Best Good Night Sms, Sleep Nice And Dream Sweet

Send this good night sms for dear ones and let them end their day with your sweet memories


Lovable goodnight text message

Love is in the air it cannot be touched, it can only be felt and expressed only through emotions.

Love makes you trust the person blindly and makes you to fall for him, where its hard for you to get up. When you express that love in a message that really matters a lot.

Night is considered to be the end of a day , so that night must be really special and we must get entangled by love with our loved ones. Something that grows the love even more is a goodnight sms with love from our beloved ones.

Those messages will drag one to the world of love, fantasy and miracles unknowingly. 

Good loving and emotional messages are sometimes more appreciated than silver and gold.

Goodnight sms to lover is similarly like that.

A lover do not expect anything from that girl except for her true love and her innocent caring words.

It is a two random hearts getting united in the name of love.. and when that love is expressed in their goodnight texts.. each and every moment of their night is blissful and the love grows enormously.

A goodnight sms to girlfriend makes the girl long for her beloved and for his love. After that message the whole night would be melody and filled with romance.

A message saying, Goodnight dear honey ,may the stars guide you  to the dreams.. literally makes his girl complete and her love blossoms like a bloom.

Goodnight text to besties

An adorable goodnight message will assist one to emphasize their emotions for their best friend or a bestie in order to show that , there is someone to really think about them before bedtime.

Goodnight messages are extremely important in a relationship, that will make their day complete and hit their bedtime with a happy smile . A goodnight sms for friends, are simple and genuine.

There is no harm in saying goodnight to someone you like and in fact it strengthens the bond of friendship.

Sweet dreams also has the same fulfilment. We are still little kids living in big kid bodies.

We all have the want and the need to have someone wish us goodnight.

In a friendship a goodnight message implies that they will sleep well without the feel of loneliness and a thought of someone is there for us.

Romantic goodnight text

A goodnight sms romantically sent by someone who  you are in relationship with makes them feel amazing .  It makes them warm and fuzzy inside.

When a goodnight text pops up on the phone or said by our beloved the heart skips a beat in anticipation. Because it gives a feel that they love us and they will not leave us, no matter what it is.

A best feeling in the world is when you know that someone is out there thinking of you., It makes it even more special knowing that it comes from someone you hold dear.

It makes them to cherish their night with wonderful dreams and good thoughts.

A goodnight message in a relationship is kind of mandatory and it makes their relationship even more glowing like a starry night!

Good Night Sms

Count the stars as you fall asleep, you drift into dreamland and I hope you are dreaming of me. Good night beautiful
good night sms 20
As the moonlight darkens and the world goes quiet, it is time to take some rest. hope you have a peaceful sleep tonight.
good night sms 19
Thousands of stars have illuminated the night sky just like your presence in my life. Good night!
good night sms 18
Day is over, night has come. Today is gone, what's done is done. Embrace your dreams, through the night
good night sms 17
Never let the darkness or negativity outside affect your inner self. Good night
good night sms 16
If you have one reason to worry about, you have thousand reasons to be happy! Hold the hope and sleep tight.
good night sms 15
May your pillow be fluffy and your sleep be long. Good night
good night sms 14
However the day was to you, the night will give you a calm mind and relaxing thoughts. Good night
good night sms 13
Richest are those who are with peace. Let this peace be with you throughout the night. Good night. Sleep tight
good night sms 12
In this silence of night, the sound of missing you is loud. Good night my dear best friend
good night sms 11
Wishing you a comfort, calmness and quite sound sleep. Good night
good night sms 10
Its time to thank god for all the goodness he gave you today. Beleive he will give a better tomorrow. Good night
good night sms 9
Hope you had a fantastic day. Beyond all the ups and downs, I wish you keep everything aside and let in peace to enjoy a soothing sleep. Good night
good night sms 8
Even in the sleep You will be protected in the hands of god. Hope you feel relaxed and calm, so that you can have no harm. Good night
good night sms 7
May you have a blissful night full of beautiful dreams. Good night
good night sms 6
Let this night free your heart with fears and give you the calmness of deep sleep. Good night
good night sms 5
The stars are sparkling to make your sleep as peaceful as paradise. Sleep tight
good night sms 4
On wishing you a good night I pray that your night sleep will give you peace and harmony.
good night sms 3
The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep
good night sms 2
Wash your face and wash your feet, its time to have a good night sleep.
good night sms 1