Best and Unique Relationship Quotes In Hindi

Send a relationship quote everyday for your friends and family to remind your love for them always. People in life are precious.

Relationship quotes in hindi 

A relationship means lots of things in it that includes, love, loyalty, trust, hope, patience, a heart to share things and a hand to hold tears.

A person who qualifies to have the above things only has the ability to stand in a relationship.

A relationship does not only mean love or marital relationship but also means father daughter, father son, mother daughter, mother son relationships.

Even the affection and understanding between two friends or neighbours also comes under the category of a good relationship.

So when it comes to love or marital relationship, if you decide to fall for it, then you must prepare you mentally and physically to hold the relationship wholeheartedly. You must pledge yourself not to give up on your relationship just like that.

Because a good relationship is very hard to tuck in but it is very easy to give up.

The secret behind a good relationship is staying in touch regularly at least through phone calls and texts. Check out these relationship quotes in hindi and make your relationships more worthy.

एक रिश्ता निभाना आसान नहीं होता पर अगर आप अपने साथी से प्यार करते है, तो ये रिश्ता निभाना आसान हो सकता है और ये आपकी सोच पर निर्भर करता है। रिश्ता कितना भी मज़बूत हो, एक छोटी से चूक बहुत भारी पड़ सकती है। रिश्तों को हमेशा कच्ची डोरी या कांच कहा जाया है, क्यूंकि वो नाजुक होते है। प्यार करने वाले लोगों का रिश्ता और भी नाजुक होता है पर जितना आपका विश्वास गहरा होगा, उतना ही आपका रिश्ता। रिश्ते कैसे भी हो, निभाने पढ़ते है और लोग जैसे भी हो उन्हें निराश नहीं करते है, आइए जाने कुछ रिश्तों के बारें में नयी पंक्तिया।

Relationship Quotes In Hindi