Good Night Thoughts

Best Good Night Thoughts, Sleep Nice And Dream Sweet

Send good night thoughts for dear ones and let them end their day with your sweet memories

good night thoughts

What does have a good night mean?

A good night denotes the end of the day. No matter how bad your day was, the nights always feel good. It guarantees a new day full of hopes and promises under the sheet of shining stars.

Sending good night thoughts is a sweet gesture to show our love and affection. A simple good night can have so many meanings. A text wishing good night from our friends and family means so much to us.

Share our good night thoughts for friends to inspire them at the end of the day to wake up the next day and do amazing things, just like the big orange sun. 

Does saying good night to your lover really matter?

Saying goodnight is an act of showing how much you love and care about your lover. Reminding people that you love actually makes them happy.

By sending good night thoughts for lovers we let them know that we think of them constantly and we like to think of them. Wishing them good night and sweet dreams really matter. They are just some random couple things that showcase love and make each other happy. 

Is it necessary for lovers to say goodnight to each other every night?

Lovers do so many things to express their love to each other. Saying goodnight is another sweet sign which pleases your partner.

When you say good night, they think about you and your love for them. Good night thoughts mean so much to lovers as they try to show that they are their last thought of the day and their boundless love for each other.

It might be necessary for love to say goodnight to each other every night but when you say, make sure you use them some romantic lines to impress them. 

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Kauser Jahan

2019-03-22 14:42:16

To someone special i just want to say that life is a story written by God's hand .I dont know how you come in my story of life but i really really want and request to the God that keeps you in this story till my last chapter because i cant even imagine my life without you.Good night and have a sweet dreams.


Rambabu kumar

2019-03-22 15:16:57

Cute good night sms is always dedicated to my best friend in my life .I know that best friend is very important in my life .I think that best friend is very important for me .Today i am very happy with best friend in my life .In fact my good night sms is important for my friend .i know that, then dream is always sweet .


Avinash G

2019-03-22 15:19:44

You know i fall asleep by thinking of you and when i wake up i think of you and again falling asleep. You are never out of my thoughts. Can you smile at least a once instead of replying. Love you the most beautiful princess in the world... Missing you sweet heart....!!! Good night! Lovely dreams...


Sarath s

2019-03-22 15:31:36

This is the time to get fresh and fall asleep, your eyes and mouth get weak, Go to your bed, switch off the lights, get rid of the tension, be accompanied with the lovely dreams that makes happiness, have the beautiful sleeping and good light of your life with heart full of emotions. Happy sleeping with wonderful memories in your heart.


sowmiya laiyju

2019-03-22 15:44:58

Another night has come in its glory.The stars has risen over the sky with sparkling light.The moon is giving its light with so many glowing rays.Below mankind is going to sleep.Somebody is wishing goodnight to others.Everybody below world in a sleepy atmosphere.Lights inside the houses are dim in the night.The animals are also sleeping in their sheds.People are going to their night shifts.Have a happy night.


Akash Nathrani

2019-03-22 16:07:37

Hey dear friend, we used to met very often but I can tell you one thing that u and I can be together and do all the crazy studd together brother you can think out of the box and hope that ur imagination grows and we can meet together so at last I wanna say that you have a sweet and tight sleep good night for your tomorrow refreshing start


Renu Singh

2019-03-22 16:09:44

Dear Sweetheart , the day has passed away and the cool night has come . I met you for sometime , I miss you for rest of time in all my day ; But at this time , I want you to close your eyes and make a beautiful wish and sleep well so that I can meet you in the dream again . Have a dream-full Night dear , Good Night !


Sikesh Kumar Meher

2019-03-22 16:10:04

Dear Sweetheart, the day has passed away and the cool night has come. I met you for sometime, I miss you for rest of time in all my day; But at this time, I want you to close your eyes and make a beautiful wish and sleep well so that I can meet you in the dream again. Have a dream-full Night dear, Good Night!


ashutosh sharma

2019-03-22 16:10:32

I know its a time to rest our body and mind and see outside the moon at its best in the shape it energetic your body look at the stars are twinkling its realizes your tension for a while.and makes your dream as beautiful as you thought..keep smiling my friend



2019-03-22 16:10:57

The day has gone down, full of calm and skies filled with sparkling stars, and in this beautiful evening just lie on to your bed on the top of your terrace you will forget all your day worries and enjoy your evening with the nature, the moon and the twinkling stars which is blinking it


Preeti saini

2019-03-22 16:11:13

Life is very short, Enjoy it at your fullest.. Yesterday may never come, Tomorrow we never know. We just have today, to live our life So be happy and try to make others happy.. Have a cheerful day


Tomson Thomas

2019-03-22 16:11:26

Night is given a happiness ,good feel and relax. Every bad mind remove your memory and change also all bad in your days happend create fresh mind inyour night get feeling is well habits thinks every struggles and sacrifise in your memory that all of forget and close your eyes and sleep well good night and sweet dreams my dear friend.


c krishnan nair

2019-03-22 16:15:11

Good night when I say good night you will be remembering our past golden days when we were about 17 years. Now we have grown up and we are finding a job for standing up in life. Where ever we go you know we are finding difficulty to get a job. This sms is to rejuvinate our efforts in life. Without hard work nothing can be achieved. Hence carry on.


Dennis Thomas

2019-03-22 16:16:44

Hi Again its night. Do you felt any change in this darkness with beautiful sky full of stars. if yes good night and sweet dreams and if no then go and watch the sky. have a nice sleep. good night


Thanveer Ahammed

2019-03-22 16:17:17

It is lightening even it is dark in exterior. It is not a written words of night but it is of one lifelong days. Good night for you and is not the time of sleep but it is to be connected more with friends in social medias and other.... Happy Good night may God bless you and us....


Loganathan K

2019-03-22 16:41:07

night and morning is the time we expect to be in relationship with some one who is good to us, that time should be with you my friend, all our worries should go out when we met each other.all the good things are happening between us the reason the strongly believe us both without any hesitate and destiny, good night my dear friend, have a nice sleep to remove our worries and make the day tomorrow more fresh.


Jasmine rupavathi

2019-03-22 16:44:20

Hai dear friend, today we have enjoyed a lot and this is the most memorable day for me and I will never forget this day in my life time. You will be tried after a long travel , so take rest and sleep well dear friend. The next day you will have so many works. So sleep well my dear friend. Very good night and sweet dreams.


Loganathan K

2019-03-22 16:45:10

Good night sweet heart, Memories of the sweet moment happened in our life, Now waiting for the same moment, because now the moments are not good enough, and to be change soon, waiting for the things and now willing to change with special support and that life will be most exciting thing in today life, Wish you a special night wishes.



2019-03-22 16:45:30

Make the Mood-on Let the Stars be Visible from your Bed, So that you can Feel the experience of Angels & Dreams, Good Night.


Swathi krishna ps

2019-03-22 16:47:40

night is given a happiness,good feel and relax.every bad mind remove your memory and change also all bad in your days happened create fresh mind in your night get feeling is well habits think very struggles and sacrifies in your memory that all of forget and close your eyes and sleep well good night and sweet dreams my dear friend.



2019-03-22 16:53:53

Sun switched off, Stars switched on, Blue sky turn to black sky So beautiful night is waiting for you. Good Night


Kauser Jahan

2019-03-22 16:54:07

My life is my one and only pretty wife whom i love so much so today in the dark night i want to say that even i talk you about that you come in my life and make my days so special and so full of your love that i cant say about that so i want to say that i love you alot and have a good night.


Rambabu kumar

2019-03-22 16:55:51

For happy life, in fact Good night is very special for me . i know that Good night sms for my friend are happy .Specialy for my friend good night sms is very effective and alwsys want to cute good night sms .i know that good night sms is a party of happy life .In fact after read the good night sms then i am happy .



2019-03-22 16:56:11

Dear crush, Your the beautiful one in the world your my crush am use see your photo before sleeping. Good night my Dear crush have a pleasentful and peaceful and beautiful dreams my Dear. Sleep well dear.


Shree Dharshini

2019-03-22 16:56:22

I am here for wishing you a very happy night. This means that I would have been thinking you even at end of this day. I hope you will be happy on getting my msg. Thank you for being with me for some long. Happy night. Just sleep very well and forget all your sorrows ,pain and sadness which has been happened. Just sleep peacefully.



2019-03-22 16:57:03

Dear friend, Time is important to life. Please use usefully Dont waste time and its precious to have time we have to utilize time. Good night and sleep well and peaceful have a pleasentful sleep in night



2019-03-22 16:59:35

Good Night Sweet Dreams and have a peaceful sleep so that you wake up fresh in the morning . Your dreams should be full of angels dancing in front of you and showering flowers on you and blessing you . Night is the time when one gets time to get relaxed and stretch yourself to the maximum extent and everyone waits anxiously for this great night to come. The sunset is a great significance of the dawning of night and everyone is extremely happy to welcome the night.