Best Good Night Quotes, Sleep Nice And Dream Sweet

Send this good night quotes for dear ones and let them end their day with your sweet memories

Goodnight Quotes

Goodnight quotes for a friend

A true friend is hard to find but once you find, never let them go. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ this quote gives you the exact and beautiful meaning of friendship.

A true friend never leaves you in time of need; they stay loyal to you even in your worst times. Life would be boring and dull without friends. 

There is nothing that can be hidden from true friends and friends never lie to their buddies. This is the greatness of friendship. After parents friends are our real well-wishers who slaps us into reality whenever we are wrong.

Whenever we are faced with a difficult situation we call our friends and ask for their advice similarly whenever we want to share something good we tell our friends first.

A friend teases you, comforts you and is your perfect partner in crime. A person who means so much to you deserves the best. So why not surprise them with a sweet goodnight message that will make them smile a little before they sleep.

How do I tell my girlfriend goodnight? 

If you are in a relationship and are looking for a cute message to make your girlfriend smile you are in the right place. Here you have funny goodnight messages and cute good night messages for your sweetheart. After all who wouldn’t love a sweet goodnight message from your other half?

How do I wish good sleep?

It would be wonderful to pass special thoughts for a good night’s sleep. It would be meaningful to receive a warm massage after an exhausting day.

So how do you wish a good sleep? You can send them a sweet message that reduces stress by making them happy. You can also suggest a warm cup of milk with honey; it’s the classic grandmas’ remedy for good sleep

What time is a good night?

Generally, a good night begins around 8:00 pm, but in this fast generation, people have lots of work and go to sleep in the early morning. You can make your loved one's day better by sending a goodnight quote which will remove all the worries from their heart and therefore gives them a good night’s sleep

We hope that you will find the perfect goodnight message which is funny or cute, that will make your family, friends or loved ones day better.


Good Night Quotes

May the stars and moon be with you to guard and protect, may the clouds bless you for a peaceful sleep. Good night.
good night quotes 20
Each night I wish that your dreams come true. Good night my dear friends
good night quotes 19
To the person who is reading this will have a sounding sleep and a delightful dreams. Good night
good night quotes 18
Every day is a lesson, every people you meet is a purpose. Let this night shower your sleep with blessings. Good night
good night quotes 17
No matter who hard the day was, its never too late to dream what you want. Good night. Take care
good night quotes 16
Our friendship is brighter than the moonlight. Our bonding is blinking more than the star light. Good night.
good night quotes 14
As the day turns into night keep your worries out of sight. Sleep tight, sweet dreams
good night quotes 13
The moon is bright turn off the light, the stars are blinking turn off the mind. Good night my dear friends
good night quotes 12
Time to say good night and fall asleep, before tomorrow comes take a deep sleep and fulfilling dreams.
good night quotes 11
Even when we are apart you are never out of my thoughts. I will have you my dreams, may you have a sound sleep and lovely dreams. Good night
good night quotes 10
You will be the last one I think before I sleep and the first one to think when I wake up. Good night my special friend
good night quotes 9
The stars have come and the moon has arrived just to make you sleep tight. Good night my dear one
good night quotes 8
Let the cloud protect you, let the stars blink on you, and the moon sing at you just to make you sleep. Good night my best friend Wishing you a beautiful dreams tonight.
good night quotes 7
Shut your mind and touch your heart, close your eyes and welcome the dreams. Good night
good night quotes 6
You deserve sweetest dreams and deepest sleep. Good night my dear
good night quotes 5
Each night is a signal that a beautiful tomorrow is awaiting for you. Sleep with hope and dream with joy. Good night
good night quotes 4
Look up at the stars and count them, I have so much reasons to be with you forever. Good night. Take care Think of all good moments of the day and keep a smile for tomorrow. Good night
good night quotes 3
I can never be too busy to end my day without wishing you a good night and peaceful sleep
good night quotes 2
Being your friend is the wonderful feeling to cherish all through my life. You will always be in my thoughts. Good night sleep tight.
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