Best and Unique Good Night Messages In Hindi - गुड नाइट मैसेजस हिन्दी में। 

Send this good night messages for dear ones and let them end their day with your sweet memories

Good night messages in hindi

The best gift given by God for a human is sleep. However rich or however educated you are, a day without a proper sleep will definitely collapse you both physically and mentally.

Many people are in the que of psychologist because of their inability of having a good sleep. Sleeping is a therapy, it is a deeper meditation of our inner soul.

The darkness that surrounds our inner soul during sleep, helps us in healing the broken cells of our body. And also it is the time our inner organs get rest from their routine work.

But nowadays because of advanced technologies like android mobiles, laptops and etc.,

even a 5 year kid is not sleeping enough. Throw away all your gadgets and have a sound sleep during the dark hours.

Some people really know the pain of not getting enough sleep and so they spend their leisure time sleeping.

Sleeping should not turn you as a lazy person, make it a habit of boosting your metabolism.

Indeed, send beautiful good night messages in hindi to your friends and family and wish them to have a peaceful sleep with a positive hope for the next day.

रात की बात ही कुछ निराली होती है, जो सूरज सुबह उठता है वो रात को थक कर अपने घर चाला जाता है, जैसे हम मनुष्य करते है, सुबह उठ कर काम पे जाये है और शाम या रात को घर वापस आ जाते है। रात को चंदा मामा आते है, सितारों के साथ। छोटे छोटे टिमटिमाते ये सितारे जैसे आंखों में बस जाते हो। भले ही सितारे दिखने में सुन्दर हो पर असमान में चाँद ही राज करता है, ठीक उसी तरह जरूरी नहीं जो दिखने में खूबसूरत हो वही चले या उसका नाम हो। लोग तारों से ज़्यादा चांद को निहारते है। इस तरह प्राकृति हमने कितना कुछ सिखाती है। जानते है कुछ अच्छे गुड नाइट मैसेज जो आप अपने करीबी लोगों को भेज सके ।

Good Night Messages In Hindi