Best Good Night Sms, Sleep Nice And Dream Sweet

Send this good night sms for dear ones and let them end their day with your sweet memories


Lovable goodnight text message

Love is in the air it cannot be touched, it can only be felt and expressed only through emotions.

Love makes you trust the person blindly and makes you to fall for him, where its hard for you to get up. When you express that love in a message that really matters a lot.

Night is considered to be the end of a day , so that night must be really special and we must get entangled by love with our loved ones. Something that grows the love even more is a goodnight sms with love from our beloved ones.

Those messages will drag one to the world of love, fantasy and miracles unknowingly. 

Good loving and emotional messages are sometimes more appreciated than silver and gold.

Goodnight sms to lover is similarly like that.

A lover do not expect anything from that girl except for her true love and her innocent caring words.

It is a two random hearts getting united in the name of love.. and when that love is expressed in their goodnight texts.. each and every moment of their night is blissful and the love grows enormously.

A goodnight sms to girlfriend makes the girl long for her beloved and for his love. After that message the whole night would be melody and filled with romance.

A message saying, Goodnight dear honey ,may the stars guide you  to the dreams.. literally makes his girl complete and her love blossoms like a bloom.

Goodnight text to besties

An adorable goodnight message will assist one to emphasize their emotions for their best friend or a bestie in order to show that , there is someone to really think about them before bedtime.

Goodnight messages are extremely important in a relationship, that will make their day complete and hit their bedtime with a happy smile . A goodnight sms for friends, are simple and genuine.

There is no harm in saying goodnight to someone you like and in fact it strengthens the bond of friendship.

Sweet dreams also has the same fulfilment. We are still little kids living in big kid bodies.

We all have the want and the need to have someone wish us goodnight.

In a friendship a goodnight message implies that they will sleep well without the feel of loneliness and a thought of someone is there for us.

Romantic goodnight text

A goodnight sms romantically sent by someone who  you are in relationship with makes them feel amazing .  It makes them warm and fuzzy inside.

When a goodnight text pops up on the phone or said by our beloved the heart skips a beat in anticipation. Because it gives a feel that they love us and they will not leave us, no matter what it is.

A best feeling in the world is when you know that someone is out there thinking of you., It makes it even more special knowing that it comes from someone you hold dear.

It makes them to cherish their night with wonderful dreams and good thoughts.

A goodnight message in a relationship is kind of mandatory and it makes their relationship even more glowing like a starry night!

Good Night Sms

The Twinkle in your eyes tonight rival the twinkle in the stars. I wish you a peaceful sleep.
good night sms 64
Sleep tight and dream well my love, I know we are far apart dont think about the distance, we will soon be togther. Good night
good night sms 63
Soft pillows and warm sheets, mystical dreams and the cozy cuddles. May your dreams & fantasies be full of amazing thoughts. Good night!
good night sms 62
The moon and the stars have arrived just to wish you a good night. Let the moonlight guide your dreams as you pass the night away.
good night sms 61
Forget all the stress and sleep well, let the night fairies make your life amazing with their magic spell. Good night!
Good night sms 60
Go to bed and relax your feet, because it’s time for a good night sleep.
Good night sms 59
Let’s have a happy life without any fight, I love you my love good night.
Good night sms 58
Worry less and have a peaceful sleep, good light and dream deep.
Good night sms 57
May all your dreams come true, under the stars have a beautiful good night view
Good night sms 56
This magical moonlight reminds me of you, good night my dear this distance is what we will get through.
Good night sms 55
Good night and sweet dreams, may god show us another bright morning after the light dims.
Good night sms 54
You are my everything and I always put you above, good night my love
Good night sms 53
No matter how far you are, I can see you in the moon and stars. Good night sweetheart.
Good night sms 52
The night is dark, but in the darkness the stars still spark, I’ll meet you soon good night my moon.
Good night sms 51
I wish this night never end, if night was in my hand it could have extend. Good night
Good night sms 50
I wish I am a part of your dream, you and me are a great team. good night.
Good night sms 49
The sky is full of stars, this beautiful time is only ours. Good night.
Good night sms 48
I can’t sleep without a good night kiss, whatever time we have together I don’t want to miss. Good night.
Good night sms 47
The night relaxed our mind, sleep nicely I am right behind. Good night love.
Good night sms 46
Let’s sleep early so that I can meet you again very soon, I love you my moon. Good night.
Good night sms 45
My love sleep well, until the newspaper man rings the house bell. Good night.
Good night sms 44
Never be afraid of dark, learn to shine in the night just like the stars spark. Good night.
Good night sms 43
May your stress gets lost in darkness of night, and tomorrow’s morning brings you positive light. Good night.
Good night sms 42
Let’s make a promise to never fight, I love you my love. Good night
Good night sms 41
The night is stary, may your dreams be starry too, to whom you always want to meet, may they come in you Dreams. Good night.
Good night sms 40
Keep smelling like flowers, keep shining like stars, by luck we have got this life, be happy and always smile. Good Night dear
Good night sms 39
The moon is there and the moonlight, you talk to stars at night, sweeter is my every night, coz your memories are always by my side.Good night
Good night sms 38