feel myself special for you but Your attitude makes me prove wrong.
Sad Quotes For Girls 18
Don't let someone too close to yourself, So that when he goes your heart will not hurt.
Sad Quotes For Girls 17
If silence can explain that's different matter, Otherwise some pains can't be explained into words.
Sad Quotes For Girls 16
Is it crime of my searching, is it fault of my trust, Who came close to me the same came out cheater.
Sad Quotes For Girls 15
I am not amazed that you are changed, I am ashamed of my trust.
Sad Quotes For Girls 14
Every mirror seems as broken, truth seem as lie as well, Since he went now everyone seems to be unknown.
Sad Quotes For Girls 13
Which type of love is this tell me Stop me from die and don't let me live as well.
Sad Quotes For Girls 12
I awake the whole night in dark for that someone, Who don't remember me even in the light of day.
Sad Quotes For Girls 11
It makes me sad that you were my mistake but a beautiful one.
sad quotes for girls 10
If you can’t make me happy, please let me go.
sad quotes for girls 9
I wish you could see when my eyes were begging you to stay, but my mouth couldn’t speak.
sad quotes for girls 8
The sad part is life goes on with or without you.
sad quotes for girls 7
A broken heart and a peace less soul With a smile on the face.
sad quotes for girls 6
I gave you my heart, not to break it. Now I am collecting the pieces.
sad quotes for girls 5
I’m fine – with tears in my eyes, No one could still see it.
sad quotes for girls 4
Sometimes your eyes speak for you, When your mouth can't utter a word.
sad quotes for girls 3
My sadness doesn’t make me weak, I am a strong and passionate girl.
sad quotes for girls 2
Don’t expect from anyone, No one is there for you when you need them.
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